Jeff Gordon & Wife Expecting A Son!

(In the above pic Jeff and Ingrid are pictured with their daughter Ella Sofia) 

Jeff Gordon shared the exciting news that he and his wife are expecting a son on his official website! The new addition will join big sister, Ella Sofia.

“I’ll speak with the media here in Talladega in a few minutes, but I wanted to let all of my fans on know first that Ingrid and I are having a boy!”


Best Wishes!



  1. UhHuh says

    @ myrna Jeff is a Nascar driver. He’s won a lot of big titles. How exciting for them, he loves being a Dad ♥

    Jesus H Christ- Did you just drop your smoke as you passed out in your lazy boy? Do you know where your spouse is, likely not I wouldn’t want to be 10 feet radius of you either….get off the computer and shower woman!

  2. Jesus H Christ says

    Quick! Break out a 24 pack of Old Milwaukee, a carton of Winstons and put on least stained denim overalls. It’s time to party, trailer trash style!

  3. says

    Yep, hope they pick a nice name too. Maybe something like Antonio, since they named her Ella. And I also hope the little baby boy is healthy and good-looking, just like his parents and baby sister are. Congratulations!

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