Duggar Kids Meet Baby Josie Via iPhone!


The 18 Duggar children were introduced to their baby sister, Josie, on an iPhone!

Because Jim Bob and Michelle’s newborn daughter — who was born in December at just 25 weeks and weighs only two pounds — is still in the hospital, the proud parents have been sharing iPhone video recordings with their other kids.

“Hey kids, we’re here with Josie. She’s doing very well today,” Jim Bob, 44, says while filming Josie as she sleeps. “She’s laying here, just kind of snoozing. You can see her in the background.”

Michelle, 43, who hasn’t allowed visitors due to “flu season,” says that “in a way, they’ve gotten to watch her progress” over the past several weeks.

“My dad and mom, they’re very good at updating us with Josie and giving us the latest reports about her condition,” son Josiah says. “It’s just fun to see the videos.”


Kendra Wilkinson Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body

Kendra Wilkinson — who welcomed son Hank Baskett IV this past December — strutted around in a swimsuit at Wet Republic Ultra Pool at MGM Grand in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Kendra, 24, recently opened up to Us Weekly magazine about trying to get back into shape after giving birth.

“About a month and half ago I weighed myself, and I was 140 pounds,” the 5 ft 4 in tall Kendra shared in the March 22nd issue. “I’ve been dieting and exercising four days a week since then. It still says 140 when I step on the scale. I think all my fat turned into muscle, because I look so different. I’m working with a trainer, but I told him I’m not a dieter. I love pepperoni pizza, and I can’t stick to salad. He’s like, Cool, just don’t eat any more than portions the size of your fist. So I have a long way to go.”

She said she loves her legs and butt. Everything else? “I hate!” she told Us Weekly magazine.

“I’m insecure about the size of my boobs, which went from a 34C to an E,” she said. “They grew bigger than I thought during pregnancy. But now that they’re going down, they’re a little bigger than I want. I don’t want to look too top-heavy. I want to even out my body a little.”

Asked if she would be open to breast reduction surgery, she told Us, “Yes, but [my husband] Hank is anti­surgery. I explained to him that it would make me happy. And he says, ‘In that case, it’s OK.’ But he’s like, Don’t go doing your nose or your face. I’m like, Eventually I will, but not now. When I get older, I will get that Botox crap!”


Jessica Alba's Trainer Shares How She Got In Shape After Baby

According to star trainer Ramona Braganza – who whipped Jessica Alba into shape after she gave birth to Honor – the key to shedding pregnancy pounds is setting goals.

Jessica “trained six days a week and used a heart-rate monitor that included calorie counting. One of our goals was to see if we could burn 500 calories in a workout,” said Ramona of Jessica, 28, who was voted “Best Post-Baby Body” in UsMagazine.com and Gold’s Gym’s first-ever Hollywood’s Hottest Bodies Awards.

But you have to start slow. Jessica hit the gym just two weeks after giving birth (a doctor okayed it) with 20-minute workouts for the first few weeks, which she gradually increased to an hour after two to three months, Ramona said.

Ramona created a circuit-training program for Jessica “to keep [the workout] from getting boring,” she shared. Below, a few of her moves, which she recommends doing back-to-back to keep your heart rate up:

1. 10-Minute Cardio Blast: Walk at a 2.0 incline on a treadmill for a minute or two to warm up, then add a light jog.

2. Single-Leg Lunge: While holding a 10 to 12-pound weight in each hand, put one foot on a workout bench behind you while keeping the other on the floor and lunge down. Repeat 10 to 12 reps. Switch to other leg and repeat.

3. Chest Press: Lie faceup on a bench. Holding a 10 to 12-pound weight in each hand, extend arms upwards and toward each other. Do 10 to 12 reps.

4. Tricep-dip: Stand in front of a workout bench, and place hands on bench with your legs straight out in front of you. Lower your body into a dip, supporting your body weight with your upper arms, then straighten arms to rise back up. Repeat 10 to 12 times.

5. Core work: Rest your back on an exercise ball and do 30 crunches.

Repeat the entire circuit three times. Do these series of movements three times per week.