Bridget Moynahan Finally Speaks Out! She Calls Gisele Bundchen Irresponsible To Present Motherhood As Easy And Painless

Bridget Moynahan, 39, has been laying low…undoubtedly because she is constantly asked about her 3-year-old son, John, with former boyfriend Tom Brady and his marriage to Gisele Bundchen. However, since she is now promoting the movie “Ramona and Beezus,” due out July 23rd, and next fall’s TV show “Blue Bloods” she’s opening up a little more. In the new issue of SELF magazine, she talks about life after Tom and how she is managing as a single mom.
“Being a mom, whether single or not, is not easy! Certain individuals and the press present motherhood as if it’s easy or painless, and that’s irresponsible,” Bridget says, perhaps referring to Gisele’s drug-free water birth. “Girls see pictures in magazines of mothers with fancy baby bags and think it looks glamorous, and that’s not necessarily the case. I’m not complaining about anything in my life – it’s fantastic. My son is so well adjusted. He has two parents who live in different homes, and that’s what he knows. Having a child didn’t hold me back from a career or a love life or traveling; it has enhanced my life.”
She also makes clear that she would prefer not to be the subject of so much tabloid attention. She goes further to imply that perhaps Tom and Gisele do not mind the attention of the paparazzi.
“The paparazzi are intrusive, offensive and aggressive. It’s not something that I respect or, quite frankly, deserve,” she says. “I don’t search it out. I lead a quiet life. I don’t go out as much as I’d like because I don’t want my son to be involved in that. We do things privately, like reading Dr. Seuss, playing games and listening to music. That’s why you haven’t seen many photos of us. I don’t need to parade him around. I want to raise him with a strong sense of self and integrity. He’ll learn from his mistakes. I’m not a believer in encouraging bad behavior or sweeping it under the rug. It better be out on the table.”
She also opens up about how she copes with how Tom left her for Gisele when she was pregnant his son.
“No matter what’s been thrown at me in the past couple of years, I try to find the positive. There are a thousand magazines that like the negative. It’s easy to bitch and to listen to your people bitch, so if someone going through a divorce asks me for advice, I say, ‘All the he said/she said stuff doesn’t matter. And your kid will pick up on that energy. Keep your kids the focus,'” she says. “When [my life] was in the news or when challenging things arose while trying to work things out with another person, my attitude was to take the high road. My drama isn’t different from anybody else’s, except people get to see it.”
Though Bridget says that a career and motherhood have not diminished her desire for a satisfying romantic life, her priorities have changed.
“I do look at men differently now,” she says. “There’s a whole category that isn’t in the running: somebody who doesn’t want a family. And, while I’d love to have more children, I’m not sure I want another on my own. One is portable; two are not. Anyone I date is going to have an open heart.”
Bridget also shares that things are looking up.
“I’m in the same shape now I was prior to having a baby. I mean, there are little scars, battle wounds from giving birth, for sure, but I’m back to my fighting weight,” she says. “It was a combination of wanting to be strong, fit and healthy and enjoying the stress release. If you are physically well, it feeds your mental and emotional state, and your child senses it. My son eats whatever I’m eating, so it’s a sit-down dinner with protein and vegetables. I don’t want him to snack between meals, so I don’t. I do indulge sometimes. I’m a salty girl – potato chips or truffle fries and a martini. But for the most part, I live a very healthy life. I’m not going to sit and eat fried Twinkies!”


  1. says

    i’m just getting back to this site after vacation, he did talk about it and so did his friends, when john was born he said” no more excuses, he’s here now”. then no one spoke about it anymore, except people who are tired of bridget portraying herself as a victim. Kay, check out bridget moynahan talks about being a single mom, (Harpers bazaar) scroll down to jennifer comments, there have been others who say who they are, but this is my favorite version and the one that convinced me. he was betrayed and deceived by someone he trusted, he was angry and hurt. the trust is gone, she was selfish and now will have to answer to john when he finds out he is here as a means to trap his father.

    • Natalie says

      I can see Kimberley Stewart pulling this same crap (on magazine covers blah blah raising a child as single mom) although her and BDT seemed to be in a casual relationship she must’ve told him she was on the pill and then trapped him (but he’s no better he should’ve double checked his protection). My heart goes out to these kids. Why do women think it’s a great idea to trap a man in order to keep him they must be really insecure!

  2. Kay says

    No one knows what went on between Tom and Bridget, I think it’s wrong to crucify Tom for leaving her. At least he was honest and did try to stay and they both be miserable in a relationship that was over, pregnancy or not. If he would have left 6 months after the baby people would have moaned and groaned. Something is off about Bridget, she is quick to talk about their relationship, but Tom has never talked about what happened, never defended himself….that says something.

  3. says

    gisele is irresponsible??? OMG, BRIDGET IS NUTS!!! SHE WENT OFF THE PILL WITHOUT TELLING TOM , she deceived and betrayed him, then portrayed herself as a victim and dangled her son, like a carrot in front of the paps, manuplating the press and public into shaming and pressuring tom to go back to her. she is the irrespossible one. and thats her contribution to young women, if they don’t commit, get pregnant. JOHN is fine now but when he gets older and realizes that, it’s not the way families are, i t looks like she’ll blaming
    gisele and how she ruined her life, and that daddy chose her over him. when is SHE going to take responsiblity for her own actions??? SHE screwed up, and has no one to blame but herself. no MAN wants a woman that they don’t trust.

    • Anonymous says

      omg… dont’t know that. you asume something and think it’s a fact. so easy for gossip to get the better of someone like you. things are not always what they seem to be. Even if what you say is true, you are no friend of bridget. she has not confided anything to you. you know nothing!

  4. Dnice says

    I think Bridget sounds bitter and needs to get over it already. Not all women have the same experiences with childbirth. My Mom has 3 daughters and all of her labors were under 45 minutes. She said she felt no pain with any of them and couldn’t understand why she could hear other mothers screaming and carrying on. And quite honestly the story of what happened has been spun. Tom did not leave Bridget for Gisele. They broke up and she found out she was pregnant after their break up at which time he had just met Gisele. They had issues and a baby wasn’t enough for him to reconcile with her.

    • lzb says

      Well your moms vagina must be huge if kids are coming out like they’re coming down a slip n slide… and who is to say what transpired between two people get a life.

  5. daniela says

    Bridget sounds like a woman scorned. She needs to loosen up and not be so anal. Maybe that’s why Tom Brady didn’t stay with her.

    Just because someone says they’re happy or that they weren’t in pain giving birth doesn’t mean they’re irresponsible. Everyone has a different tolerance to pain. And just because you’re a celebrity and that person’s photographed with their children, it doesn’t meant that person’s parading their kids around either. It just may mean that maybe the paparazzi consider that person more newsworthy than Bridget. Honestly, Bridget sounds a bit jealous.

    Tom moved on. He has a new woman and child now. Luckily, Tom and Gisele obviously consider Briget’s son, Jack, as part of their family. In all the fotos I’ve seen, Gisele and Tom seem to love that child and be very affectionate with him. Bridget should be happy that #1, Tom Brady never denied her child . #2 Tom sees and monetarily supports his son. #3 that her son has a mother and father that love him. And that #4, little Jack has a new half- sibling he can always grow up with.

    Bridget needs to look into finding a new perspective in life, maybe a new love and lastly a new attitude.

  6. says

    bridget hasn’t any right to criticize anyone about their parenting skills, after all, her son is here as a means to trap his father. her contribution to young women is, if they don’t commit, betray and deceive him, get pregnant! now that’s irresponsible!! when JOHN was born she dangled him in front tof the tabloids/ paps, like a carrot, trying to manipulate them and the public into shaming and forcing tom to go back to her. she is so full of it.

  7. says

    bridget has no right on sommenting on anyones’ parenting ability, when her son is here as a means to trap his father. and her contribution to young women, if they con’t commit, get pregnant.

  8. Nilo♥far says

    Seriously, I think WE have alot of time of our hands that we’re so eager to know what happens in celebs lives!
    “Bridget Moynahan Finally Speaks Out…!” And what the hell exactly will happen if she doesn’t speak out? She better suck my ass or go to hell!
    And we better mind our own business…To each his own.

  9. Loriann says

    You’re wrong. I read this article in it’s entirety at Wal-Mart. It’s a complete slam at Gisele Bundchen. She’s mentioned throughout the article.

    I thought Self Magazine was about health and fitness. I guess not.

    There was only one paragraph devoted to Bridget’s fitness and health. What she said about protein and eating with John.

    Before every question the author mentions Gisele.

    Ex: The author states: John is photographed with Gisele, Ben, and Tom more than he is with Bridget.

    Then Bridget’s rant about the paps.

    Ex: The author states: Gisele had a water birth.

    Then Bridget’s rant about the Hollywood moms.

    The fact that the article is titled Gisele, Tom, and Me on the cover should have told everyone what it would be about.

    The author says in her opening paragraph:

    It played out like a soap opera. Tom and Bridget dated for 3 years. They split in 2006. Tom and Gisele were seen in Paris months later. Bridget announced her pregnancy. John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born in August 2007.

    Did Bridget try to trap Tom? Was Tom cheating? Did Bridget give John the JET initials to piss of New England Patriot Tom Brady?

    That was the opening paragraph.

    I mean this was in a HEALTH magazine.

    I expect this from Star or US Weekly.

    If Self Magazine thought slanting the article would get them better sales or coverage, then they were wrong.

    Very few sites mention this article. It got a passing glimpse.

    If Bridget thought this article was going to give her 15 more minutes, then she is wrong.

  10. Mina says

    Bridget would have faded from the scene long ago if she didn’t deliberately get pregnant for Tom Brady. Se is one the worst examples of a woman. She’s a mediocre actress who uses her affair with Tom to keep herself in the spot light as a victim.

    Scarlett, that headline is for idiots like you who take everything at face value. This site is the worst. This blogger should apologize for the false headline. This site is another I’ve marked off of my list. Let the hate mongers like Scarlett enjoy it.

  11. nina says

    Read the interview- no mention of Gisele or Tom. People read way too much in between the lines. Bridget does alot with Jack outside, she just avoids where the paparazzi hang out. If anything we could be seeing a whole lot of hollywood mothers with their kids outside. Why is it they are only a few who are seen daily?

  12. Nilo♥far says

    Bridget totally tried to keep him. She knew the relationship was on the rocks then got pregnant on purpose and thought this would renew it.
    I also think there’s nothing wrong if Gisele shares what does she experiene. She should be able to do whatever makes her happy. I’m not her fan though, I think she’s overrated. She may have a great body but I never really understood why people say how beautiful she is!

  13. scarlett says

    I would talk crap about my ex if he dumped me while I was pregnant. Tom Brady is a loser…Not morals…Just a man thinking with his pecker..

  14. jime says

    Everyone has their own opinion, if giselle enjoy her pregnancy and experiance giving birth and want to share with everyone is her problem!, I’m happy for her because it seems a happy and proud mommy.
    Bridgette seems resentful and hurt .. . and you can not call nobody irresponsible or whatever just because you do not like what she or he is doing … I do not like the idea to enclose your child all the time because of the paparazzi but it’s her way of seeing things, she can not be compared with Gisselle, they are very different … gisselle won the attention because her job steals attention of everybody, and i never listen nothing dirty as bridget is showing now

  15. Cat says

    1) “perhaps referring to Gisele’s drug free water birth…” I think the author of this article might be putting words in Bridget’s mouth.

    2) I don’t know what, if anything, Gisele has said specifically about motherhood, but just because someone has a wonderful, drug free birth experience, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t share it. I also went complete naturally with my daughter, and it was a great experience and I love to talk about it. It doesn’t mean I’m trying to fool people into thinking that labor & delivery, or motherhood, is “easy!” If all Gisele did was go naturally and talk about it, Bridget is in the wrong to extrapolate that out to convincing young girls that motherhood is glamorous… That is another issue…

  16. Mary says

    This from a woman who –

    -Announced her pregnancy to Page Six
    -Put her son on OK Magazine with title Life Without Daddy
    -Had a Pregnant and Heartbroken story to Harper’s Bazaar
    -Trashed her son’s father and stepmother to People Magazine

    She has no business talking about any celebrity including Gisele or how they raise their kids.

    Bridget is a D-Lister filler actress who doesn’t attract the paps because she is D-List.

    Gisele is and has been the #1 Supermodel in the World for years. Obviously she is going to be photographed.

    What does it say about Bridget that is she worried about what Gisele is or isn’t doing with her life and motherhood?

  17. scarlett says

    #3 I totally agree. I am so sick of Giselle. She thinks everything is perfect. Maybe in that world she lives in..

  18. sarah says

    i realize there are several Giselle fans here, but IF that’s even what bridget meant, I have to say i agree wholeheartedly. Motherhood is not all balloons and candy. Maybe because she has said she has a lot of help in the form of her mother-in-law, Giselle doesn’t really understand. Plus she has Tom…so she wouldn’t know. Even with two parents and loving grandparents, raising a kid is hard. Hence the saying: it takes a village to raise a child. But Giselle talks about her prefect childbirth, perfect son and husband, perfect body and life. It’s sort of annoying


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