Melissa Rycroft Can't Wait To Have A "Big Belly Bump"

Melissa Rycroft opened up about what she is looking forward to most during her pregnancy.
“Having the actual belly bump!” she shared with Us magazine.
Melissa, 27, is at the beginning of her second trimester. She shared, “I just have a little pooch. It looks like I’ve just put on a few pounds. I think that’s a state no girl likes to be in, so I’m ready for the big belly bump. I’ve also heard from my friends that once you get the big belly bump, it’s kind of at the point where you’re ready to have the kid come out and you’re just done being pregnant. It’s a short window to enjoy, but I can’t wait!”
She shared that she recently returned to the gym after “pregnancy fatigue” forced her to take a break during her first trimester.
“I’m laying low a little bit — I’m just doing maybe 30 minutes of cardio a day,” she said. “I’m laying off the weights and I really want to start yoga and Pilates because it’s easier on your body when you’re pregnant. It’s not as hard on your joints. My goal is to keep a really strong core. That’s what I want to do.”
She also said that she hasn’t had any unhealthy pregnancy cravings yet.
“When I think about pizza, burgers, chicken fingers or foods like that, it really makes me kind of cringe,” she said. “My body wants fruit. I eat apples like they’re going out of style!”
Melissa said that she has been relying on Jenny McCarthy’s Belly Laughs book for pregnancy pointers.
“I’ve also gotta bunch of apps on my iPad that kind of document day-by-day what’s going on,” she shared. “It’s a fun process. This only happens one time for the very first time, so we’re trying to savor everything, every new change and every new milestone.”


  1. dumb says

    Totally PATHETIC. Remember how she cried her eyes out and went beserk when Jason decided to dump her for the other Bachelorette. Did like 3 months later she gets married and is knocked up. Fame wh**e

  2. *~Boo~* says

    I love her!!! So Happy that she is Happy, Honestly I think she is way better off with her husband over that bachelor guy!!! Congrats on the upcoming arrival:)♥


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