Evidence Mounts That Gwen Stefani Is Expecting Her Third Child!


Looks like the rumors that Gwen is expecting her third child may indeed be true! The LA Times reported that Gwen visited her OB/GYN on May 19th.

“Our spotter said Stefani, sans husband Gavin Rossdale, was looking gorgeous for her appointment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where her boys Kingston and Zuma were both delivered,” the LA Times’ Matt Donnelly said.

Recently Gwen, 40, was seen sporting Sea Bands, which help curb morning sickness. Also, Gwen – mom to sons, Kingston, 3, and Zuma, 20 months — has said she’d love to have a daughter.

Last month InTouch Weekly reported that Gwen was overheard chatting with a friend over a mani-pedi at Planet Nails & Spa in West Hollywood, “Not only are we trying for another baby, but we’re trying for a girl. It’s complicated but there are things you can do to better your chances of having a daughter.”

And Gwen told the April issue of In Style that she wasn’t trying to prevent getting pregnant! “But it’s not up to me anyway, you know? These things are miracles, so we’ll see.”

Sources say Gwen is due sometime this fall…we’ll see!



  1. Anna says

    I think it’s natural to want a girl after two boys and there is nothing wrong with expressing that. As long as they are using natural methods to put the odds in their favour it’s fine.

  2. EmmaGrace<3 says

    Congratulations to Gwen and Gavin! U am so happy for them and hope they get their wish for a little baby girl! Gwen is a fabulous mom, and will be regardless of having a girl or not. And Boo, I’m sure she has nothing against boys and would be thrilled if she had another one. I think she just really wants a girl to dress up and give advice to. However, with her already having two boys, I think she’s really pushing for a girl. But I do understand what you’re saying. Congrats to Gwen and Gavin!!!!

  3. ♥~Boo~♥ says

    1. No mother is PERFECT, yes she is a great Mom with her boys, that is obvious when you see them together!!!
    2. Why should I / We “Get a life”? I am simply expressing my feeling on how I think that parents should be thankful for what God has blessed them with and not “TRY” to concieve a baby of a specific gender!!
    and 3. I KNOW Gwen will love her baby regardless, thats a Mom for you!!! No mother can give birth and not feel unconditional love for their child REGARDLESS of the Gender….unless they have serious mental issues and clearly that is not the case with her!!

  4. hailei_2007 says

    Oh, Come on, people! Get a life! Gwen is a perfect mother for her two boys, and although she’s hoping for a girl even is she had another boy, I’m positive she would love him just as much!

  5. ♥~Boo~♥ says

    I really don’t approve of people actively TRYING for a baby of a certain gender!! To me, to be outspoken and say I WANT a girl, we are TRYING for a girl, says that you aren’t fully happy with the Boys you already have!! and If this next child is a Boy and reads these commnets later on in life he could feel little and unwanted because he wasn’t the “girl” his Mom wanted!! Not speaking to Gwen directly, but to anyone out there, I think people need to take a step back and be Thankful for what God has givin them!!! Not everyone can have chioldren or is blessed with healthy children, So just be thankful!!


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