Bethenny Frankel Loses The Baby Weight FAST!

Just three weeks after giving birth to daughter Bryn, Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel is back to a size-4 swimsuit!
In the new issue of Us Weekly, Bethenny, 39, reveals how she’s already lost 29 of the 35 pounds she gained while pregnant with Bryn, born May 8th.
“I don’t believe in diets,” shared the chef and author of Naturally Thin. Bethenny married Bryn’s father Jason Hoppy on March 28th.
Bethenny stayed active while carrying Bryn, alternating yoga with 45-minute walks three times a week, and practiced portion control with a vegetarian diet.
Since Bethenny is still healing from a C-section, the 122-pound star has decreased her walks to 30 minutes and continues to eat low-fat fare. A sample day’s menu: a muffin and fruit for breakfast, a veggie sandwich and soup at lunch and BBQ chicken and a half a sweet potato for dinner.
Bethenny admitted to Us magazine, “I’m still wearing maternity clothes, because they’re comfortable.” Still, she said, “I”m excited to get into my Louboutins again. No more swollen feet!”



  1. Jesus H Christ says

    she may have lost the baby weight but she’s still sporting all of her old hag wrinkles!


  2. Cindy says

    Ps. Congratulations NS Girl! That’s a more realistic and healthy way to describe losing baby weight.

  3. Cindy says

    I agree with Ashley. Geeze, 3 weeks later and people were still asking me when the baby was due. lol

  4. Ashley says

    Ya she may look great but she didnt gain that much weight to begin with and notice she is wearing a one piece that is obviously hiding something that is holding her in. I dont care who you are unless you have a tummy tuck right after which there is no way she did because she is standing up super straight you have a big pootchy stomach. Super unrealistic and who cares about her anyways!

  5. Could it be says

    This woman always looks like she partied too hard the night before.

    That bathing suit is one of those miracle suits that pulls everything in. I have one and it works wonders– totally hides the fact that I had twins. 😉

  6. NS Girl says

    I had a baby in January and I lost the exact same weight as she did– but by my 6 week check-up….I also had a c section. Now…..onto loosing the 20 lbs I should have lost before I got pregnant!! lol….

  7. Nilo♥far says

    Well, she doesn’t look great but it’s amazing to lose 29 of the 35 pounds after only 3 weeks, I think! Good for her.


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