Kim Kardashian Disgusted By Moms Who Breastfeed In Public

Kim Kardashian loves being an aunt to 5-month-old Mason, but she draws the line at public breastfeeding.
“EWW Im at lunch,the woman at the table next 2 me is breast feeding her baby w no coverup,” she Twittered Friday.
Kim, 29, is further disgusted by public baby diaper changing.
“Then [she] puts baby on the table and changes her diaper,” Kim — who flew to Philadelphia Saturday morning — lamented.
Kim may soon have another new niece of nephew. In a segment of Talk Stoop shot on June 9th Khloe, 25,  said she’s “not pregnant… one day soon, but not at the moment.”
In the same interview, Kourtney, 31, admitted that she has mixed feelings about putting her baby boy (with on-again beau Scott Disick) on television.
“[Sometimes I think], ‘My son has to be on TV, I hate my life,'” she said. “But I love it because I don’t have to go to an office. I get to have him with me everywhere.”
UPDATE: It looks like Kim realized that she may have offended many women with her tweet and tried backpeddling a bit with these three tweets:
And you DON’T change a dirty at the dinner table…u use the restroom. Everyone was complaining! Just unsanitary
My sister breast feeds! Its a natural beautiful thing, there’s nothing wrong w it, but she covers herself, not w her boobs exposed
Misunderstood tweet-The woman had her boobs out at restraunt yest feeding then laid her on table and changed her w the food there.Unsanitary


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  6. Chelly says

    OK so its like this, changing a child on a table where people will be eating at and where people are watching and can see this is defiantly wrong and I can see that being an issue! As for the Breastfeeding, defiantly people can form there own opinion on that, I would use a cover up while out in public with people I do not know, it doesn’t bug me to see a nude breast, but I can see people feeling embarassed to see one! My problem with this blog is you anti-parents, not all parents think that they possess a right that you yourself do not have right to! I think breastfeeding is most certainly appropriate (preferably covered up a bit) Be discreet enough for your child and think of the creeps out there ) But for those who do not have children– life changes, your priorities change; I don’t care how people see me out when my son has a cold and is a little more irritable while I am getting him cold remedies, and what not, if he has had a long day and I need to get the cart up to pay my bill, if he just woke up in a strange place with snobby looking people or with children who are running around crazy and he is just nervous, to be honest I forget all about you, its nothing personal, but my life is just filled with other things that grab my attention and I do sometimes forget about you, its not to be disrespectful, but I am just as much a person as you and I am raising a child to be a person like us, babies do cry sometimes, my little boy has been great thus far, a joy to be out in public with and is a very contented little guy, I do not ask for anymore than you do, so as far as being sick of us, I am sick of being looked down on because I have a child. I am sorry but this world is full of people not just yourselves, this is implies to us mother’s as well, but one thing I have come to find, we come off disrespectful as we defend our childrens rights to be fed when they need to be fed! As for bottlefeeding when in public Karen Browning, you cannot always switch a baby back and forth from bottle to breast, it affects their latching. FAIL, that is why I had to stop BF at 2 months, accommodating people like you! So from both sides, Karen you are still wrong!

  7. JAN says

    I think it’s completely inappropriate to breastfeed without some kind of a cover in public.. One big point being that men if they see it they’ll get turned on, get hard ons. That’s what makes it so disgustingly gross. But yet women always are so quick to slam someone for criticizing breastfeeding in public without considering this first.

  8. jenn says

    breastfeeding in public is ok but i think it is the respectful thing to cover up when doing it. no on one wants to see your breast hanging out in a public place!

  9. LJM says

    It so proves you have absolutely nothing above your Stupid Neck! You are definitly not
    a Woman’s Woman . Will make a lousy mother! So spare what would be your children.
    I had 2 Son’s breastfeed the 2nd (young&shy w/the 1st),My 1st was born had terrible milk
    allergies projectile vomiting.Also Allergies in general. When spring comes around he’s so miserable its terrible. (He’s a wonderful Grown man serving in Afganistan right now. Geez I wonder What GERMS HE”S exposed To! I Breastfed my 2nd son was a breeze . He latched
    on immediatlly . All I ever did was carry a receiving blanket with me & it did the trick. Or what I was wearing covered sufficiantly. Why did you have to pay attn @ all God made us this way to Feed our Children. Not to Titillate Men. My son has grown to be extremely healthy no allergies no nothing.He weaned himself @ 8 months he just pushed away ,over!

  10. CelebsSuck says

    I’m disgusted by filthy,uneducated,plastic,fake,heartless,brainless slags who take it up the ass from anything that moves and become famous for their it.

  11. geoh777 says

    Being disgusted by a woman breastfeeding her baby in public is optional. It is your right to go either way. It is also your right to think about what you are doing and why.

  12. PJ says

    regarding Kim Kardashian being disgusted by a woman breastfeeding her baby in public…. It is only her own breasts that she wants to see bared in public. As far as the diaper changing issue… I don’t know why Kim Kardashian is worried about it being unsanitary. Everything she sits her overexposed butt on becomes unsanitary.

  13. AUNTY says

    you dim-witted, arrongant fool!!!. u are really dummer than paris hilton..breast-feeding is not a lifestyle chice mothers have..they do than for their hels ur child grow and makes the childs immune system bond gets stronger…but i guess u wont knoe this coz ur STUPID!!!!!the nearlly 30 kimmy will neva start a fmily of her own if she keeps on thinking lyk dat..and will be all alone when shes old:P better grow up dear…the clocks ticking

  14. Mae says

    Not having breastfed I was shocked when a women pulled out her breast on the bus and started breastfeeding her child. I nearly had a panic attack. Then 2 years later I had a baby, took 2 weeks of double pumping and taking care of a baby and surviving 4 hours sleep a night which is bloody hard work to establish breastfeeding. I breastfed fully for 4 months and my baby was a slow feeder and spent 12 hours a day feeding. So shock horror I started feeding my baby in public because his needs suddenly seemed a lot more real than some silly women like I use to be that didn’t have a clue. I wasn’t proud not to cover up- not covering up became a necessity and what me and my baby needed to breastfeed successfully. Why would I want to impede my babies breathing for some perverts. My breasts became my babies not my husbands and not people in public.It was a milkbar not a breast. So opinions can change. People that say don’t whip in out, there is a breastfeeding in public anywhere anytime 10 hours a day in your future.

  15. Dr Bill says

    Why not use a photo of the “beauty” without make-up. It isn’t surprising this “star” shuns a natural, wholesome activity.

  16. says

    Kim… the entire world does not CARE what you think 24-7 and sometimes you need to keep your comments and thoughts to yourself!

  17. Krista says

    Wow, Karen is ridiculously ignorant, I seriously can’t believe some of the thing that are coming out of her mouth. My favorite comment is how moms shouldn’t take their babies to public restaurants if they can’t behave. How is a little baby supposed to behave? Um, pretty sure babies cry and they can’t always be pacified, get over it! What are moms supposed to do, stay at home with their kids all the time and never leave the house just because you don’t want to listen to them cry? I also enjoy her comment about moms having to tote their children with them everywhere they go. What are you going to do when you have to go somewhere and no one else can watch them, leave them at home? I can see how excellent of a mom you’re going to be, haha

    • Christine Holliday says

      People say that to the parents who have not taught their children how to act in public. Thank them, because with kids myself I think a restaurant should bar children if parents are not going to start teaching their kids what is the proper way to behave in public. Lazy parents…

  18. R says

    Avert your friggin’ eyes already. Breasts are not sexual objects to be revealed to a lucky few, they are a basic mechanism of feeding. I say whip’em out. Everywhere. But only if ur lactating!

  19. Louise says

    “If my kids won’t behave in a resturant, we’ll go through a drive through. If my kids won’t behave in the grocery store, I won’t bring them until they can”

    I love this statement. I had to re-read it a few times. Do you plan on having a grocery store in your home to teach them to behave in a grocery store? What resturant drive-thru do you plan on going to with your fictious future children?

    You do (I guess you wouldn’t) understand that exposure is the key in teaching your children how to properly behave the way you discribe that you will parent your future children is just proving your ignorance to parenting in the first place. If you truly believe that you will parent this way then please understand that your children may be behaved at home but they will be social misfits and definately rejects when they go to school.

    They may be smart but if they don’t have the social skill there is NO possiblity for success.

  20. Louise says

    I don’t get the big deal about “covering up”. Are people saying that mothers are breastfeeding with their shirts off and the breast that isn’t being used is out in the open? Last time I checked (and have breastfed 5 children including twins) when a baby is being fed the nipple is usually in the mouth and their head (unless you have gigantic breast) is usually in the way anyways.

    If you are seeing breast/nipple you are looking too hard/long and if it bothers you….look away. Really haven’t we evolved enough in our society that we can’t finally except breasts or is it only good when it is used to be “sexy” in that barely there dress or top? Better sell your tv, stop going to the movies and definately don’t go out in public….you might see a breast or two.

  21. Jenn says

    Breastfeeding is totally natural and everyone who is disgusted by that should be ashamed of themselves. Breastfeeding is not an easy task and any breastfeeding mom knows it takes devotion and lots of time out of their schedule to devote to baby. To discourage that is disgusting. Do we ask animals to cover up?? no we dont! Anyone who thinks breastfeeding moms should cover up are just uncomfortable with the human body which is a beautiful thing. I proudly breastfeed my babies in public and anyone who doesnt like it can go eat a fat one. I have seem many women in public lift their shirts, show off their boobs and no one seems to mind that. So take a good look in the mirror all you hypocrites. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I pray God helps each and every one of you because you obviously have problems.

    • Christine Holliday says

      Breast feeding mommy saying, parents in general need to be more respectful of the people around them as well as teach their children that. Just because you are a mom and breast feed doesn’t mean you should be disrespectful of your environment. Don’t pray to go I doubt he approves of women popping their chest out for any reason, considering your God wants us women to be fully clothed. Don’t preach a religion you don’t know or even bring it up. That’s hypocritical.

      • Chelly says

        Don’t preach religion at all; as a mother you need to do what you need to do; end of story, you have an obligation to that child before anyone you see in the public! Be respectful by all means, but do what you need to do! When I breastfed, generally I covered up (no always) not when I was home or where I was comfortable! It goes with motherhood! There is nothing Disrespectful about breast feeding Christine! And there is nothing religious about it! If you god doesn’t want me to feed my child if an unexpected feeding comes out; sorry but I don’t need your God! I need my child! Too bad for you! And it is nothing to do with your environment actually breastfeeding is better for the environment (not using bottles, plastic or glass) So Get A CLUE Boobs are boobs we all have them! Suck it up buttercups!

  22. Em says

    Haha Karen. You’re HILARIOUS(ly) stupid. Pumps aren’t as efficient as a baby, so it’s not always possible to pump and then bring a bottle. Some people wouldn’t be able to pump enough and baby gets more at the breast. So, clearly you are not only inexperienced but also have a misplaced sense of arrogance. Do some REAL research (rather than a quick yahoo search or wikipedia) before responding to something that you clearly know nothing about. You are not entitled to an opinion on this matter unless you’ve been there, done that. Silly broad.

  23. Mom of twins says

    Karen, You comment about making a baby bottle feed when out in public shows your ignorance about the whole issue of b/f or just the issue of feeding a baby in general. Having kids makes you eat a lot of your own words.

  24. Mom of twins says

    My babies hated the blanket over their heads while b/f. I always pulled my shirt so it was flush with their heads. I had so many people start talking to me while I was feeding and never once did they realize I was b/f. There are just some who flop their breast out in public. It is their right to do so but it is a bit embarressing. But KK shouldnt talk about anyone’s body parts hanging out. She was plastered all over playboy wearing only pearls, so she can take her self-rightous indignation and disgust and shove it where the sun apparently shines on her indecent body.
    The diaper changing on the table was nasty though.

  25. samsmom says

    Wow Karen, you have some serious issues. I have an idea, when you do decide to have a baby, why don’t you come back and tell us all about it? Most of the things people say they will never do when they become parents come back to bite them. Believe me, you will do them! And I will “tote” my child with me anywhere I please thank you very much. My child is safe with me and I like to spend time with my child. I will not stay home or stay out of your way.

    Breastfeeding is fine in public. I do it all the time, discreetly with a cover, I happen to be very modest. But even those who don’t use a cover don’t expose as much breast as Kim K. does on any given day! Give me a break people. I see people out in public all of the time exposing more breast than any breastfeeding mother. Why don’t we get all up in arms about that? Oh, I know why. Because in our society, if breasts are being used to promote sexuality, then they are offensive!

    • Dr Bill says

      She’s exposed considerably more than a teat, but that was justifiable since it was a career anchoring strategy, although it remains a dubious cornerstone.

  26. JAZZYSUEZEE says


  27. Cindy says

    hahahaha that’s funny… “…then again, I don’t have to take my boobs out to eat a sandwich…”. Love it.

  28. Karen Browning says

    I would not eat a sandwhich in the bathroom, but then again, I do not have to take my boobs out to eat a sandwich. Breastfeeding is essential. It gives the baby a good immune system, it results in a higher iq, and its easier for the baby to digest. Everyone should breast feed, but when you are out in public, use a bottle. They get the same milk and all the good benefits, but you don’t have to make people uncomfortable. You think its not distracting, but it is. Its hard too look away when the mother is making such a show of what she is doing. If they were discreet and sophisticated about it, it would not bother me. But that’s not the case in most instances. It becomes a show, it is very distracting.

    For some reason, moms think that now the whole world has to bend for them. I have to set in a resturant and listen to a baby scream at the top of its lungs throughout my entire meal, because you’re a mom and feel the need to tote your baby everywhere? And in the grocery store, I have to be inconvenienced because your hooligans are running around and getting in my way? NO. I have just as much of a right as you do, and when I decide to have a baby, I will respect you by not doing all of these things. If my kids won’t behave in a resturant, we’ll go through a drive through. If my kids won’t behave in the grocery store, I won’t bring them until they can. I respect other people, and from your comments it seems like most of you only think about yourselves.

    • Veronica says

      Karen Browning, I do agree with you! Too many people have their children running the show, and don’t seem to think it important to teach their children manners and how to behave in public. Many of them are little unruly hooligans! I AM a mother, of two I might add, and I never took my children to a restaurant until they were 4, and even then they were told to be quiet, sit in their chairs, and to not be too loud…they listened to me! Why? Because I set rules for them from the very start. And when we went to the grocery store, I would NOT stand for them running around like animals either…that is just unacceptable behaviour. I’m very fortunate to have been blessed with good-tempered children, and good listeners, but it has a lot to do with the parenting also. If you don’t train your children properly, and from early on, they will be a nuisance to others, and a massive headache to you. No one likes a disruptive, and ill-behaved child, unless they have a learning disability, like autism for example, and you should not force other people to be in the presence of your brat! Everyone has the right to enjoy a meal in peace!

      As to breastfeeding, I think that should not be allowed in public. It IS distracting, and if the law prohibits a woman from walking around bare-breasted (it’s called indecent exposure), then why should we be allowed to take our breasts out in the presence of others to breastfeed? Cover up! I thought this way before I had my kids, and I still think the same way, it’s not fair to everyone else to have to look at you with your breast out. And to suggest someone avert their eyes is rubbish, they have as much a right as anyone else to look wherever they damn well please! And whoever told Karen her opinion didn’t matter, or that she shouldn’t have one can go can piss off, because EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion in this world, including someone who isn’t a mother! And her most of all, because she’s the one whom you’re forcing to look at your breasts. Many of you were disgusting and beastly with your unwarranted and unnecessary insults towards her…shame on you! Anyway, that’s my opinion, and if you have to be a mother in order to have an opinion, then I am one, and that’s mine. Like it or not, I don’t care.

    • new mom says

      You cannot predict when a child will act out. granted I think the point you are saying is that parents just sit there. like when the kids jump on the seats, put their hand in your food, and parents don’t call them away. What Kim was saying was that the woman was being overly gross by changing a diaper on a public restaurant table. diaper changing should happen when a restroom is provided.

      Just IMO I think some people in the country are a tad taboo about breasts. Its how we precieve things, what we may believe, or just what we feel. but ‘flaunting’ a natural thing is indecent. making a scene in other words. Aside from things happening that one cannot help…these are the people I cannot stand.

      My child acts out at a restaurant one parent takes said child aside and disciplines/explains. if the fit isn’t over the bill is paid and we leave. if i am alone I would tend not to do this, but if i had…i have to wait for the bill and check, but then i am gone.

      The kids must get out to be properly socialized…and sometimes that means my dinner gets cut short so others can enjoy theirs. Children running around in a restaurant nearly knocking over servers food trays is a good example of annoying parenting. and the one night i get to get out in two months i don’t want to be in the presence of such parents or their kids either. as a parent sometimes u win sometimes you don’t. I also don’t want someone else s kids running up to my table, bouncing on the seat and kicking mine. If i asked u nicely once…really? take the kid home and teach him properly.

      Parents have a right to tote children and this is the only way they can learn. But by toting them they need to address the issues. There are times you need to grocery shop, and if it is the one time u are alone and the child miss behaves…there is nothing a parent can do. Most times I go…it is with someone. I know kids running a miss in the store is absurd. as a parent I don’t understand that. I understand children are not perfect, but not that the parent ceases to understand or care. All people have the same rights. I care that the parent at least tries…because i understand. when they don’t try i get pissed.

      I think the parents you mention are the ones that do not care.

      As for breast feeding…that’s long superseded any “way of life” we have. granted people have their opinions…but moms should be discrete-most women are modest. Some believe in certain things religously (stay covered), some believe in feedom to feed at times. Its a free country and by law it is their right. If people don’t like it…vote it. And what are the moms supposed to do? Breast feeding requires a feed 2 hours sometimes. U cannot pump that. Should she have to stay home because of this? As a mom i don’t see how hard it is to be descreet. and if even that bothers people they need to get over it to some degree. I get it bothers people and others don’t like it but it is part of the law as ok. I just wish they would be modest about it. (and no it doesn’t bother me either way other peoples reactions to it do). It is not logical to stay home all day every day just because u have a child and need to feed. Pumping each breast takes 20-30 minutes a boob. where will u heat the bottle. newborns do not like cold milk. restaurants hesitate to heat it for fear of burn.

      it is hard to be quiet with more than one child and a small infant. And as for bottle feeding. LOL at that if it comes from a non breastfeeding person. LoL at having a mom use a BATHROOM to feed a baby. Nasty for flaunting the boob, or changing a diaper like that. (flaunting meaning meaning to draw attention to it.)

      I get what Kim was saying to a degree. She shows lots of boobs herself. What bothered her was that the mom was very nude. (per say) and nasty changing a diaper on a table. I mean really? c’mon.what is the parents logic in that? She didn’t think about her words when she first spoke. i don’t really like their shows or anything but i kinda get it. In all my years before and after kids i believe in attempting a degree of respect. but sometimes people, because of diff opinions, will never see it as anything other than disrespectful.

    • Chelly says

      Get over yourself, you better hope that you have someone with you when you have that supposed child, my son will sometimes cry at the store, when they are under a year old, they generally do not know how else to communicate; The world does not bend for the my child but people like you best stay out of my way when I am trying to raise him properly, children learn over time not just cause some snob like yourself looks pissy everytime you enter a store or restaurant with children FORGET YOU! PS please do not have children! TWIT

    • Saffron says

      Wow, so I guess you are saying for the Internet and all that you are either going to pay $30-50 for a babysitter every time you need to go to the grocery store or you will leave your children alone at home with no supervision. Get a life.

      Moms feel the need to tote their babies everywhere because it is their RESPONSIBILITY (and kind of the law). I hope you get your tubes tied because you are the last person on Earth who should procreate right after Kim K.

  29. Amy says

    To all of you out there who say that you do not want to look at someone breastfeeding while eating at a restaurant, I have two words, “LOOK AWAY!”

    To those of you who think that I should pump milk and give it to my baby in a bottle….my babies would never drink from a bottle (not that I ever had a need for them too).

    Boo was right when stating that only a small portion of a breast is exposed when a baby is feeding. When my babies finished, I always quickly covered up. Only those inappropriate people who were waiting to catch a quick glimpse saw anything.

  30. Trixie says

    Hmmm, isn’t Ms. K famous for a, um SEX tape? Was she nasty dirty and exposed in THAT? Really, get a clue woman.

    I do agree that changing a diaper on the table is disgusting, but breastfeeding, not nasty in the least. However, personally I cover up.

    Looks like she who lives in a glass house should not throw stones – or video tapes, barely there boobs-hanging out bikinis, etc. 😉

  31. ♥~Boo~♥ says

    On the Contrary my Dear, Many of us mothers are VERY CLASSY!!! Just because we feel that breastfeeding OUR children at our OWN discretion…. whether that be in private, covering up or Au naturel is our own decision, doesn’t mean that we are selfish or ignorant!! We think of what is best for OUR CHILD, If my baby were hungry and demanding food and I did not have or desire the use of my nursing blanket, I would think nothing of it!! My Babies needs come FIRST!! Above all the feelings or opinions of all the bystanders nearby!! Sorry that’s just how it is!!! We reserve the right to nurse when needed, where and how we wish to do so!!! It is nice now that most big malls come equipped with nursing stations where we can go and sit comfortably on a couch and nurse in private, but if we are somewhere that those facilities aren’t available then really I guess when you see us coming you may as well pack up and leave, cuz Our kids aren’t going to starve for the 2 in 10 people that think nursing in public (covered or not) is rude!!!

  32. Nilo♥far says

    Honestly, some of these breast feeding moms sound like it’s just all about them and what they want. HOW SELFISH!

  33. Nilo♥far says

    If you people weren’t so ignorant and hateful you would acknowledge that no one is saying don’t breastfeed. People are just telling you to cover up. But you don’t get and you’ll never get it. You have no friggin class. That’s why you don’t want to cover up, that’s why you want to act like a 5 yr old telling people that they can’t tell you what to do. You’re immature. No one EVER said anywhere that people are against breast feeding a child. But everything has some dignity to it. There are plenty of women that breastfeed covering themselves. Some of you don’t, because you have no standards, and never had. They do make blankets, towels, coverings for feeding. Trust me your boobs aren’t something I want to see while I’m trying to eat my lunch.

    • Christine Holliday says

      I so agree with you and I am a breastfeeding mommy. It is all about class and being respectful of the people around you. It is okay to breastfeed in public, but you should show a little respect for yourself and hopefully your children will do so as well and they won;t get barred from restaurants. Here’s something my 2 year old understands, when you don’t show respect for others, it shows others you don’t have respect for yourself. And Changing a baby on the table is not only disgusting it is extremely unhygienic and is just a statement about your personal hygiene. It;s the same thing as not washing your hands after you use the bathroom and then eating only doing g this all the harmful germs get on the table and you are frisking other people’s health.

    • Kitty says

      Many babies or young children do not allow you to cover them up. I am a Mom in her forties who has had hot flushes for years. I wear short sleeves in the winter so I can take my coat off and cool down. I have MS and heat intolerance as well. Getting overheated can cause a pseudo relapse – the last thing I need when out with my child. If I covered up while my little one nursed, I would get too hot. No one sees anything anyway. I have seen Mothers nursing and most people would not know they were. Most mothers are discreet. I have never seen a Mom breastfeeding in public that was not discreet. As far as having no class, I can tell you I am one of the most upstanding “ladies” you will meet, but when you have a baby modesty goes out the window in more than just childbirth – you are not as worried about the public breastfeeding at least once you get the hang of it either.

      I think most who believe mothers should cover up to be discreet have not really breastfed either in public or for very long – older babies and children want to see what is going on around them. You really must not have much of a life to live if you are so worried about what everyone else is doing. Start living life and enjoying it and what others are doing will not annoy you so much!

  34. oriana says

    If you want to feed your babies in public, fine, but you can cover up, I don’t want to look at a naked breast if I am out eating or even in the park. Have some respect for other people!

  35. ♥~Boo~♥ says

    It’s as Maria stated above, when a Mother Nurses her child a VERY SMALL portion of her breast is exposed, and the most private part of that breast…HER NIPPLE is not as the baby is latched onto it!! So no Teenage Boy will see anything revealing unless he chooses to stare and wait for something to be exposed!! And if that be the case then who’s problem is that?? really?
    And why on earth should we breastfeeding mothers be forced to “pump” at home when the fact is our breast are in a way “Meals on Wheels” they are there to FEED our child, on demand..If My Baby wants some milk My baby gets some milk And I’ll be damned if I gonna have anybody tell me to cover it up!! If you think it is sickening then DON’T LOOK!! Walk away, leave…Otherwise drop it!!
    No Mother should ever be made to feel dirty or shameful for trying to give their baby the nourishment they need!!

  36. Cindy says

    Breast feeding is not disgusting, by any means. It’s odd to refer to anything so natural as “disgusting.” It wouldn’t kill the mother to cover up a bit to make the prudes happy…but please people, don’t be ridiculous! Look away if it offends you so much, or better yet leave. The nursing mother is the one with the rights.

  37. Ileana says

    So tell me would you use your breastpump in public too, that’s ridiculous. If you say you want to feed your baby breastpump at home and use a bottle when you are in public cause honestly it’s disgusting to see this at a restaurant.

  38. Ileana says

    Amy that’s great you want to breastfeed your baby, but I don’t think I would want my teenage boy looking at a naked breast even if it’s for breastfeeding, and when I go to a restaurant I go there to eat, not to see a women expose herself wether it’s for breastfeeding or not. If that would be the case women should just go topless.

  39. Ileana says

    I think Kim is right. If you are going to breastfeed do it in private or cover up yourself. I think it makes people very uncomfortable when a breast is exposed in public specially at a restaurant when you to there to eat, not to view an exposed breast. Yes, there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding but, be more appropriate. PLEASE. Thank you.

  40. Amy says

    I am completely astounded by all the idiotic comments that I am reading. What century are we living in? I am a mother of two and I proudly breastfed my baby wherever I happened to be. Feeding my children took presidence over whether or not I was making someone feel uncomfortable. Kuddos to all mothers who are brave enough to ignore ignorant people and take care of their babies the way God intended it. Breasts were created for a reason and it has nothing to do with sex. And to the person who made the comment about breastfeeding in the bathroom, I hope that was a joke because that is disgusting. Would you eat a sandwich on the toilet? My babies was never comfortable with being covered up and their comfort outweighed everything else. Oh, and about changing the baby at the table….that I do agree is pretty disgusting…bums don’t belong on tables….there are change tables in most restaurants….I have however changed my baby on my lap in a restaurant that didn’t have a table.

  41. mum says




  42. Jesus H Christ says

    shut up bitc hes. this broad is just jealous because she doesn’t have kids. Someone as pretty as Kim has a problem if, by her ripe age, she hasn’t scored a husband….this makes her a LOSER!

  43. Bebe says

    Breast feeding is as natural as child birth itself… And neither should take place in front of strangers who just paid for a sit down meal. There’s a time and a place for everything, if you are a sensible adult that is…

  44. says

    The ignorant comments on this thread are exactly why I’m glad I’m legally protected when it comes to breastfeeding in public. Women who nurse aren’t topless, contrary to what some of the HILARIOUS comments above had to say. Most women can nurse by exposing a very small amount of skin, which the baby’s mouth then covers. So yes, you’d have to pretty much have your mouth on a woman’s breast to see her bare skin. This isn’t girls gone wild.


    The funny thing is, women in other countries are perplexed by what uptight jerks SOME people in the US can be about breastfeeding moms. And rightfully so.

    Stay classy, #16.

  45. Kalissa says

    niloofar, it is ridiculous to say that a parent ought not be allowed to go to a restaurant of all places with their baby bc the crying might piss off people dining there. seriously, i mean if course you dont bring your child to movie theater, but a RESTAURANT??? If the baby cries at the restaurant, then yes someone should take it outside until the baby calms dow, but any parent has the right to eat out with their baby.

  46. MiracleMileMom says

    Breasteedfing is natural. So is belching, and passing gas. Should we do that freely in a restaurant?

    I EBF for a year and had a wonderful coverup that DIDN’T smother my daughter’s head, and allowed me to look straight down at her and see what she was doing, while not forcing those around me to look at my exposed breast. I was very proud to breastfeed my daughter but even I will admit I didn’t like the look of my breasts while I was nursing. If I didn’t want to look at them, why would I force it on anyone else?

    It’s just a matter of class and respect.

  47. lisa says

    Here we go again. Breastfeeding is a natural, god given skill that women have, for the sole purpose of providing nourishment to the child. What on earth is offensive about that? Bottles and pumps were created to make it possible to have options, when breastfeeding can’t happen. Why would I choose to not breastfeed somewhere if my baby is hungry? The human breast is not obscene…it is just a body part that does NOT have to be sexualized. I am happy to see any mother breastfeed anytime, anywhere, it is such a beautiful act of nature. If you don’t like it, leave, and keep your mouths shut… you have no right to tear down breastfeeding mothers.

  48. Veronika says

    Kim K did get a lil out of hand on the breastfeeding part. Coverage would be a bit more appropriate but if that was Kourtney breastfeeding Mason Kim would have seen no harm in it at all. It seemed disgusting to her, C’mon we are talking about a hungry infant here however I totally agree with her on the diaper changing, very unsanitary.

  49. oriana says

    All of the Kardashians are disgusting to me, every single one of them! The mother is the worst! Even Bruce Jenner, who is a big time Wimp, makes me cringe at how low he has sunk being clumped in with that bunch!

  50. Nilo♥far says

    Yes crying is completely normal for a baby. But it doesn’t mean that you can bring your child anywhere when you know he/she will piss people off with crying. Not saying that you can’t go out of your home cause you have a baby but certainly not in places like restaurants, cinemas, etc, when you know your baby will bother people around you. Mothers shoudn’t be allowed to do whatever they want just because they’re mothers. This just sounds so selfish to me.
    And Karen I TOTALLY agree with you. You’ve got many points there.

    • Saffron says

      When people quit talking, playing on cell phones, texting, and getting up every 30 seconds for food/bathroom breaks at the movies, then I’ll agree with you about not taking babies to movies. Not until then.

  51. Lauren says

    In my opinion if you’re going to breastfeed your baby in public, you need to cover up with a blanket or something. Think about it the other way. You wouldn’t want some random lady’s boob out on display while her baby is feeding! As for changing the diaper that’s just nasty! Walk the few steps to the bathroom and change it in there!

  52. Mel says

    I don’t understand how breastfeeding has anything to do with modesty?! If you are covered I don’t see a problem! Why people feel disturbed by the thought of a baby at the breast EATING, that is the key word, is a mystery to me. As a mother of 2, I don’t allow myself to be disgusted by a woman giving her baby a bottle, yet they are doing the same thing: feeding an infant. You should not be made so uncomfortable to a point of feeding your baby in a bathroom stall. No baby deserves to be fed in that type of environment! Don’t get me wrong, I try my hardest to remove myself from the public eye as much as possible, but if I had a choice between in public or in a bathroom, I choose in public! As for your comment concerning people counting to get their child to return to them, I will agree, it’s not appropriate. A child can very easily be snatched in the blink of an eye…just go get them! If they continue to not listen, leave the store. That is one thing I feel strongly about. Nobody has to put up with my child misbehaving. I may need something that I have to leave behind but I can go back for that once he or she has calmed down.

  53. Kalissa says

    Hi Karen…unrelated to breastfeeding i would just like to point out that a baby who cries is not misbehaving. (In response to your statement “I ESPECIALLY hate it when mothers bring their small babies to a nice restrauant and let them scream and cry the entire time. If your baby can’t behave, leave it at home.” For someone who claims to know a lot, that sounded a little ignorant. Crying is completely normal for a baby, and is thier only way of communicating their needs to us.

  54. Nilo♥far says

    WM- Please don’t remove my post this time! Thanks.
    I believe that Kim.K just added the diaper changing to the story! So what the hell were the staff doing there? Did they seriously allow that woman do that? It’s IMPOSSIBE. In a low-class restaurant they won’t let this happen then what about such a HIGH-class one that Kim.K usually have meals?? And oh I also believe that no one is that zero class to change her baby in a restaurant. I’m sure a bathroom isn’t that far away. Or even if this really happend so I can tell that she was just a psycho.

  55. Nilo♥far says

    And I aslo believe that Kim.K just lied about changing the baby on the table! She added the diaper changing to the story. I do wanna ask her what the hell were the staff or even the manager doing? In a low-class restaurant they won’t let this happen then what about such a HIGH-class one that Kim.K usually have meals???? Most mall bathrooms have changing stations in both the men’s and the women’s room. It’ll be very rare that you find one without, but even without there’s still counter space in the bathroom. Seriously this story is IMPOSSIBE. And oh if I were there I’d walk out without paying and tell the manager it was his/her fault because he/she didn’t intervene and stop such garbage!

  56. Nilo♥far says

    I respect that your feeding your baby, but I really do not feel comfortable with you being exposed could you please cover up. Thank you.
    No offense, but there are some things that should not happen in public places and not covering you and your baby while breastfeeding is one of them.
    I don’t want to see anyone breastfeeding no matter where I am everyone is obsessed with all this political correctness stuff but women can just whip out a boob and start feeding their kid anywhere? It’s meant to be done in private. I feel that you should also respect those around you.

  57. Amber says

    Karen, if it makes you uncomfortable to breastfeed in public then by all means don’t do it. There are lots of people that are fine with it. Therefore, I would have to disagree with your statement. I have met few people in real life that have a problem with it. But, really why would any mom worry about making other people uncomfortable when the baby is the priority? Again, you can be very modest in public when nursing your baby. As for the breast pumps, ITA with the other poster. I only pumped so that my baby could have my milk when I was at work, he never got a bottle with me. It really is sad that people attack moms that breastfeed in public because it makes them uncomfortable. If you don’t like something that someone else is doing it’s really your problem not theirs, a nursing mom is protected by law. This line of thought is one of the reasons why breastfeeding rates are so low in the US. We, as women should be supporting other women not belittling them.

  58. Karen Browning says

    Mothers make a show out of everything they do, and I’m so tired of it. Especially in stores and resturants. You’ve all seen them (and from the sound of it been them.) You know those mothers in the grocery store who’s kids are running into people, getting in the way, tearing things off shelves, screaming, etc. The mothers stand their and just count at the top of their lungs. “(insert baby name here) by the time I count to three you had better stop. 1…2…3! I’m only going to give you one more chance. 1…2…3! (baby name) I said stop, now I’m going to count one more time! 1…2…3!” It goes on like that and they kid doesn’t care, because nothing is ever done to them.

  59. Karen Browning says

    Actually, I am very educated about breastfeeding, pregnancy, and many other things that you will probably never know. If I had a baby that would get hungry in public, I would carry bottles. If for some reason it was hungry and I didn’t have any, I would go into a bathroom stall or somewhere away from other people. There is NO WAY I would ever breast feed in public, because NO ONE WANTS TO SEE IT! Its called modesty, and some people obviously need to learn it.

  60. Mel says

    Wow Karen, you are definitely uneducated when it comes to breastfeeding an infant! Breast pumps were not invented to make others feel more comfortable about you feeding your child in public. They were created for mother’s who want to give their infant the benefits of breastmilk in a bottle should they want or NEED to do that. Ex: Going back to work. If you’re covered, who cares? It’s an innocent baby eating and if you’re the offended person you’re right, you don’t need to see it! Get up and leave! Having a baby does not give mothers the idea that they can do whatever they want. Breastfeeding in public is not a want, it’s a necessity when a baby needs to eat, just like you or I eat when we are hungry! To your comment about crying babies in restaurants: if you weren’t so ignorant about women breastfeeding in public and you weren’t one of the complainers, less women would feel uncomfortable nursing in public and instead of letting their baby cry they would just feed them. Problem solved!
    Sorry about the rant but that was a very ignorant and uneducated comment!!!

  61. Karen Browning says

    I totally agree with Kim. Breastfeeding is a natural thing, but they made breast pumps for a reason! No one wants to see someone breastfeeding in public, covered up or not. And they CERTAINLY don’t want to see you changing your baby on a table where someone else will have to eat their food after you! Mom’s seem to think that once they have a baby they can do whatever they want, and everyone around them should just get used to it. Why should I be punished for your life choices? I ESPECIALLY hate it when mothers bring their small babies to a nice restrauant and let them scream and cry the entire time. If your baby can’t behave, leave it at home. If you can’t do that, go to McDonalds and leave everyone else to actually enjoy their meal in peace.

    • new mom says

      In this statement you are therefore punishing all the women who breastfeed whose infants will not take a bottle nipple. Bottle nipples feed faster, satisfy the baby, and make it hard to keep certain infants on the breast. or women don’t want to use the use of plastics as they can be harmful-especially heated plastics.

      in some ways this is selfish on your part because you are ostracizing her for her desire to feed her baby in a natural way. where the heck she supposed to go? But I get that you don’t want to feel disgusted and there is a degree of respect to that. And choice try and look away. But I don’t like to see a ton of piercings…it makes me cringe-granted not a boob-but i cant get it out of my head when I am trying to eat. The fact is stuff will happen no matter where you go, and that is life.

      So I see a half way thing where compromise is needed int he selfish department. The whole i am here first, I am eating, I am paying for food…it’s just life. I guess i don’t understand a COVERED woman also offends you? I say cover up, personally. but if you have a problem with a covered breast and baby that’s a real sad opinion for those women. They don’t offer places to feed them, and what if she is out in a restaurant and it wants to eat? What if she cannot use bottles or was rushed out the door?

      do you realize you’re making people attempting to be modest shunned too? you don’t have to like it nor accept it but be a bit compassionate for those that try. I mean she is covered, she isn’t flaunting, she isn’t trying to make a big deal. I mean I hate the people in such a rush at the store they are ***holes, but i accept that cause I have to. I also see people with underwear hanging out in low level pants, thongs in woman’s jeans but all are accepted over a covered woman? I guess that’s why so many people take the looks they get and deal. you cant just breast feed at home and at others convenience. that baby cries you have 5 seconds before the death stares to act.

      And in a bathroom stall touching handles and doors where people pee and poop? really? what kind of right is that. I get why you’d say that, but please don’t do it if you don’t have to. and for those that do…its your child you do as u wish. That’s worse than a mom changing a baby on a public table with the risk factors, std risks and nasty factor. just an opinion still.

      Women shouldn’t have to do this. (they need feeding areas) My infant eats every two hours i guess I have to make a ton of bottles to satisfy people like you. No one can be prepared at all times. And the one time something happens and a mom has to feed in such a case she gets glares…you see why they feel angry. I get two to four ours of sleep, and that was my choice to have a child. but your mother and father had you. be a tad understanding people. it takes time to pump, time to get the bag ready, the kids in the car, traffic, and finally to the destination. if my kid behaves that’s all that matters.

      You are limiting a mother, whose schedule is already tight, to such short times. A mall trip would require more than two hours. In reality they need to just offer places for moms to feed like they have baby stations. it passed in law, they are protected, and some have diff values than you. You cant always have a sitter and it is a parents right to take their little human with them. they should be mindful to discipline that kid tho. I don’t think it is selfish its just their opinion. Lets ban everyone that makes us feel sick, inconveniences us, slows us down, or who dresses odd. I get it I really do. I get one night maybe a month to go out and there is a screaming baby, a kid beating my chair, a newborn in a 12am movie…ect.

      i don’t personally agree with uncovered breasts as an option i would consider for myself. I also think people in the culture need to get over the oversexualized breast. I do respect the conservative who may not want their children to see an exposed breast tho. but if a baby is acting fine, with no screaming, and happen to need to be fed in a restaurant and mom covered i wouldn’t be offended. But that is just yours and my different opinions. Mine is no more right or wrong than anyone Else’s here. saying you are suffering for the right to breed can seem excessive, but parents counting 1 2 3 is horse crap. ‘One’ that’s it. take child outside. not disciplining should be tossed out of a place. Not as a whole tho. it will never happen but restaurants should reserve the right to toss anyone who is being excessive out.

  62. says

    As a mom of three, yes, that is disgusting to change a baby at a restaurant table. About the breastfeeding, babies get hungry and nobody would send an adult or even a child to the bathroom with his dinner plate. Some babies do not like to be covered up either. Do you like to eat with a blanket over your head?

  63. Cindy says

    Kim – you are so rude. Maria does not sound stupid, you do! How ignorant. I happen to totally agree with Kim. Kim Kardashian shows more boob that a breastfeeding mother who is not covering up. Kim, you need to gain some class you ignorant person!

  64. hannah says

    she is a stupid b*tch i breasted my daughter until she was 8 months and if ur child is hungy u whip it out ur child come first and ifthey needfeeding you do it so what if it is in public your child comes first i am very angry about what she has said

  65. Amy says

    Breastfeeding in public is fine as long as you cover up – show some class.

    Changing your baby at the dinner table – ridiculous! You dont s*** where you eat for gods sake. Take the baby to the restoom. Almost everyplace has a changing table.

  66. Kim says

    Maria- how stupid you sound!! It’s human nature to look if there’s a half naked woman right beside you!! You’re telling me that if a topless woman was near you’d avert your eyes??!! How much does a package of 6 blankets cost at Target? Five dollars tops? You talk about the mother being comfortable? How can a light blanket possibly make her feel uncomfortable?? I think that you’re the one that needs to get a grip cupcake. Nobody is asking moms not to breast feed- all they’re asking for is a little cover up, that’s all. Grow up.

  67. says

    Very few moms nurse while showing ANY more skin than Ms. Kardashian shows just by wearing low cut tops. It’s ridiculous to insist that a mother try to cover her child with a blanket or unwieldy cover. If she wants to cover up for her own comfort, by all means. But if you’re uncomfortable, simply avert your eyes. It’s not like moms are shoving their breasts right in the faces of strangers. Get a grip people, they’re just breasts.

  68. says

    I think every mom should be allowed to breast feed in public… that is totally natural, but like others have said, they need to cover up and show respect to themselves and others.

  69. Lisa says

    I breastfed both kids until they were 18 months and I too have been freaked before i.e. a woman feeding a 4 year old with boob out and men at her table….. I never ever would just expose my boob out in public or in my house with anyone but my family around. the changing a diaper on the table is crazy but I have had to do some sly manoeuvrings on a booth bench if there is no table in the restroom.

  70. rjhira says

    Are you kidding me? That’s rich, coming from Kim Kardashian whose boobs are out all the time in any photo (I’m sure more exposed than the breastfeeding mother’s) without the excuse of feeding a child. People don’t like breastfeeding in public? It’s disgusting to see half a breast? In case you don’t know, mothers often don’t WANT to breastfeed in public – it’s to keep their child from crying loudly and disturbing others. Would Kim prefer that a screaming baby at the next table spoil her lunch?

  71. cytheriaoscar says

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  72. Amber says

    You can be completely discreet while nursing your baby without putting a blanket or something else over their head. When I was nursing no one ever really noticed. I really don’t understand what people get so crazy about. They are just boobs and when the baby is nursing you can’t even really see anything. I don’t need to use a bottle for someone else’s convience, period. As for the diaper, that is not appropriate, go to the changing table in the bathroom or back to your car.

  73. Kenna says

    I think that it is natural for mother to breastfeed but they shouldn’t do it in public thats why they created bottles!!! but Kim shouldn’t make this big deal about it either maybe the mother forgot her botttle you wouldn’t starve your child just so some famous person can enjoy THERE lunch!!

  74. Jen says

    Whoa….who are the crazies reading this blog?? There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. And really, there is no need to try and cover up in my opinion. If you don’t want to see it, don’t look! What’s ironic here is that I have seen Kim’s entire naked body, thanks to her sex tape. I guess that’s what? OK somehow? The comments here are totally ridiculous. Breasts are for feeding babies. That is all. Their sexualization is cultural and secondary to their function in terms of feeding babies.

  75. kelly says

    That is DIRTY, famous or not….Parent ot NOT… ewwwww.
    Any normal individual wouldnt embarass or contaminate their
    familys dinner with baby feces. Icky Poo. Cover up the girls
    and one can nurse in the middle of the stadium discreetly. Idiots.

  76. Sarah says

    I think breastfeeding in public with boobs out on show is disgusting. At least use some kind of friggin blanket or something….**vomit** I dont need to see anyones veiny breasts thanks very much.

  77. Kim says

    Why don’t all breast feeding mothers just walk around topless in public so it’s easier to to just whip that boob out and start feeding? See how ridiculous that sounds people??!! I believe that a woman should be able to breast feed in public but they can also cover up while they do it. I don’t even mind a woman breast feeding at the table next to me, but out of respect for the people around her- cover up!! It’s not that hard!! Sometimes I wonder if people who argue this are really arguing for their baby, or for themselves.

  78. Ali says

    I agree with Kim…I am all for those that choose to breastfeed even in public but cover yourself up in a restaurant. I breastfeed my son for over 6 months and always had the courtesy to cover up…as for the diaper changing on the table….that is just nasty. I hope that restaurant thoroughly sanitizes their tables after every group…wouldn’t you love to have to sit down at a table ready to eat only to have it smell like dirty diaper….GROSS!

  79. naners says

    I agree with Kim that the mother should have covered herself up when breastfeeding. It’s great if the mother is totally comfortable with her chest exposed, but everyone else may not be. What if there were other little kids around? I have 4 and 5 year old boys who would have been most intrigued by seeing that mother and I would have had to explain why that mom has hers (chest) out and I make them leave the room when I get changed. And yes, diaper changes get done in the bathroom, not the table.

  80. arbi says

    wow look who is saying …wats her profile..famous for making a sex tape…posing nude is playboy…ya u r soo great to talk abt some1 breast feeding in public!!!!!
    how much can u actually see a women breast when the baby is nursing ….so plzzzz shut up kim

  81. garyking193 says

    “matchˉrich .Cˉ0M—-,the best club for seeking the rich singles, beauties, models,and even hot celebs…Everyone is welcome here. You don’t have to be wealthy or famous.

  82. Cindy says

    Breast feeding in public is fine, even in a restaurant. But for goodness sake, do NOT change your baby on the table. What the heck was wrong with that mother? Gross!

  83. Cindy says

    Breast feeding in public, even a restaurant, is fine. Nothing wrong or unsanitary with that….but for God’s sakes, do NOT change your baby’s diaper right there on the table. WTF was that mother thinking. Gross!

  84. Kelli says

    I don’t care what parents go through. I’m tired of the parental superiority complex. Even rats have babies. The whole world does not have to be at your mercy because you got knocked up. Kids are beautiful and breast feeding is necessary and natural, but it doesn’t mean the rest of us want to sit at a restaurant looking at some half naked broad and smelling her kid’s sh@t because she is too selfish and uncouth to take her show to the bathroom for a few minutes.

    My disappointment with Kim lies in the fact that she backpedaled to a bunch of whiny, entitled mothers who think the world revolves around them. Have babies, that’s fine, but have some manners too. Most mothers do, so it means that it is not impossible.

  85. sues says

    okay I don’t think she was being that ugly…I have kids and I wouldn’t change dirty diapers on a table in a place to eat… That is gross.

  86. eyes says

    No, she is not an idiot! I am a mother too, but I have never changed a diaper in the middle of a restaurant! Kim is right and I totally agree with her! The fact that you have children doe not give you the right to torment other people!

  87. ady n brandon's mommy says

    i agree with kim on the changing diapers in public. i mean cmon thats why they have changing tables in bathrooms..the breastfeeding thing well as long as you dont flaunt your boob and cover up then its ok. im a mom and have never changed my baby in a public place like per se on a table or bench. i also go to the bathroom NO MATTER WHAT…i never breastfed so im not gunna debate that one. i always use formula. my one month old is on formula. but i understand what kim is saying

  88. ♥~Boo~♥ says

    Kim is a Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait til you have kids of your own Dumb A$$ then you’ll have an understanding of what we as parents go through!!

  89. Lylas17 says

    I don’t think the tag line for this post is fair, considering the fact that Kim specifies that the mother is feeding “without a coverup” and that she is changing the baby’s diaper on the table in the restaurant…. I’m sure Kim doesn’t care about “breastfeeding in public”, but there is a difference between being respectful in public and thinking you’re still at home…


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