Who Is The Biological Father Of Neil Patrick Harris' Child?

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When you’re a couple of the same sex, and you’re using a surrogate mother, then you need to decide whose sperm or egg it will be to produce.

Actor Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka are the only ones who know who is the biological father of their child.  The couple impregnated the surrogate mother in February and a source reveals,

“Only Neil and David know for sure whose sperm was used, but they are not telling anyone,” said the friend.

“For medical reasons they need to know who is the biological father of the babies, but as far as they are concerned, they are both the twins’ daddies. Legal papers have been signed making this very clear.

“Neil is the driving force in the relationship and seems to make all the big decisions, however, it’s impossible to really say.”

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Sandra Bullock Planning To Adopt Again

Rumor has it that Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock may be looking  to grow her family as a threesome – and I don’t mean by marriage.  The actress is apparently making plans to adopt again. A source said earlier this week:

“Sandra has been through a lot of heartache this year but in many ways this has been the best year of her life — and that’s because of Louis,” a source said earlier this week.

“She’s totally devoted to him, to the point where her little family comes before everything now.

“She is already making plans to adopt again — maybe a daughter and a little sister for Louis.”

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Jennifer Garner Shops With Violet And Seraphina

Jennifer Garner was out and about in Brentwood with her daughters Violet and Seraphina this afternoon. The girls made a quick stop at the Brentwood Country Mart for muffins and drinks before heading back out to the waiting paparazzi.

Jennifer just wrapped up filming in NYC on her latest project “Arthur” with Russell Brand.  I’m sure she wanted to finish up before Violet heads back to school.

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Michael Jackson's Children Struggle To Make Friends In School

Michael Jackson’s eldest kids – Prince Michael (13) and Paris (12) – are attending The Buckley School in the San Fernando Valley of California, and the children aren’t making friends easily.  Fellow peers find the famous children’s bodyguards “intimidating.”

“The bodyguard situation really is a bit intimidating to other kids,” a source said. “And that makes them hesitant to approach Prince and Paris.”

Paris and Prince are escorted to their classes, lockers and are watched over during lunch time.  No wonder other classmates find it intimidating!

One of Michael’s brothers, Jermaine Jackson, encouraged Katherine – the children’s legal guardian – to allow Paris and Prince to experience the world.

Lionel Richie, one of Michael’s friends, believes the children have a better chance of a normal life without the King of Pop hiding them from the world.

“I think they have a better chance now,” he said. “I think they have a better opportunity to live a normal life. “It’s hard to be Michael Jackson’s kids because you’re out and it’s you with Michael Jackson, and he was larger than life.”

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