Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane Introduce Their Daughter Billie!


Born March 3rd, Billie (who weighed 7 lbs., 8 oz,, and measured 21.5 inches long) “is definitely the most important thing in our lives now,” Eric, 37, told Us magazine.

How is Rebecca adjusting to first-time motherhood? “I’m enjoying it so much, I really can’t even put it into words,” Rebecca, 38, gushed. “It just feels really authentic and organic.”

“I am loving it,” Eric said of fatherhood. “No, I don’t want to leave it at ‘loving it.’ It is life-changing.”

Why the name Billie? “We named her after my father. He passed away when I was young,” Eric. Added Rebecca, “Beatrice was my grandmother’s name. We thought it went well with Billie.”

Billie has “definitely taken the relationship to the next level,” Rebecca told Us magazine. “I found Eric and Billie napping on the couch once, and it was such a beautiful sight.”

“She’s beautiful,” Eric said of his daughter. “When she came out, she was really alert and her eyes were open … Actually, the first thing I said to her was ‘I’m going to show you some really cool s–t.'”



  1. oriana says

    Lovely baby but I don’t care for this couple, when I saw the video of them that soured them for me. Like him on the TV show, she is beautiful but I think they are not that nice of a family.

  2. Karen Browning says

    I love the pictures, and the baby is so long-limbed and pretty. I was reading what anti posted, and I find something wrong with the fact that the parents of the boy sued for “loss of future earnings.” How does the fact that their son was killed keep them from earning money in the future?

  3. anti says

    I stand corrected – it was technically vehicular manslaughter. Here’s wikipedia’s version of the events:

    On June 13, 2001, Gayheart struck and fatally injured nine-year-old Jorge Cruz, Jr., as he jaywalked across a Los Angeles-area street. According to the police report, the child was walking home from school and ran across the street approximately 160 feet from a crosswalk. The vehicles in front of Gayheart stopped to permit Cruz to cross. Either unwilling to wait or in an effort to avoid hitting the stopped cars, Gayheart maneuvered her vehicle around the other cars, pulling into a two-way left-turn lane to pass them and struck the boy with her vehicle. “The parents’ lawyer Steven Lerman alleges that Gayheart was talking on a cell phone; the actress’s attorney Marty Singer adamantly denies that and says there is proof to the contrary.”[11]

    Cruz died the next day at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. His parents, Jorge Cruz and Silvia Martinez, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her on August 6, 2001, seeking coverage of medical and funeral expenses, and compensation for loss of future earnings. The lawsuit was settled out of court, and settlement terms were not disclosed.

    While awaiting that outcome of the vehicular manslaughter case, in October 2001, she was involved in another auto accident. She flipped her rental car into two parked vehicles. No one was injured and no charges were filed. [12] Her father attributed the second accident in part to her anxiety over both the first accident and her resulting criminal case. He commented that he and his wife did not intend to allow their daughter to drive any longer.[13]

    On November 27, 2001, Gayheart pleaded no contest to vehicular manslaughter in the death of Jorge Cruz, Jr. She was sentenced to three years’ probation, a one-year suspension of her license, a $2,800 fine, and 750 hours of community service. She was also ordered to make a public-service announcement regarding the danger of a driver not stopping when other vehicles in front of the driver have stopped.

  4. Ronnie says

    @ anti….i think it was more manslaughter than murder. it was an accident, not an intentional killing. yes, still horrible and tragic either way though

  5. anti says

    Murderer, drug addict and now motherhood – only in Hollywood would someone like her get a magazine cover.

  6. Nilo♥far says

    Gill brown – Yes she did. She made a horrible mistake and I’m pretty sure that till the day she dies she will feel horrible about it! But does that mean that she can’t experience the motherhood thing?

  7. M says

    Yes beautiful, beautiful baby. But, your first words to your baby ‘I’m going to show you some really cool s–t.’” Dear lord how disgraceful.
    I agree though he is hot, a kind of middle aged Leo DiCaprio

  8. ♥~Boo~♥ says

    And for the record How are these photo’s “cheesy”, I think they are Beautioful! They show very much how Happy and proud the New Parents are!!

  9. ♥~Boo~♥ says


    Anyway, she is Gorgeous, So happy for Mom and Dad!! Welcome to the world Baby Billie:)

  10. Nilo♥far says

    Oh myyyyy she’s a little precious thing. Compared to Eric oh she’s just sooo small, love the pics!!!
    But why is he naked? His hairy stomach and navel is total distraction from the baby! Isn’t this supposed to be about their daughter!? He’s so HOT though!

  11. Ruby Jackson says

    Her hands are so relaxed! So are her legs. Usually babies are all bunched up and making fists. What a pretty little girl. I don’t like either mom or dad, but I wish everyone the best.

  12. Jayne says

    These photos are beautiful! Congratulations to the happy family!
    What happened to this site?? Amy Adams had her baby already yet no updates. This site used to be so good….what happened? Webmaster, please get on the ball and keep your loyal fans updated!


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