Claudia Schiffer Names Her Newborn Daughter Cosima Violet

Claudia Schiffer has named her newborn daughter Cosima Violet, her rep announced on Tuesday.
Claudia, 39, and husband, filmmaker Matthew Vaughn, welcomed Cosima on May 14th in London.
Little Cosima  joins big sister Clementine, 5½, and big brother Caspar, 7.
Claudia and Matthew wanted to wait until “the whole family met the newborn” before they announced her name to the world.
Cute name!
Cosima is a feminine given name, the feminine version of the name Cosmo. It is derived from the Greek word κοσμος or kosmos, meaning “order, decency.” Cosmo was a fourth century saint who was martyred with his brother Damian. They are the patron saints of medical doctors. Authors Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz commented in their 2007 book The Baby Names Bible that the name sounds exotic and is a fashionable name for the daughters of members of high society in the United Kingdom.


  1. Give it a rest says

    Ya know, for a bunch of people reading about other people’s lives, you all sound like a bunch of snobs! Naming a child is a personal thing. I would think you could understand that. All there comments are so SO absolutely negative! Good god! Ok fine, i wouldn’t name my child that but find something positive to say or get a life!

  2. sharon says

    Caspar in German means ‘clown’….Claudia is German, why would she name her kid that? All the names are not attractive….but thats how the “elite” do it….

  3. says

    Well, I like Violet. The first name I don’t care for….but a lot of people don’t like my daughter’s first name. So you know- it’s all about what is special to you. (My daughter’s name is Esther.)

  4. ally says

    I don’t like Cosima…i like Cosmo for a boy but that could also be because that’s one of my really good friends names so I suppose i’m a little biased!
    Either way, congrats to them 🙂

  5. Nilo♥far says

    I don’t either. If there was another letter except “C” it would sound nice I think. Like the meaning though.

  6. Cindy says

    I don’t like it. Also don’t like the “C” name theme but if she must there are much nice “C” names than that. How about “Claire” or “Chloe” or “Christine” or “Carly”….I could go on, but “Cosima”? Not good. But as #3 says, not my kid.

  7. uk film critic says

    No dont like it..but then its not my kid to name…she obviously wanted all her kids named begining with ‘C’

  8. M says

    I dont like it. The other kids names are much more traditional yet interesting too. esp Clementine. Cosima, It reminds me of Cosmic Creepers from Bedknobs and Broomsticks!


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