Minnie Driver Is Attached To Her Little Boy

Actress Minnie Driver, 40, has 23-month-old son Henry with a former boyfriend (whose identity she apparently refuses to disclose).  The single mother cherishes her time together with Henry because she realizes that having a sibling for her boy looks grim. She said:

“I’d like to have another baby but I might not, so if that was it, I want to be there for every second of it. He’s everything and I’m not going to miss any of that.”

And she’s serious.  The baby is everywhere Minnie goes!

She added to the Evening Standard newspaper:

“I am a single mum, his dad’s totally in his life in Los Angeles, it’s all very amicable. But Henry goes where I go. And at the moment, I go everywhere.

“The life of a wandering gypsy is great if you’re Angelina Jolie, it’s amazing if you’ve got a plane and 20 people working for you. And actually I think it’s incredible how they do their life. But it’s just me, on my own.

“Henry has slept in chests of drawers, walk-in closets, hotel bathrooms. He’s amazing, a really funny, kind, amenable little boy.”

Photos by FAME

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