Gisele Bundchen On Breastfeeding: "It's Nature's Blessing"


Gisele Bundchen, 29, praised the miracle of breastfeeding on her blog in honor of Mother’s Day, saying, “it’s the Nature’s blessing.”

Gisele declared that breastfeeding is “an act of love and affection” and, like the rest of her pregnancy and delivery, it hasn’t had any noticeable effect on her body.

Gisele, who famously declared that she did not wear maternity clothing during her pregnancy or suffer any pain during her labor showed off her perfect post-baby figure in an ad campaign released yesterday. 

Gisele (who welcomed son, Benjamin, in December) shared in her blog:

“(Breastfeeding) is essential for the newborn and creates a bond between mother and her child. It’s a unique moment when the body changes to nurture . . . Breastfeeding, mainly the first days, poses some challenges, but the reward is sublime . . . . It would be great if all the mothers could experience the breastfeeding.”

“I’ve always believed that to be a mom is the greatest responsibility a woman could have in her life,” she wrote. “I’ve noticed a lot of meaningful changes in my life taking place together with a huge transformation of my priorities.

“The most important thing to me is to be the best mom ever to my children. I want to love them, to communicate with them, to be patient and teach them all I know. I have no doubt that becoming a mom has been the most rewarding experience in my life. I can say for a fact that I know unconditional love.”



  1. Nilo♥far says

    Wow some you ladies have alot of time of their hands! Go get a job and find something better to do with your life than fighting with people on stupid things or maybe you could just enjoy your vacation from house cleaning!?

    Both BF and formula are good. It doesn’t matter which of them do you use. To each his own. Just try to be the best mom for your child.

  2. carleigh says

    Some women can breastfeed and others are not able to for a variety of different reasons. To the ladies that are able to do it for their babies, it’s a wonderful and natural thing to do that and I’ve been there two times and enjoyed the experience.

    I graduated to bottle feeding after my babies were about 3-4 months old because they lost interest, so we transitioned to bottle feeding with no problems.

    To the woman or women that said just because several websites state that breastfeeding is better doesn’t mean it is true…and then tries feebly (#36) state that she and another blogger have witness several sick breast fed children, we are supposed to believe it’s true because YOU say it???

    But not several .org, .net and .edu websites which are linked to scientific studies, the WHO, and many other CREDIBLE organizations which have actually studied and researched the topic, all I can say is whatever and okay, you MUST be right because you said it is so..duh.

    Whatever a woman chooses to do with her child whether it is bottle or breast, it is a personal choice and nothing to be taunted or ridiculed about. The most important thing is doing what’s best for our children, and that’s the bottom line.

  3. Cindy says

    OMG, people have a lot to say. It would be impossible to read it all without falling asleep, but my name popped out at me so I must say to you M, I am not hopping fences. I think all and any method of feeding our babies is A OK. I was not judging anyone in anyway. You are not a nice person.

  4. Kim says

    Veronica- I don’t feel the least bit guilty. Should I?? My son is perfectly loved and I am a mama bear when it comes to him. As I have stated I’m no against breast feeding and I apologize if I came across as rude to you but I was attacked too!! =) We can agree to disagree. I really believe tat when it comes to parenting, it’s not detremental (sp?) to a baby if he/she is not breast fed but I totally respect if you do.

  5. Veronica says

    I NEVER SAID breastfeeding makes you a better mother. I also DON”T BELIEVE that breastfeeding makes you a better mother. So Kim your defensive rants come from your own guilt. I just think it is important to educate people about the benefits of breastfeeding and think it is great that a celebrity is sharing her positive experience. I also pointed out the “loo” because you were attaching my comments and not being very nice.

  6. Kim says

    N- No, try again thanks for playing! I don’t hate myself. I’m not on anyone’s side. I just think a mom is just as good a mom whether she breast feeds or formula feeds, that’s all. Breast feeding doesn’t make you a better mom just like formula feeding doesn’t make you a bad mom. M- too funny!!

  7. N says

    I think it’s funny that the first comment was fighting for formula before a debate even started. Kim you are the people you hate but just on formula’s side.

  8. Kim says

    Also- the fact that you pointed out my “loo” shows that you’re a very critical person anyways, whether you breast fed or not.

  9. Kim says

    Veronica- that’s great cupcake. I have a 3ft 30 lb 2 year old little boy who’s healthy too…and OMG!! He was formula fed!! You see, I can have a wonderful, healthy, loving relationship too with my son without breast feeding!!

  10. Veronica says

    Oh, I also have breastfed 3 amazing, healthy children! # 3 is still going strong at 23 months!

  11. Veronica says

    The American Academy of Pediatrics, WHO (World Health Organization) I also work with first time families and very closely with several IBCLC’s (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants)
    I don’t just “loo” on websites to find credible information.

  12. Kim says

    And your name shows that you really need to get a life. Life with babies isn’t all about the breast moron. If more moms focused on their own children and put less of their energy and time into other people’s this world would be a lot better place.

  13. Kim says

    By what source Veronica? A Doctor? Just because it’s said doesn’t mean it’s true. It has been stated by not only me, but Analyse that we have seen many breast fed children who are sick constantly. What more proof do you need? I’m not against breast feeding, but just because you loo on a few websites that state breast is best doesn’t mean it is.

  14. Veronica says

    It is medically proven that breastmilk is the best thing to feed our children! That does not mean that I am trying to make other woman feel bad…it is about educating those that have the option to choose. As someone had said some woman do not have the option due to other reasons or circumstances. This discussion has nothing to do with vaginal vs c-sections or immunizations!

  15. Analyse says

    Breast is best, blah blah blah. The same type of “mom’s” who see fit to claim it’s not a real birth if it’s a c-section.

    Get over yourselves. There is no reason to feel guilty or be made to feel guilty because one formula feeds or doesn’t have a vaginal birth. Take care of YOUR kids and leave everyone else alone.

    FYI most of the kids I know who have colds, infections, miss school, etc are/were breastfed and also fully vaccinated.

    I’d also question those claiming breast is best and going natural getting their kids shots. How natural is a concoction made in a lab that contains chemicals and animal tissue…

  16. Kim says

    All I’m saying is that all the babies that I know that are sick constantly are breast fed babies. They constantly have runny noses, ear infections, coughs. The proof is in the pudding folks. Maybe breast milk is not all it’s cracked up to be.

  17. lactivist and proud of it says

    Breast is best. It is that simple. Formula is second-best. That is a fact – ask any doctor. If mothers who choose to use formula feel guilty, well, there is a reason for that.

    Annie, on the other hand, didn’t have the choice so she did the next best thing in her circumstances and should not feel the least bit guilty about it.

    Lisa is 100% correct. Why even try to argue that breastfed kids don’t get less ear infections etc? These are medical facts, not subjective – no matter how you ‘feel’ about it.

  18. M says

    Cindy you have i think twice ‘celebrated BF,’ and the have the balls to call be judgemental. Quit hopping fences.
    Nhi i believe as mothers or perhaps as women we will constantly be doing just that ‘beating ourselves’ at issues. Whether BF or homeschooling, or forgetting to give five fruits and veg that day, or not letting your child play outside, too much tv etc etc.
    I believe that any mother who thinks they have done a fantastic job are the ones who arent the greatest mothers- just ask there kids.
    Mothers or us as people we must always work on bettering ourselves. Therefore i understand why mothers do that about BF.

  19. Nhi says

    @Rene: I’m not American , I didn’t breastfeed my baby due to some complication after birth and I had to take anti-biotic. I don’t envy other moms that can breastfeed. No need to beat ourselves up if we can’t or choose not to breastfeed for some reason. There’re life-long chances for mothers to bond with their child apart from breastfeeding. Relax, mothers, just relax!

  20. Annie says

    not everyone is able to breast feed Rene, I am not able to due to medical reasons and some times people don’t want to go into details so they come up with as you put it vain excuses so don’t past judgment just cause you were able to!

  21. M says

    I agree and also disagree Rene (hey im a libra- always the balancing act!) It isnt that easy, esp. if you havent got the support. I breast fed my second the most, because my eldest was at school, with my first i had no choice but to work, so no time to BF or express. With my third i found my DH very unsupportive and frustrated with having to look after the kids when im sitting in bed breastfeeding. I loved it, he would get annoyed.
    But thats life- in the end i gave up with BF because everyone was suffering, my middle had just turned two- what do you do? You need to have everyone suporting you. Its easy for people to say your only job is to BF. Well whos gonna cook, clean, change the other kids, do homework, laundry, ironing etc etc. And then be up for you know what in the bedroom. I think im flying off the handle a bit, ahem sorry better make myself a cup of tea and breathe.

  22. rene says

    It seems that the celeb moms who openly breastfeed are non-American (Gisele and Selma Hayek come to mind). I’m a first generation American (my parents were born in other countries), and I think Americans are just uptight (or vain) about such a natural act, even though it’s beneficial and convenient (seriously, how easy is it to warm up a bottle at 2 am when you can just breastfeed?). The reasons I’ve been given for why my co-workers and friends didn’t nurse were pathetic: I became dehydrated and my skin was so dry (drink some water), I wanted to keep my breasts from sagging (too late), it was too hard (honest yet lazy), I wanted to drink alcohol (hmmm), I have to work (who doesn’t?) my baby never would latch on (try, try, try again), wah wah wah.

    In the end, it’s a personal choice but stop, stop, stop acting like mothers don’t know the pros and cons of breastfeeding. It seems the ones who bottle feed get oh so defensive…just saying.

  23. M says

    Its not about being judgemental its just simply stating facts. I havent said that formula fed are not healthy and breastfed are healthy. Its just NATURAL you cannot deny that.
    With Lisa’s arguement, if you had the choice to feed your child a organic product or one that wasnt which would you go for- come on you would go for the healthy option, esp as we know the ill effects of fast food.
    But going back to GB and this being a celebrity blog, as a CELEBRITY to BREASTFEED is quite uncommon, because as i said they obsess about their bodies- GB hasnt so good for her. Phew!!!

  24. Sarah says

    How a child is fed is not a measurement of parental skills and as a general rule both breastfed & formula fed infants are equally loved & cherished but it does have to be stated that breast is not actually best it is simply the normal biological way to feed your offspring in line with human physiology. Afterall humans are mammals.
    Children who are breastfed will still have illnesses but statistically will have a faster recovery than their formula fed peers (genetics accounted for of course). Many children will positively thrive on formula but many others will not with the negative effects not becoming apparent until much later or even well into adulthood as more & more long term research studies are proving.
    Recently released research from Sweden (Lund & Gothenburg Universities), ongoing since 1995, has shown how components in human milk actually kill (cell apoptosis) 40 types of cancer cell – should this amazing research be kept in the dark because it may possibly upset those who have not breastfed or been breastfed? I’d like to believe that we are ALL sensible enough to agree that it would not be ethical to conceal such an important discovery.
    I agree that it is not right to sit in judgement on mothers who for many varied reasons formula feed, we were not educated on this issue whilst at high school, learning more about plant & animal life than studying any ‘human lactation’ which is a science in itself – any vitriol a mothers feel about issues surrounding infant feeding ought to be directed at gov’ts & authorities that have failed to provide us with the necessary education & support, not at each other or health professionals etc that are trying to keep us factually informed.
    Formula was originally created as a medicinal product for infants who could not be breastfed or wetnursed and we should be thankful for that, yet in modern society for many, many reasons it is now routinely overused as a lifestyle choice – personally I’d want to know ALL the facts then the choice I’d make would be fully informed one – common sense really, put the emotive opinion based approach aside and use objective evidence based reasoning when making decisions that can impact on the health of your child, yourself & the environment.

  25. Veronica says

    We SHOULD CELEBRATE BREASTFEEDING!!! It is the best way to feed our babies. It is great to see a celebrity talk about her positive experiences with breastfeeding! It is such a touchy subject…but the facts are the facts, breast is best! I don’t judge another woman for not breastfeeding because I truely believe that it is every womans right to choose what will work best for them and that some woman are not able to breastfeed. And a happy baby has a happy mommy…not a stressed out one! But Lisa is correct our society (US) had a shift to formula and is now coming back to breatsfeeding. It is important to get factual information out there so Moms can make an informed decision about how they would like to feed their children. It is not meant to make other woman feel bad.

  26. Ashley says

    Please she felt no pain during labor. She just wants to sound like superwoman. Maybe she could manage the pain but there was pain. I felt pain with an epidural! Stick to modeling honey! Stop talking!

  27. lisa says

    Um…between 1950 – 1980 women were actively discouraged by their doctors and family members from breastfeeding, because they aid it was better, more convenient to formula feed. My mother tried to breastfeed in the 1960s and was told she should not do it. She was browbeaten into bottle feeding. I compare this to any other discrimination that has happened, where education finally sheds light on a subject and women who were brave enough to breastfeed got society back on track. To me, a statement like “let’s celebrate breastfeeding” is like saying “let’s celebrate organic food”… just because someone likes organic food does not make another person’s choice to go to a fast food restaurant “evil”. It’s just a different choice. Why do you think that it puts someone down just by featuring one choice?? It’s like saying “lets celebrate same sex marriage” would be an attack on heterosexual marriage. *sigh*

  28. Kim says

    Lisa- so not true and completely wrong. I’m 33 years old. I weighed 8 lbs 13 oz at birth and my mom NEVER breast fed. All of my physicals have been great, I was never sick as a child and I’m very healthy. I even had a healthy pregnancy. I only had heart burn one week before delivery which is completely normal. I’m not against breast feeding. What I am against is nurses, Dr’s and other women who try to make fomula feeding moms feel inadequate by shoving their beliefs down someone’s throat.

  29. lisa says

    I breastfed my 4 kids, and they were never sick. They never had any need for antibiotics in their first 10 years! There is medical evidence that breastfed babies are healthier, and obtain immunities from their mothers. Obviously if you cannot do it, that is not saying you are less of a mother. But don’t be so defensive…! Let’s celebrate breastfeeding!

  30. Nilo♥far says

    You’re welcome Cindy. 🙂

    Kim – But In my book kids who have used the mother’s milk are usually more healthy than the others, I believe that breastfeeding is a blessing. Having colds, ear infections, a runny nose, doesn’t relate to the breastfeeding or formulafeeding actually! What are you trying for? Your hot debate!?

  31. Christine says

    Wasn’t she calling herself her stepson’s mom? Said it was as if he was hers? Now a perfect labor, perfect post preg body and knows just what to do to bond perfectly with baby. She is beautiful certainly, but so almost child like in how out of touch she is. I had a great bod too after 1 child, lost all the weight. Looked great. Then I got older, had 2 more and still look okay, but never like I did at 29. That taught me I learned more listening than I could have ever dished out in advice to others. Met so many who breastfed, so many who could not and so many who chose not to. They were all worthy moms. AND-a fairly painful labor actually taught me a great deal about my power as a woman and what I could handle. SO Giselle-you got jipped on that lesson!

  32. Kim says

    You know the funny thing is, all of the women I know who have breast fed have kids who always have colds, ear infections, a runny nose etc…and the ones who formula feed, their kiddos are healthy. Go figure….

  33. Nilo♥far says

    Gisele is sharing it becasue this is what she is experiencing right now, that’s the whole point. And it was a lovely message to write on her blog on the Mother’s day. There’s nothing against the formula feeding moms, just talking about that how nice it is when you’re breast feeding your baby, that’s it. My mom didn’t breast feed me and she sometimes says how much she wanted it!

    P.S, Happy Mother’s day to all moms here. 🙂

  34. melissa says

    completely agree with Ashley … the only part of the article that i found shocking was that she says she felt no pain through labor…where do i sign up for that. 🙂

  35. M says

    Whats usually natural is whats usually better- in all aspects of life. I’ve done both breastfeeding and given the bottle. But there is nothing in the world more satisfying and more precious then nursing your baby. Its the one thing (after giving birth-ofcourse) that only you can do for your baby.
    Its refreshing to see GB say all of this. Her body is her job (what else can the woman offer) she gets paid to look good. But to nurse and let your body go through those changes (even if she denies the changes) is something most celeb mums would never do. She’s put her son first- i can only admire that!

  36. lisa says

    wow Kim your comment is laughable. Saying judgmental before something natural like breastfeeding and down to earth with something so unnatural is ignorant….or do you have some guilt issues. There are just some women that simply cannot breastfeed that is why they need to supplement with formula.
    FYI…I breastfed both my healthy kiddos because I was able to! Not because I am a better mom than the next!

  37. Ashley says

    I agree with Cindy, I too breastfed all three of my children because it was easy and I was able and I felt it was the best thing for my kids. But this ‘judgmental’ breast-feeding mommy does not think anyone is less of a mom if they cannot or choose not to breastfeed for a variety of reasons. It is quite unfair to generalize any group of mommies this way… the most important thing is spending time with and showing the kids you love them, which does not necessarily have to be done with a breast 🙂

  38. Cindy says

    Yes Kim, I can see a heated debate. hahaha Let me start. I breast fed my son and it was great, free and convenient. However, in no way do I believe that this is the only or best way to bond with your newborn. To me, as long as you are holding the baby while you feed him/her, it’s all the same…

  39. Kim says

    Oh I can’t wait for the debate to begin!! It’s going to be all of the obsessed no other way judgemental breast feeding moms against the down to earth formula feeding moms. This should be a blast!!

  40. scarlett says

    Oh please…Gisele..She is just so perfect…No pain during labor, body just perfect after giving birth and breast feeding with ease. I think some people really need to get over themselves….I hate these celebrities that have to BRAG about there life being so perfect..In the real world majority of people have horrible labor pains..are out of shape after birth, wear maternity clothes and have a hard time breast feeding…Gisele think she is perfect in her own mind. I would think that to if I was rich…


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