Mariska Hargitay Runs A Tight Ship At Home

‘Law & Order: SVU’ star Mariska Hargitay, 46, felt  a strong connection with her late mother Jayne Mansfield after giving birth to August Miklos Friedrich.  Why?  She reveals in Good Housekeeping’s September issue (via People):

“I understand her in a new way that gives me peace.” “Being a mom has been healing. Now I understand the love she had in her, and it makes me feel closer to her.”

Mariska raises her now, 4-year-old boy with husband Peter Hermann, and it’s a family that doesn’t sleep.  Rather than sleeping in on weekends, the trio wakes up to cook “a whole big breakfast extravaganza with pancakes, bacon and eggs, oatmeal and apples.”

Besides being productive early weekend mornings, Mariska is adamant on her son learning his manners.

“August has great manners, and I am very proud of that,” the proud mama notes. “We are on him like white on rice about looking into someone’s eyes if you are saying please and thank you or apologizing.”

And as the day comes to an end, there’s a strict bedtime routine in place – but a fun, and precious strict routine.

“Bath time is such fun. I get in trouble with Peter because I’ll stay in the bathroom with August for hours just laughing,” she reveals.

“It’s a special bonding time and lots of interesting things come out when he is downloading the events of the day.”

After a fun-time splash, it’s lights out, or so daddy Peter thinks.

“Peter will come in an hour and a half later and August and I will be wrestling on the bed, and Peter will be like, ‘Bedtime!’”

Being away from the family due to Mariska’s work schedule, is made up by connection of the internet, video chats.

“When you love your kid, there’s a string that attaches you, and you are always connected even when you are doing other things,” she says, adding that along with fellow moms Maria Bello and Debra Messing, Hargitay sends out a Monday e-mail filled with cute photos of the children.

But communication isn’t everything.  Mariska misses her close contact with August, especially missing out on all the little moments.

“I get jealous that other people get to take August to school and pick him up,” Hargitay admits. “It’s hard for me to go to his school and not know all the parents. They all know one another, and it’s a community. I can’t always be a part of that. You can’t have everything, though.”

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