Britney Spears Hanging Out With Her Boys

Yeah! New pictures of Sean and Jayden! Here’s Britney Spears heading into Johnny Rocket in Calabasas with her sons for dinner. She was joined by her parents and a few bodyguards. Thank goodness she has as much money as she does. Imagine having to pick up 4 or 5 extra meals every single time you go out!?

Photos by FAME


  1. Dnice says

    I love Britney but I wish she would get some better extensions. Hers look so cheap and they don’t blend in with her hair.

  2. huh says

    Britney had a pretty face but I can’t stand seeing her in trailer trash clothes day after day. She has plenty of millions to wear some cute Couture! Also- check out her horrible weave in the bottom photo. At least her kids have short hair and are well groomed.

  3. Niloo is a slave 4 Britney says

    I DO LOVE HER! She is the queen of pop.
    Thanx wm for this post! I’d love to hear more of her. 🙂

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