Prince & Paris Jackson Deliver Moving Acceptance Speech At The Grammys


…so sweet and eloquent!


  1. says

    Intelligent kids… well spoken. But, is it just me or do they NOT look like MJ? Not that is a problem. They sound like they are well adjusted. Good for you mom.

  2. oriana says

    lovely children, neither look anything like Michael but I do agree, these kids were raised with manners, which is more than most kids are raised with these days.

  3. Jennifer says

    I have a hard time whenever I see these kids in public. I feel like they are being exploited and taken advantage of. I don’t think Michael would have wanted them to be exposed like this. It’s sad.

  4. Denise-Switzerland says

    i have a hard time seeing them in the public like that.
    mj always covered them up, not wanting them to be part of life outside of his close circle of people. while i don´t agree with that, he sure would not have wanted his kids beeing displayed at the grammy.

    i think when a parent dies, the caretakers need to take the parents wishes of how children should be raised into consideratione.

    his kids being in the spotlight, and being raised partly by his father ist something he MOST definitely would not have wanted.

  5. Jesus H Christ says

    Love them, can’t believe how much they look like their fathers.

    And yes, MJ did raise them very well.

  6. ali says

    What a knock-out Paris is, wow. I’m sure if Granpa Joe has anything to say about it we will be able to watch these kids over the years, they are soooo charming.

  7. gbaby says

    paris and prince have been eating good since Micheal’s memorial. glad to see them thriving.

  8. Ronda says

    Wow..I was impressed with the words they said about their Dad. It’s obvious to me that he raised them well. They are articulate, polite and gorgeous kids. I’m looking forward to watching them grow over the years.


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