Rielle Hunter Opens Up About Her Child With John Edwards

In July 2007, Rielle Hunter says she learned she was pregnant. Though John Edwards said he would support her, “on some level, he was hoping I would get an abortion,” Rielle says. “He wasn’t happy about the timing. Which is understandable. He was married and running for president.”

Rielle says John has been a “sweet” and “very loving” father, adding that their daughter “calls him Da-da. She’s always known who Da-da is. Yeah. She’s never had Da-da missing from her life … He very much wants to be in her life full—time, and he doesn’t want to hide.”

Now that John Edwards and Elizabeth have separated, she says she has “no idea” if they’ll wind up together. “I do know that I will love him and that love is till death do us part, and probably beyond,” Rielle says. “We have a child together, so at the very least we will be co-parents together.”

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  1. carleigh says

    This is a calculating hooker with a capital H. She should have kept her trashy mouth shut and her legs closed. No woman with morals will sleep with a married man, much less one with a dying wife. Shame on her! Shame on John Edwards.

    The innocent parties in this matter are the children involved and someday the Edwards children and Quinn will be reading all of this garbage…did this interview really need to be done? I think not and that skanky woman should have kept her mouth closed.

    Bad decision, tacky conduct and just attention seeking behavior. Read the entire article, threw up in my mouth a little and shuddered at the way she calls him “Johnny”, just goes to show what a truly classless ho she is.

  2. oriana says

    #23, I agree with you. I do think at that time though Elizabeth didn’t know the whole disgusting story. Every man in politics has prob had a one night stand, just look at JFK. If she believed it was only once, and she did at that time, she prob still had faith and a belief in John that he would be still make a good President, he had her convinced his were the best interests for this Country, I am certain she now has a total different opinion.

  3. Dnice says

    This lady is trifling. Since when did it become okay for the mistresses to be wielding power and on top of that insulting the wives?!?!! I mean what kind of photo shoot was that anyway? The pic with the dolls is just creepy. And if you were concerned about your image you would have taken some nice pics with your daughter or better yet, not done the spread at all. This is a blatant slap in the face to Elizabeth and Rielle knew exactly what she was doing. I mean what kind of example are you for your daughter. She ain’t nothing but a sideline hoe.

  4. RAINNE STORM says

    Why make fun of all the other mistresses out there
    Tiger Woods 14 and now Jesse James …they are
    skanks and bad because they ruined a marriage
    but every thing is hunky dori for Rielle..

    She gets to be the one and only who the shows say will
    be the next Mrs. John Edwards.. now that he is a nobody
    go ahead.. So don’t trash Michelle Jesse’s mistress
    and any other .. they are just like Rielle …seeing a married man and going after him..

  5. theoldcarleigh says

    I think this woman has NO morals and she is pathological. I think it was horrible for John Edwards to cheat on his dying wife, but for this woman to come out into the open and give this type of interview is despicable.

    I read the entire article on GQ website and she came across as being an opportunistic gold-digger with a very apparent lack of education.

    She has done this to get her name out there and entice other mag’s to lure her into PAID interviews for which she will earn money. Supposedly she didn’t earn a dime for this interview, but US weekly, OK magazine, IN touch weekly, the Enquirer and Star will all be lining up for an “exclusive” with this sh@nk.

    She should have just kept her mouth shut and stayed out of the press. It’s just utterly tacky and in bad, bad taste on all counts. The man’s conduct was beyond horrible and he should also hang his head in shame for what he’s done, he is not without guilt in all of this either.

    Two stupid parents with no class and no morals, my sympathies are with this child.

  6. Just me says

    Oriana, I agree that Elizabeth has handled this affair/baby with a lot of class.
    However, what I don’t find admirable about her is that she encouraged him to continue to lie and run for president.
    Still, I think Rielle and John are both trash.

  7. oriana says

    Trashy and very low class! Ten of her wouldn’t hold a candle to Elizabeth Edwards. John was a weak man, being with a sick wife isn’t easy, but he should have been able to handle this mess. I shudder to think of him leading this country!

  8. Jesus H Christ says

    This woman is like 63 years old or something, right? For god’s sake dress your age…kind of like Bea Arthur did on Golden Girls.

    Yeah, the douche that cheated on his wife with her is just as nasty!

  9. Jesus H Christ says

    Isn’t this woman like 63 years old or something? For god’s sake dress your age…like Bea Arthur did on Golden Girls.

    Yeah, the douche that cheated on his wife with her is just as nasty!

  10. Niloo-far says

    I think she’s shameless. Every marriage has ups and downs, good times and bad times, it’s not up to sluts to decide “Ok, this marriage is not happy so I can take the man!”

  11. Just Me says

    whoops..guess that should have said “she was”, as opposed to “she were”..duh!
    But I think we all get the point, nonetheless!

  12. Just Me says

    Not impressed AT ALL with this woman, begging for her 15 minutes. But here she’s getting it I guess! :o(~
    To me it comes across like she thinks she’s still going to wind up with him. “..love is till death do us part..” Ironic for her to say that, IMO, as we can ALL see how much that vow meant to him with Elizabeth.

    If he cheated on his wife WITH her, what makes her think she’s such a ‘prize’ that he wouldn’t treat her with the same amount of ‘respect’ he did with his actual wife?? There’s always going to be someone younger and hotter than you are lady. And I’m sure at least ONE that’s just as easy as she were.

    I’m sorry, but I just think she’s trash.

  13. Angeline says

    She looks like Sheryl Crow in that picture. Her audacity is unbelievable. who does she think she is? John’s wife isn’t even dead that so why throw it in her face. What makes her think John wouldn’t cheat on her too?

  14. Daisy Duek says

    A sexualized image with your child? This entire situation is absolutely disgusting. That being said, the baby is so cute! Also, POST MORE ARTICLES ON THIS SITE! you used to post alot now its like one every five days!

  15. Niloo-far says

    She proves J.E was a stupid hypocrite and liar like most Democrats.
    And she also is shameless. Every marriage has ups and downs, but she just can’t figure it out!

  16. Just me says

    Why, why, why couldn’t she just leave it alone?
    John, Elizabeth or that author never said anything bad about her … and nothing she says will make her look any better to the public.


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