Catherine Zeta-Jones: "I Make Reservations; I Don't Make Dinner"

Just another reason to love Catherine! She explained in the May issue of Allure magazine that she does not care to be any kind of domestic diva! As excerpted from Allure:

Asked if she ever cooks, she looks as if she’s been asked whether she books her own plane tickets. “I make reservations; I don’t make dinner,” she says. (Not even for her children? Yes, but I wouldn’t call that cooking. I reheat.”)

Catherine, 40, also explained their approach to educating their children; Dylan, 9, and Carys, 7. As excerpted from Allure:

Zeta-Jones and Douglas have decided to spend two years in New York, she says, to see how it suits them and the children. “We wanted to educate them, and to have them see the culture – they are culture buffs, and they love it,” she says. Their son is taking an electronics class; their daughter rides a yellow bus to school every morning. In the future, Zeta-Jones says, she’d like the family to live on a boat for a while, so they can take the children around he world and expose them to different cultures.



  1. says

    i do believe which usually,Together, children really should be inspired to connect with his / her colleagues and thus develop their very own ethnical proficiency, which will enable them to markedly to scale back requirement of their parents and are essential in any

  2. Caroline says

    I feel sorry for Michael and the kids.
    You don’t have to be a domestic diva to cook
    some good food for your family.
    She should learn how to cook, it’s never too late.
    Even is she’s beautiful an a diva in bed, men loves
    to eat.
    Cooking is a good thing…

  3. KayG says

    Must be nice not to have to lift a finger! So sad for the kids though. Mommy can’t bake cookies!

  4. lise smitt says

    Where was she when her stepson was dealing drugs
    in a major way… and having Michael plea in court about
    giving him a light sentence.. Well Michael and Catherine
    should of taken him in.. instead they travelled the world
    forgetting that they have a older son… who needed help
    but having daddy the enabler going to court a little late
    but y when he was not available to all ..who cares
    right ..about 5 years in prison should be 10 CHANGE IT

  5. Melissa R. says

    Of course she doesn’t make dinner, she has millions and can afford a personal chef and whole kitchen staff!!! Hello???? These are mega-buck making stars!!! I always said that if we win the lottery, I will be hiring a personal chef. Then, if I don’t want to…I don’t have to cook anymore!!!

  6. sarah says

    i get scarlett’s point. I mean, who says stuff like that? Oh, I don’t make dinner, I make reservations. Really, good for you. How pompous.

  7. @scarlett... says

    @scarlett… You’re the WOMAN who needs to get over yourself. You’re not all that…

    I guess what I just said didn’t make any sense at all… Well, scarlett, your comment didn’t make any sense at all either… LOL

  8. Kim says

    Yes- strikingly pretty, but she’s got some major air brushing going on too. Don’t give her too much credit. =)

  9. Nilo♥far says

    Nice pic. She’s a strikingly pretty woman. But who cares what she does she makes reservations, doesn’t make dinner or whatever.


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