Baby Bump Watch: Ali Larter

LOVE Ali Larter!!

Here’s the former ‘Heroes’ star showing off her baby belly while walking back to her car after lunching with friends in Beverly Hills.  Larter certainly has that pregnancy glow!

The actress has a movie lined up called UFO. According to IMDB:

Based in the near future – where a super secret military organization SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization) becomes operational. Its purpose, to defend Earth from an Alien race, which has been abducting humans from all corners of the planet for decades. SHADO’s cover is a London movie studio where their main headquarters are hidden deep below the surface. SHADO, run by the extremely dedicated “Studio Mogul” and SHADO Commander Ed Straker has a cadre of crack operatives with an arsenal of cutting edge futuristic weapons systems and hidden bases on earth and beyond. UFO is the first in a trilogy of tent-pole movies based on the 1970’s cult TV show, UFO, created by Gerry Anderson.

Sounds good!  Are you into these type of films?
Photos by FAME

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