Ellen Pompeo Shares That She Went From A Size 25 To A Size 26 While Pregnant

Like all expectant moms, Ellen Pompeo got bigger while pregnant with her first child, daughter Stella, born last September. But not that much bigger, she says in the April issue of Self magazine.

“I went up a pants size during my pregnancy,” Ellen, 40, shared. “I was in size 25 jeans and went to 26. I gained 26 pounds.” (Stella’s dad is ‘s musicEllen’s producer husband Chris Ivery.)

Ellen added that she adores her fuller post-pregnancy shape. “I weigh 10 pounds more than I ever have. I love it.”

The super-svelte star admits that “everyone always told me I was too skinny before, and I thought, Oh, God, what if there are 14-year-olds who think I’m not eating, and then they don’t eat? Do I have a responsibility?”

“Really,” Ellen retorted, “I don’t care if people think I’m too skinny. This is my body. If they don’t like it, screw it. [My weight] doesn’t matter to me. I have a healthy baby.”

Ellen also suggested that she got flack for taking a mere four weeks off before returning to the Grey’s Anatomy set. “A lot of people couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t take my maternity leave,” she said. “I make a good living, but I won’t always make this kind of money. I felt I needed to work while I had this opportunity.”

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  1. carleigh says

    and I am supposed to relate to this woman how?? Because she has been blessed with incredible genes that we would all love to have..wish I had the problem of being a size 26…then everything would be right in my world, NOT. Sorry, this was just a waste of space on here, she’s not that interesting.

  2. Sue says

    This makes no sense: “I wore size 25 jeans and after I was pregnant, I wore size 26?”
    HUH? I’m a bit bigger than her and I wear a size 8. Size 25 is for mega-obese women- like 300 pounds. What the heck is she talking about?

    Also- gaining 25 pounds isn’t very much at all during a pregnancy.

  3. samsmom says

    I hope she has a very flexible schedule. She may not always be able to make that kind of money, but her child will be grown before she knows it. She probably did not mean for it to sound that way, but her statement seems to trump money over time with her baby. I wish her the best. Maybe she will find a good balance.

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