An Expectant Alicia Keys Performing On Good Morning America

An expectant Alicia Keys, 29, was snapped performing on “Good Morning America’s” Summer Concert Series in NYC Friday.

Click here for the amazing video of her performance!


  1. Wow! says

    It’s the belt. From the side it looks ok, you can see the belly. But from the front looks terrible with a very high belt… She’ll look better next time, I guess she’ll see the pictures or the video and she’ll notice it and choose another look next time.

    But besides the outfit, she looks gorgeus, she always does. She has this kind of natural look, nothing that it’s too much, just natural and relaxed. And I love her music and her voice. I wish her good luck with the baby! I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  2. Amanda3lil says

    She’s most definitely having a baby BOY;)

    Boys: Stomatch shape appears to be pointed more upwards and into a basketball like position,

    Girls: Stomatch shape appears to be pointed more downwards and spreads into the thigh areas as well. (More of a well rounded shape)

    But then again every pregnant woman carries different in their own unique shape:)

    Best of luck to her!

  3. ♥~Boo~♥ says

    chances are her stylist picked that one out!! It’s not THAT bad, could definitely be worse… althought it does look like she is just coming back from a safari!! At least if that were the case she be the most stylin’ person there?!lol

  4. cytheriaoscar says

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