It's A Girl For Mariah Carey!

No, not really, but Mariah did share that her pet dog, ChaCha, had a girl.
“ChaCha just had her baby! Its a giiirl!!! Anybody want a beautiful Jack russell puppy?! Jk: ) lol,” Mariah, 40, posted on Twitter Monday.
Mariah is however reportedly expecting her first child with husband Nick Cannon, 29! According to a friend. “She’s in the early stage of pregnancy” and waiting until her first trimester to share the news, the friend added.
And Nick gushed about Mariah’s fuller figure – which she showed off while performing at a Wal-Mart stockholders’ meeting in Arkansas on Friday – when chatting with fans on May 30th in Malibu.
“Her bump is bigger. You can almost see it now…I’m very excited!” he exclaimed.
Nick tried to tone down his candidness, posting on Twitter last Wednesday, “If & when my wife is ready to make ANY announcements about private matters she will do it personally.”
The next morning, on his radio show, he added, “I’m pretty sure that when my wife is ready to make any announcement it won’t be to the media, to the public, first,” he said. “She’ll tell her family, she’ll tell her friends, and then, you know, when she’s ready to share with the rest of the world, who is her extended family and friends, then she’ll let everybody know.”

Best Wishes to Mariah! It certainly looks like baby joy!



  1. Linda Fulcher says

    To Mariah and Nick, I am so glad for you and nick, on your pregnancy. I hope you guys have a beautiful little girl, but for whatever it is, I hope that it is healtly and truly blessed by God.I am so glad that you both will have a blessed and beautiful life together. I love you both, and Mariah, I am a singer too ,and if ther were anyone voice in the world to have, yours would be the one I want, but I do have a pretty good voice myself. But, I am happy for you both. A big fan

  2. simonanthony says

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  3. lisa says

    I agree! What is up with your random posts, when they are good, they are good but sometimes I have to ask why anyone advertises with you….you need someone to really do some posts on here! hey contact me! I’ll do it geez louis!

  4. ♥~Boo~♥ says

    I was JUST going to say that!!! It’s been A WEEK since this post was put up? WTF? I can understand a couple of days between articles as people do have lives and maybe are busy with said lives… but a week??? seriously?? If you Don’t have time for the site, then why not just shut it down and stop wasting out time constantly checking back, we could definitely go elsewhere!!! Just sayin’!!!

  5. Cindy says

    #3 – who the hell says things like that? Demented.

    I can’t believe this site is reporting on dog pregnancies, wow! lol

  6. Scarlett says

    it is a nice picture of Mariah . It is true she is vain but has anyone seen a recent pic of here? She is a fat slob. Talk about letting yourself go after marriage. If she is pregnant I can’t wait to see her get even bigger..LOL

  7. Jesus H Christ says

    Wow, your site is so desperate that it’s resorting to stories about dog pregnancies? WTF.

    As far as the story, the only way this would be relevant would be if Mariah’s husband knocked up the dog. Perhaps that’s the case.

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