Katie Holmes On Balancing Her Career & Motherhood


Katie Holmes is a pro when it comes to balancing her career with motherhood. She explained at the NYC premiere for The Extra Man on Monday: “I bring my daughter with me and… we’re just busy and we just make it work. It’s fun.”

The movie’s director Shari Springer Berman praised Katie. “Katie was amazing, she’s the most lovely professional actress, really fun and also so beautiful — she was in and out of the make-up trailer in five minutes.”



  1. says

    Nice to know that she can balance out here career and her family. For ordinary citizens like me, it is hard to do it, there is always the question of what goes first. But in the end, objectives for both must be achieved. Keep it up Katie.

  2. carleigh says

    No she wanted to let us know how wonderful life is,how great Tom is,how magical Suri is how ………………………

  3. timetoread says

    Someone needs to teach her how to smile. She looks like a 6 year old smiling for school pictures

  4. Nilo♥far says

    She’s BORING as ever, she never has anything to say, completely out of touch with reality. All signs of the brainwashing by Scientology. Katie pretty much signed her ability to have an independant thought away, along with her life…One of the goofiest celeb mothers of all time! But maybe that’s what is best for her! Not everyone is born with leadership skills.

  5. Miapocalina says

    ahhaha..solid family ahahhahahha….
    happy happy ahhahahah.,..oneo shot out of a million ones of her looking like s-h-it in NY city..ahahhahahha

    What is she famous for…sleeping with a ho-mo–? /and having a child of unknown parentage????

    go buy a loaf of bread for a non scientologist or something, even that she cant do…

  6. scarlett says

    Boy she looks so old since here marriage to Tom Cruise. I bet Tom just sucks the life out of her.

  7. carleigh says

    Blah blah it is fun,,, it is amazing…..she is amazing……
    the world is great….Tom is great……..


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