Celine Dion Reveals That She Is Expecting Twin Boys!

Celine Dion, 42, announced on her website Friday that she’s expecting twin sons, due in November.

“Celine first announced the upcoming new additions to the Angelil-Dion family back in May, and now she just revealed that she is expecting twin boys,” read a statement. “Congratulations to the happy family!”

Celine and her husband Rene Angelil are already parents to 9-year-old son René-Charles.

Celine underwent six in-vitro fertilization treatments, staying in New York City for a month and also getting acupuncture, before getting pregnant with twins. Rene-Charles was also conceived by in vitro after six years of trying.

Last year, Celine revealed to Oprah Winfrey that she had suffered a miscarriage after another IVF attempt.

“We’re living the reality of the majority of couples who face these procreation techniques,” Rene told a French-Canadian newspaper in November.

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  1. Kellie says

    Wow, this blog features some of the most judegmental comments I have ever seen. You both sound exactly like you’re jealous. Melissa, who are you to say that she is selfish of Celine for not adopting? Such bitter, ugly, nasty people.

  2. lisag says

    damn she needs to just give it up..how old is she now like 50..how many more kids does she want from that dinosaur!!

  3. melissa says

    Is it right to insist on having ones child after 6 attempts of IVF while there are so many kids longing for home and loving parents?
    I ‘d prefer adopting in these situations ,I think she should have adopted…a bit selfish to me…

  4. blackwhitemingle says

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  5. *~Boo~* says

    Awesome!!! I am so happ y for her and her Hubby. they have wanted this so long and now it is finally happening for them, after much hard work its paying off…2 X over!!
    And 3 Boys, she won’t be disappointed:)


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