Kate Gosselin Says That Her Children Are "Excited" To Be On TV Again

Kate Gosselin spoke about her upcoming TLC show, Twist of Kate, at the Discovery Communications’ NYC Upfront on Thursday.

Reading from a teleprompter, she told the crowd she is “excited” to “share with you the next chapter in my life.” The show, which debuts this summer, will follow the single mother, 35, as she raises her eight children, as well as profile other women who are also in their own challenging situations.

“Every day I hear from women across the country who have incredible stories but are overwhelmed with their lives, asking me for advice on everything from potty training to organization,” Kate explained of where the concept came from. “None have asked for dancing advice, however. Just thought I’d add that.

“So on my new show Twist of Kate, I’m going to spend a few days in their lives experiencing their challenges firsthand and lending a helping hand and maybe even some time off,” she went on.

As for her own kids, Kate said she’s “thrilled” to announce they’ll be returning to TV. For some specials this year, she said they’ll be “taking some fun trips and having some great adventures. They’re very excited.”

Hmmm…would you want advice from her?



  1. says

    I cannot believe she is at it again, ANOTHER TV SHOW, give me a break. Get a life Kate will you?? Go home and take care of your children. You are nothing but a wannabe, and you stink at acting, dancing, all you kknow how to do is cry,wah wah wah, I am so sick of it. No matter what show she is on I change the channel, honestly, I kid you not…When she was on DWTS, I wouldn’t watch it and I know plenty of others who feel like I do and was just as disgusted, they wouldn’t watch it either. Any show she is on I will boycott, She needs to go back to wiping asses for a living. I can’t picture her as a nurse because a nurse is caring, giving, kind and always puts others first, not her, it’s all about kate!!! Not even her kids are a priority to her, it’s Kate, Kate, Kate!!!She makes me sick…You won’t catch mewatching anything she is on. Kate, get lost, go home and raise your kids, they need a woman there. Notice I didn’t say “mommy”, I did that because a mommy is just like a nurse, caring,kind, giving and always puts her children first…Nope not Kate, it’s me, me, me…….GO HOME AND RAISEYOUR KIDS, NOBODY WANTS TO WATCH YOU YELL AND SCREAM AT THOSE CHILDREN. TRY BEING A MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nicole says

    Leave Kate Alone People She Has To Raise Those Kids And Hey Being On T.V Is Not Only Cool But It Pays Bills I Don’t Think She Wants Attention But Stability Yes She Needs An Income So Let Her Do Her Damn Haters Mad Cause You Not On T.V, Well Get Married Have 8Kids Become A Reality Star Then Get Divorced Your Ex Taking Money Buying Unnecassary Things Then Tell Me What’s Easier Being On T.V Or Working As A Nurse ,Right Lames Straight Haters. Love Ya Kate Do Your Thing Girl!

  3. Tia :) says

    Carleigh, what do nurses make in the US? Here in Canada, I could support my family without my husband no problem on my salary as a nurse(god forbid!) Also, I only have 2.5 kids..haha!

    ps. How are you?!

  4. carleigh says

    Who cares what she does for attention or in order to make money. She isn’t going to be able to support 8 kids on a nurses wages and she d@mn straight cant’ count on her d-bag ex husband. Leave Kate alone, she might be a bit hostile or standoffish, but the girl has some major issues and I sure wouldn’t want to trade places.

  5. Sharrie says

    she’s a work of art (sarcasm)! What a publicity whore. AND….she cannot dance worth a squat…i do not understand why she is still on DWTS…

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