Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane Excited To Be Having A Daughter!

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart’s first child is almost here, and Eric said he’s thrilled at the prospect of welcoming a daughter.

“It just makes sense that I’m having a girl … I don’t know what it is, but I am excited it’s a girl,” Eric told People magazine at Monday night’s premiere of Valentine’s Day at Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Asked if they have a name picked out, Rebecca replied: “We have a couple of names, but we’re going to wait and meet the baby before we name.”

Rebecca’s doctor was actually at the premiere, too – which was just a coincidence, though Eric was happy about it. “I think she’s ready to go!” he said of his wife.

Eric, 37, and Rebecca, 38, also reminisced about their previous Valentine’s Days together.

“We baked a cake on our first Valentine’s Day, remember that?” Eric said.

“We did bake a cake!” Rebecca said.

“It was a chocolate cake with a white frosting on it, right? It was lopsided and kind of messed up, and we ate the whole thing.”

And Rebecca likes to keep it simple on Valentine’s Day. “She never wanted anything but a card from me,” Eric said, “which I thought was kind of weird, because I kind of like to buy stuff … And she said, ‘No, I want a card.’ ”

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  1. OMG says

    I never said those things. I only said “weird” which some people think is cute and not an insult. Oh wait, I did say that but I was more talking about oriana. Anyway, let’s be friends. lol

  2. Niloo-far says

    LMAO…Yes I do, but how would you feel if someone calls you: douche, pathetic, weird, idiot…When you’re trying to BE FREINDS with her!?

  3. oriana says

    OMG,. Niloofar is ten times the lady and decent person that you are. You are an embarrassment to yourself!

  4. OMG says

    btw, there is no age on swearing, as if you don’t and look how old you are! Thinking you and Niloo(far) are pathetic idiots have nothing to do with manners….

  5. Niloo says

    So we have “the weirdness” in common! haha
    and would you mind telling me how old you are, maybe I could care! 🙂

  6. oriana says

    OMG is not a nice person at all, very bad manners. I am 63 or will be next Thurs. and I know decent people by now. Niloofar is a sweet young lady and I have always enjoyed her very much. I miss the old crew, Tia, Nicki, Granny, Xena, whom I loved so much! Hope all are well and happy. I have wondered so much about Lia and I really miss all of them, nice ladies, Deeds, hope you are doing OK!

  7. Niloo(far) says

    I’m not being sarcastic but I like you! And it doesn’t assume that how I act on here is how I act in real life if you knew me in person, you’d think I was lovely! Btw just to let you know you’re picking on a 17 year old so if that’s what you like then carry on!

  8. Niloo(far) says

    Could you be any more judgemental? I really do NOT know you and so do you for sure. so don’t pretend like you know me!

  9. OMG says

    Seriously. I am no coward and I am not using my own name….guess who? btw Niloo, you are a bit pathetic and so is your side kick oriana.

  10. N says

    What difference does it make what name they use u will never know if its their real name or not….. SO how is using the moniker of choice being a coward.

    I agree with Kelly Cool. Scarlet is a mess.

    Rebecca has the right to enjoy motherhood because she is pregnant.

  11. oriana says

    I do agree, if someone wants to post, use your real name and stop being a Coward, have the guts to say what you want too without hiding behind someone else’s name. I think there should be forgiveness for everyone, especially if they are sincere in wanting it.

    Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given, and I believe in this.

  12. Niloo says

    Ha ha…Use your real name COWARD, so that we can talk to each other like two mature persons! I’m totally OK with other people’s opinions, doesn’t mean I won’t challenge them though, I do enjoy a little debate once in a while.

  13. Niloo says

    Niloo’s a dou che – Although, I agree with you, but this is exactly what most posters here don’t observe, I tired to be like you and the outcome of it was that some intolerant guys here reported me and my comments wasn’t allowed for about one month until I decided to post under my nickname! LOL
    And and do you think you could be a little more original and use your own name except “Niloo’s a dou che” !!???

  14. Niloo's a dou che says

    niloo, the whole point of a comment board is to comment on these people. Good and bad. Stop being such a bia tch and get real. If you don’t like reading other people posting negative things about celebrities, then go waste your time somewhere else.

    I personally love to read people’s opinions. Most of the time they are hilarious.

    And yes, this skank smokes during a pregnancy. A very terrible habit – a selfish habit – to have while your pregnant.

  15. oriana says

    I wonder if they watch their 3-way buddy on Dr. Drew’s show? Boy, is she ever a mess! Hope they will be better at parents and have learned from their past mistakes.

  16. kelly cool says

    You’re a mess, Scarlet. You don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself Scarlet.
    Can I say these things about you even though I don’t know you personally? If you can say them about someone you don’t know personally then I guess I can too.

  17. Scarlet says

    #10 Yes I do.. Look at this womens history. Hello she doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself. Come on now smoking while she is pregnant? What is that a mistake as well? Oh please… Give me a break. This women is a mess.

  18. kelly cool says

    Scarlet, do you judge much?
    A mistake is exactly what it was. She wasn’t intoxicated and the child was not in the crosswalk. Vehicular manslaughter means “accidental”.
    Who are you to say whether or not she experiences the joys of motherhood? Let’s leave that to the higher powers, whomever he or she may be. And obviously the fates decided she does deserve to be a mother.

  19. Jesus H Christ says

    I wonder if the little girl will pop out with a cigarette in her mouth!

    What a despicable mom-to-be!

  20. Lisa says

    Cant get excited for these two having a baby. It is more than just her being careless, it is about them being druggies, etc. They are way too old to act like dumbarses.

  21. gloworm says

    She made a horrible mistake and I am sure that till the day that she dies she will feel horrible about it and be haunted! That does not mean that she cannot experience the wonders of motherhood or that she would make a bad mother! The best of luck to her! And she is soooo pretty, so her little girl will be a stunner!

  22. Niloo says

    Scarlet – I didn’t say “forgive” her, I also added that it’s “unforgivable”…But now the importance is that she and her husband are starting a sweet life with a child…She shouldn’t be punished her entire lifetime, she still can live if she really is contrite for what she has done…past is the past.

  23. Scarlet says

    #3 Oh right lets just forget about her killing someone child. Thank goodness it is not your child since your can forgive so quickly..She shouldn’t even experience the joys of motherhood…It is not like she made a mistake. She was driving live a fool and ran over a child.

  24. Niloo(far) says

    I think we should forget what she has done! killing a child is undeniably cruel and unforgivable…But now we should be happy for them…I also hope that they don’t pick a weird name!
    Best wishes

  25. Scarlet says

    Maybe she will not run over her own kid and kill her. My god anyone can have a baby….So sad. This women is just a mess…

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