Kendra Wilkinson Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body

Kendra Wilkinson — who welcomed son Hank Baskett IV this past December — strutted around in a swimsuit at Wet Republic Ultra Pool at MGM Grand in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Kendra, 24, recently opened up to Us Weekly magazine about trying to get back into shape after giving birth.

“About a month and half ago I weighed myself, and I was 140 pounds,” the 5 ft 4 in tall Kendra shared in the March 22nd issue. “I’ve been dieting and exercising four days a week since then. It still says 140 when I step on the scale. I think all my fat turned into muscle, because I look so different. I’m working with a trainer, but I told him I’m not a dieter. I love pepperoni pizza, and I can’t stick to salad. He’s like, Cool, just don’t eat any more than portions the size of your fist. So I have a long way to go.”

She said she loves her legs and butt. Everything else? “I hate!” she told Us Weekly magazine.

“I’m insecure about the size of my boobs, which went from a 34C to an E,” she said. “They grew bigger than I thought during pregnancy. But now that they’re going down, they’re a little bigger than I want. I don’t want to look too top-heavy. I want to even out my body a little.”

Asked if she would be open to breast reduction surgery, she told Us, “Yes, but [my husband] Hank is anti­surgery. I explained to him that it would make me happy. And he says, ‘In that case, it’s OK.’ But he’s like, Don’t go doing your nose or your face. I’m like, Eventually I will, but not now. When I get older, I will get that Botox crap!”



  1. carleigh says

    It takes 9 months to have a baby and it’s unrealistic to think you will just bounce back after a few weeks. Hollywood Mommy or not, the girl looks pretty good! Go Kendra!

  2. carleigh says

    hey it worked this time.. Hi ladies! Long time no post. On topic of Kendra, she looks pretty darn good for just having a baby. Who cares if she wanted to spend the weekend away for a little break, she is entitled.

    Parents should take a small break from time to time, it helps alleviate the pressures and stresses of new parenthood. Happy parents=happy kids.

    Kendra and Hank are cute together and the baby is just completely adorable. Nice to see she’s taking it in stride, but JMHO…she still thinks of herself as a PB centerfold model and while she was in the past, she’s a Mommy now and the new curves come with the territory.

    Instead of “hating” everything but her butt and boobs, she should focus more on accepting her new body and slowly get back in shape. It takes 9 months to have a baby and it’s unrealistic to think you will just bounce back after a few weeks. Hollywood Mommy or not, the girl looks pretty good! Go Kendra!

  3. oriana says

    Her legs look pretty big to me. She looks just fine the way she is. I like Hank a lot, seems like a good man. She is down to earth, not very bright, but a very likable person. The baby is adorable. It is clear she loves to party and I think she should focus more on staying at home with her baby.

  4. Jaz says

    # 25..she does not have FAT thighs at all, nor “cottage cheese” Sad what this world considers fat..when half the ppl talking are actually the proper definition of fat. Ridiculous!! She looks fantastic. Best wishes to her and family!

  5. boo says

    Amber- To each their own really!!! I am with you 100% I couldn’t even dream of leaving my kids so young, It took me til my oldest was 4 years old before I let him leave me for an overnighter, but some moms are more courageous then us and are willing to leave them much younger, it doesn’t really say anything about their parenting ( Unless of course they are leaving them on a weekly basis, then that is a bit much I think) But a random weekend away with their hubby while baby is safe in arms of Grandma is ok, regardless of babies age!!!

    On topic of Kendra herself, She LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! Love Love Love her!! She looks fantastic after baby!!!!:)

  6. Jesus H Christi says

    she’s got fat legs! A large side of cottage cheese! some women just don’t bounce back after baby, she’s one of them.

  7. Niloo-far says

    I don’t like her, she’s annoying to me but I’m glad they are such a happy family.
    Amber – Don’t even reply to OMG, she just posts such these comments to start some controversy here!

  8. lolanne says

    Haha. I love how Hank is “anti-surgery.” He does realize she got her breasts through “surgery”. There is nothing natural about her. Oh pseudo-celebrities trying to make people think they are not made out of silicone…and the people who believe them crack me up.

  9. Dnice says

    I love Kendra’s show. She is so down to earth and she and Hank are so cute with each other. She is a great mom and deserves a little break.

  10. Sarah says

    She looks great and of course deserves a break, but that aside….i cant believe how few posts have been added to this site. meanwhile other celeb baby sites have updates about honor, sam and lola, harlow, etc. Disappointing cuz this site used to be updated all the time with new pics and stuff.

    BTW…back to Kendra…her little boy Hank is soooooooooooo cute!

  11. Niloo-far says

    Amber – Don’t even reply to OMG, she just posts such these comments to start some controversy here!

  12. Granny says

    My three children all starting spending the nights away after a few weeks of age. It helped my husband and I catch up on sleep and the grandparents really became and are close to them. I personaly have been keeping all of my grandchildren over night since some of them were only weeks old.

    None of my children ever had seperation anxiety and I feel like that is why.

  13. Amber says

    Actually, I heard it straight from her own mouth that the baby was staying with Hank’s parents for the weekend, so I am not jumping to conclusions.

    Sorry, I guess if it works for you, fine. I just can’t even imagine leaving my baby for that length of time at that age.

  14. OMG says

    I agree with you all, nothing wrong with getting a break from your baby. But I do hate when people jump to conclusions, like Amber did, with no information to back it up.

  15. Scarlet says

    It is nice to see someone with weight woos who at one time had none…Have a baby changes your body. Good Luck Kendra…

  16. NS Girl says

    Regarding the comments about needing a break I also have a 3 month old baby boy who went on his first over night stay with his grandmother at 10 days old!! Almost once a week he goes overnight…good break for me and Daddy and good chance for the grandparents to enjoy him! Kendra looks great! She’s hilarious!

  17. says

    she looks great! i dont know why she gets so self concious shes gorgeous and very down to earth!

  18. Tia :) says

    I’ll have to agree. I love my babies..but a break every once in a while keeps me sane! Good for her!

  19. Amber says

    her baby is like 3 months old and she is already spending the weekend in Vegas by the pool…I couldn’t even imagine spending the night away from my baby at that age.

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