Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane Welcome A Daughter

Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane have welcomed their first child, a baby girl, a rep for the couple has announced.

The baby was born Wednesday in Los Angeles.

“Mother, father and daughter are doing great,” shared their rep.

The baby’s name was not released.

Rebecca, 38, and Eric, 37 — who wed in Las Vegas in 2004 — never formally announced the pregnancy, but Rebecca stepped out last September with a baby bump.

“I’m very curious what this next phase of my life is going to be like,” Eric told Us magazine at the 8th Annual World Poker Tour Invitational in L.A. “It’s exciting. I feel like I’ve been sort of thumbing through the last page of the same chapter for a long time now and am ready to kind of get on with it.”

Asked if they have the nursery ready, Eric said at the February 20th event, “Oh yeah! And we are packing the bag tonight!”

He previously said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he planned on being in the delivery room for the birth.

“I’m going to stay close to my wife and make sure that she is all right,” he said.

He said they even settled on a baby name, but “Rebecca wants to wait until she sees her before we give her the name.”

Of their baby’s name, Eric told Ellen DeGeneres, “We went straight down the middle with this one.”




  1. Noelle says

    I agree with some of the other posters that this website is falling behind. It used to be updated frequently and have the latest news plus tons of cute pics. What’s going on?

  2. Jayne says

    I agree with you, Lisa, this post has been up for DAYS!! What happened to this website? It used to be good!!! I”m falling asleep now!! ZZZZZ…..

  3. lisa says

    Uggh! THIS WEBSITE IS A JOKE HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN THE ONLY NEWS? You weren’t like this before?

  4. Dnice says

    Congrats to the couple. I bet her eyes are gorgeous! I like the name Billie, Beatrice is a bit old fashioned to me.

  5. Niloo-far says

    Well, she’s no Charlotte like I had guessed! Love Beatrice. The name is as they said it would be, different without being unheard of or weird. Way too close to Billy Zane!

  6. KMS says

    Happy they had a healthy baby. But not impressed by their recent videos on the internet or the fact she k1lled that little boy.

  7. Niloo-far says

    Finally I bet she’s relieved to have her little girl out in the world! I can’t wait to hear what they’ve named her. I too have been thinking “Charlotte”!


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