Jessica Alba Exclaims: "She's cute as a button!" on Twitter

After a trip to London to promote her new film Valentine’s Day last week, Jessica Alba is thrilled to be back home with her daughter! Jessica posted new pictures on Twitter of Honor taken at her Los Angeles home.

One pic shows Honor, 20-months-old, trying on a pair of black-rimmed specs while sitting on her mother’s knee. 

Alongside the picture, Jessica wrote, “My lil lovely cute as a button.”

Another pic shows Honor in the backyard wearing a T-shirt that reads, “My heart belongs to Ellen DeGeneres.”

Jessica’s message read, “Cutest Valentine’s Day photo. Thanks to The Ellen Show 4 providing the wardrobe. Hahaha.”



  1. boogie says

    This little girl is NOT cute as a button.

    Most children are cute…but, this one is not a bit cute.

    It is pitiful she is so homely.

  2. Niloo(far) says

    Dnice, haters are just jealous and hateful and have a lot of time of their hands! How could we expect more!?

  3. Dnice says

    Hey Niloo what’s up! I would hardly say I’m back – this site is just so lackluster now. I only check back every once in awhile. I see the haterz are still giving you trouble. Shake em off. Lol.

  4. Webmistress is a loser says

    Wow, once again the same boring story has been up for 5 days with no updates.
    In the meanwhile, every other baby site out there has posted the most recent sightings of knox & vivienne a few days ago.

  5. Thomasina says

    Not exactly ” cute as a button ” Jessica–hard to believe she has such good looking parents !

  6. OMG says

    Nilioo – you are such a suck ass. Your comments are ridiculous….I bet you are annoying in real life.

  7. Jayne says

    Yea, i used to love this site too but disappointed in postings–Jessica Alba is so odd and hates the press, now we are all supposed to go ga-ga over her kid? Funny how parenthood melts even the hardest heart…..

  8. Dnice says

    @ June – yeah how is it I haven’t visited this place for well over a month and there are like 3 new postings. Sad. Used to be my fave.

  9. Dnice says

    Honor has gotten cuter as she’s grown older, I still kinda think she has a boyish look to her face.

  10. Aunt Julie Dessert says

    such a cutie – she looks a lot like daddy, especially in the eyes!
    I can’t believe how big she’s gotten since I last saw pics of her. Completely adorable and sweet. Can’t imagine leaving my child for a week – I’d miss them horribly.

  11. BLssd says

    Enough with the “flat nose” comments! She has African-American blood so her nose is not going to be turned up and perky. It’s beautifully shaped just as her genes would form them. GEEZ!

  12. cookie says

    I also find her not cute at all. perhaps it’s because of her gorgeous parents one would’ve waited her to be a stunner but she certainly isn’t a one.

  13. Niloo says

    Honor has come into her looks. I always thought she’s a serious looking baby but now I can see that what a CUTE smile does she have…Her nose is still kind of flat though!
    And by the way, Jessica looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL in the first pic!! As usual.

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