Jillian Michaels: "I Won't Ruin My Body With Pregnancy"


‘Biggest Loser’ trainer Jillian Michaels has a very fit body and she plans to keep it that way. Jillian, 36, shared with Women’s Health she is unwilling to become pregnant because of the way it would change her body.

“I’m going to adopt. I can’t handle doing that to my body,” she told the magazine. “Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.”

Jillian, who is now 5’2″ and 120 pounds of muscle, was overweight as a teen. She said she once weighed 175 pounds but lost the extra weight with martial arts, which she has practiced for 20 years. She is currently embroiled in a lawsuit over the efficacy of her diet pills.

Jillian responded on her blog with the following post:

Let Me Clear Something Up…

By now you’ve read — or read about — an article featuring me in Women’s Health magazine. There is a misunderstanding circulating in the press about my personal choice to not get pregnant that I want to clear up for all of you. I think that pregnancy is admirable and selfless. I am not “anti-pregnancy,” as it’s been reported. In fact, I applaud all of the mothers on my site – and the millions of women who choose to give birth.
I’ve already told you that even though I look ripped now, I spent my early years constantly struggling with excess weight. As a former fat kid, I have remnant body issues left over from childhood which leads me to make adoption my personal choice down the road. I also think that adoption is admirable and selfless and I look forward to the day that I can make that dream a reality.



  1. silverkitten says

    While I find the notion of “ruining your body” with the birth of a child to be absurd – having a child or going thorugh a pregnancy does effect your body… and some of those changes are perminate. For example, the widening of the hips is not something that your can “fix” with any amount of working out. Jillians fears are valid and she is entitled to her own opinions, beliefs, and decisions. It is HER life after all.

    Having a family, or children, is (and always should be) a personal choice. Not every person, weather they are fertile or not, is cut out to be a parent. There are thousands of people who are parents and really shouldn’t be. They are unfit, or can’t support a child either emotionally or financially. Women can terminate unwanted pregnancies simply because they don’t want to be a parent … yet there are numerous couples out there will and able to care for a child.

    The fact that Jillian has decided to NOT use her own fertility (or body) and has opted to potentially save the life of an unborn child should be commended! It takes a lot of maturity to say: “Hey, even though I am able to have children I would rather adapt a child.” To me that’s amazing.

  2. says

    I can’t believe how selfish and conceited she is! There are many,many, many childless couples out there that would love to have a baby and have only adoption as a means! She does not DESERVE to be a mother!!!!

    • Krystal says

      She is not selfish… She doesn’t feel like struggling with her weight again being that she is 36 yrs old and the older you are the harder it is to get off….

    • Yolandra says

      Get a grip. Why is she selfish and conceited for choosing to adopt? Adoption is far more selfless than creating more children in a world where there are so many kids in need of homes and love. What’s with you baby crazy women attacking anyone who doesn’t want to go out and act on animal instinct and reproduce? If you ask me you are the truly selfish ones among us. Its like you cant say ANYTHING in this society that is even slightly against the “woman should have babies” sentiment without being slaughtered… Go Jillian, these woman are nuts, don’t let them get you down, I think what you are saying is to be COMMENDED…

    • AUNTY says

      ure absolutely right.. she may save her precious body now by ever getting pregnant but her body will rot oneday..and then she will earn for her own blood not an adopted ones.

  3. ramona says

    Having children is not mandatry, people. Having a family is a lifestyle and to each its own. And, Isaac, nobody is expecting other women to “ruin” their bodies. Women chose to have children or not on their own. And I think it great and selfless to adopt a child that was abandoned by her biological mother. What is selfish and arrogant is to have your own biological children without any regard to overpopulation and real utility to society You, Issac should definetely not have any children as you are not contributing in any positive way to the society or the world. There are enough idiots to go around as it is.
    And Jillian, koodos to you for being brave and knowing what you want. Love your body and your workout. Live your life as you see fit. It is your life and you do not have to justify your choices to anyone. Intelligent people will undertstand and accept your choice, idiots will call you selifish becaue they want others to exeperinece the same misery. It is called being passive agreessive and that typically happens in poeple who regret their choices. People who are confident and know what they want from life will never impose their beliefs on anyone.

  4. Isaac says

    This woman is selfish. She expects other women to “ruin” their bodies by getting pregnant for her only to reap the fruits in the form of an adopted child.I find it difficult to believe that a person who chooses(not because of adverse natural causes- disease etc) will truly love the the child. God designed it in such a way that pregnancy and everything in between should constitute what true love is for a child. I rest my case.

  5. Undecided says

    As a person who runs at least 75km/week and lifts weights regularly….I am undecided on whether or not I want to have biological children. I want to stand on the beach with my kids in a bathing suit and feel good about myself.
    There are thousands of children in the world who have no parents to love them. Rescue is exactly what those children need. It’s not selfish to value your body. I work with children for a living and I truely think something happens to some mothers. They become carnal and over-protective and oversensitive. Most of these comments sound like that to me.
    Giving birth is a choice, not a duty.

  6. says

    Well, what about exercise? She could get back in shape again! To say “ruining” her body just doesn’t seem right to me. Adopting is awesome though as I am glad to hear she wants to do it.

  7. Analyse says

    Her body, her choice. No one elses business. Hard for some of you to comprehend isn’t it?

    And no, young bodies do not always bounce back. Rest that brain, Cindy.

  8. Anonymous says

    Hi Jillian

    You shouldn’t ruin your body by being pregnant so don’t get pregnant. Unfortunately your face is already ruined!

  9. Dnice says

    Face it people. Pregnancy does ruin your body. I’ve been hard pressed to see a woman who looked exactly as she did before giving birth. Losing the weight seems easy, but it’s not. Look at Kendra, even with losing a lot of her weight, she doesn’t look anything near what she did before. Some people don’t want to lose that and knowing Jillian was a fat kid, well can you blame her? And in a sense adoption is rescuing a child, are you people braindead? Especially if is done from poor nations. The bottom line it’s her body and I’m sick of people acting like giving birth is a woman’s god given right and women who don’t feel that way getting criticized . Stupid blog.

  10. Amanda says

    was there a tape recorder in this interview? i’d like to listen to it..coz even the tittle “I’ll not ruin my body” is false. so i cant help but wonder if the ‘rescuing something’ story is also true

  11. candykane says

    She is a great trainer but I don’t think she should be coaching the biggest looser on life situations and how to deal with their weight emotionally. It seems to me that she still hasn’t overcome her own eating issues. Just because she is slim and trained doesn’t mean she has really overcome her past

  12. KATHERINE says


  13. Irene says

    I feel the same way i will not do that to my body not only that ..kids are alot of work i luv kids but i want to be able to give them back…i also workout alot and take care of myself when you workout alot thats dedication and hard work you just dont want all that hard work to be a waste..i mean yea a baby is a blessing from god..but every has the choice in life to have them or not..usually the only ones that have something negative to say about women who dont want kids are the ones who have them already….and think just cause they chose that life everyone should…their are way to many people as it is in this world anyways people dont need to keep having babies that they cant support…

  14. melissa says

    agree…this will be the last visit i make here. very sad, used to be the first site i visited in the morning :(:( i do hope the moderator is just busy with life

  15. ♥~Boo~♥ says

    Time to UPDATE!! Matt Damon and Wife expecting, Sandra Bulluck has New Son, Where is all of the days new stories!! This site has gone so down hill!!!!

  16. Jesus H Christ says

    So she doesn’t want children, who give a crap, but to make it sound like pregnancy “ruins” a body is not cool.

    Nil-fat doesn’t have kids and I’m not sure why the troll is on this site.

    This chick looks good…only from the neck down, she really needs to get some plastic surgery on that dog face of hers.

  17. nosoupforyou says

    Give me a break. She has body issues and thinks adoption is rescuing something.

    That is unhealthy.

  18. BG says

    It isn’t entirely true that the body goes back or ‘bounces back’ to exactly the way it was. The human body is not well designed for childbirth because of the large circumference of a baby’s head in relation to the opening in the pelvis. Other primates do not have this disparity and give birth more easily.

    There is a lot of trauma in what medicine describes as a ‘normal birth’. The tearing and stretching that happens (internally & externally) as part of the natural process does leave scarring and the lower bits do not go back 100% to their pre-birth state.

    Nor is pregnancy a walk in the park for every woman ie the potential for nausea (which for some women can persist beyond the first trimester), various problems like hemorrhoids, varicose veins, swelling legs, stretch marks (they don’t ‘bounce back’) etc not to mention very serious complications.

    While the majority of women are fortunate to have a healthy pregnancy and have a normal delivery, it’s not the case for all women. It’s not a process without risk.

    This is a rewarding experience for many women but not all women want this experience.

    One should not be judgmental and consider a woman who chooses not to have children to be mentally abnormal or somehow inferior to one who does.

    Each woman should make the right choice for herself. For some it’s having children, for others it’s choosing not to.

  19. Andrea says

    I can’t help but be both saddened and offended by this woman’s opinions. Pregnancy and adoption are to of the more incredible things a woman could ever hope to experience, and this woman has managed to trivialize both. In is lost on me how so many pop culture personalities seem to be so uninformed and superficial.

  20. Cherry says

    She’s obviously had to work hard for her body and has issues about it and has decided, since adoption is an option, that she doesn’t want to put her body through pregnancy.

    I don’t see the problem…surely it’s better to adopt a child that needs parents than bring a child of her own into an already overcrowded world.

  21. Tess says

    She is not mature enough to be a parent if she believes adoption is “rescuing” a child. Not to mention she is creating the mindset that a pregnant body is not a healthy or fit body.

  22. Grouel says

    She is absolutely right. First, not every woman the world HAS to give birth. Second, if she wants to be a parent, she can adopt a child, and then everybody wins.
    Third, pregancy really cause a lot of women to get fat, flabby and ugly. Maybe not everyone, but why would she risk everything just to bear a child? Even cats and dogs can give birht, this is not what makes a woman a good mother.
    At least she is honest.

  23. rene says

    It’s pretty hypocritical of her to tout her pills and exercise – telling other women they can get into shape when she herself is afraid to take her own advice. Pregnancy is a gift, not an entitlement or a punishment to your body – it’s an opportunity to give life. If she doesn’t want to participate, that’s fine. As for kudos for being selfish – seriously? Kudos? Selfishness, superficiality and hypocritical are not traits I would applaud anyone for having and the fact that she’s so proud of her statements proves that she is indeed so selfsh, superficial and hypocritical that she doesn’t even see it. Hey Jillian, do the child a favor – don’t adopt either.

  24. Nilo♥far says

    Yeah of course it’ll bounce back but it’s not just the body, the whole pregnancy thing, giving birth, raising child, would not be every woman’s purpose in life. Living with one you love without child. That’s what I’d rather.
    But surely you know it better Cindy. 🙂

  25. Cindy ♥ says

    One more thing…her comment about “rescuing something” was distasteful. I bet she wishes she could take it back.

  26. Cindy ♥ says

    I think this woman is worrying for nothing. She is healthy and would be able to put her body back to normal in no time. With that said I think it’s totally unfair that women who chose not to have children are treated as though there is something wrong with them. Would we want them to have children they don’t want just to fit into what society perceives as normal? I don’t think so.

  27. Cindy ♥ says

    It’s strange she would worry. She’s a trainer and would have no problem getting back in shape. It’s her personal choice, of course, but she is worrying about the wrong things. I must agree that her comment about “rescuing something” was distasteful. I bet she wishes she could take it back. I think it’s a shame that women who chose not to have children are treated like there is something wrong with them. So unfair. Would we rather they have children they don’t want in order to fit into what society dictates as normal? I don’t think so.

    Niloo – I respect your desires….but just so you know, young healthy bodies bounce back.

  28. Cindy says

    It’s strange she would worry. She’s a trainer and would have no problem getting back in shape. It’s her personal choice, of course, but she is worrying about the wrong things. I must agree that her comment about “rescuing something” was distasteful. I bet she wishes she could take it back. I think it’s a shame that women who chose not to have children are treated like there is something wrong with them. So unfair. Would we rather they have children they don’t want in order to fit into what society dictates as normal? I don’t think so.

    Niloo – I respect your desires….but just so you know, young healthy bodies bounce back.

  29. toobad says

    Because she was overweight as a teen and still has some body issues she’s afraid of pregnancy because she cant do that to her body…’that’ being gain weight, hormones all over the chart, muscles and skin having to be ‘put back’ by exercise…yep I think it’s very selfish and very immature that she hasnt handled those body issues she has where pregnancy would just be too much for her body, caues she’s already lived in a overweight body she hated and cant bare to ever see her body less than toned..but she’s honest. And no not everyone can be parents, but her reasons arent for not responsible for another persons life and raising them, it’s strickly the idea of her body having to be pregnant that she cant fathom becaues of the damage it might cause. pitiful

  30. M says

    Two points:
    1. You are not ruining your body. Your body as a woman was made for that purpose to bear children. Just as your breasts were made to nurse your baby- that is a fact!!
    2. Adoption IS about saving. If a person was not to adopt a child, baby, teenager- then that little person will spend the rest of its life living in ‘houses’ foster cares or institutions. Believe me i know from experience. Adoption is very very hard- its not easy like celebs put it across. Its a social process and not a natural one- which makes it difficult.
    Ofcourse the whole parenting element does kick in- but at the back of your head and the childs there will always be a missing link- im sorry to say!
    Okay ready for the backlash :0 bring it on baby!!!

  31. Nilo♥far says

    But her statement that adoption is “rescuing something” is far more disconcerting than her worries about her body. To refer to a child as ‘something’ to save and, in that process, a means to ‘rescue a part of yourself’ is not a healthy motive.

  32. Nilo♥far says

    Good for her. I respect her choice. She lives for the great body and that’s enough for her. Not everyone’s purpose in life is to give birth to a child. I won’t ruin my body with pregnancy too.

  33. Elizabeth says

    How disturbing that she views adoption as “when you rescue something.” She’s perpetuating the false Superhero stereotype of adoptive parents. Adoptive parents don’t “rescue” children – they parent them. When you bring an adopted child home, you are only doing what a parent does. It is not a rescue. You are not a hero. You are merely a parent.

    The rescue myth is so damaging! It objectifies children, painting them as poor, loveless,
    unworthy beings. It glorifies parents, portraying
    them as “selfless.” Adoption is not a selfless act. Parents who adopt generally draw great satisfaction from becoming parents. They are not heroes. They are not martyrs. They are merely parents.

    Let’s keep it real. Adoption is a way of becoming a parent. It’s beautiful, hard work. It’s parenting. Not “rescu[ing] something.”

  34. Chelle says

    I admire Jillian Michaels greatly. We happen to share the exact same birth date and height, so as a woman who struggles with weight–Jillian is my hero! I too echo the comment of Tas in asking you to change your title. Considering the nature of this site, I believe the title to be negative and ill-chosen.

  35. Tas says

    Please read the article. She never once said “i won’t ruin my body with pregnancy’. Nowhere is the word ruin even used.

    She made a personal choice to not bare children. Sadly women who have or want kids seem to have a need to vilify any woman who doesn’t want them.

    Please correct your story title.


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