Jim Carrey Is A Grandfather!

Jim Carrey’s 22-year-old daughter, Jane, welcomed a son in Los Angeles Friday, a rep for Jim confirmed.

Jackson Riley Santana was born at 12:28 Friday morning and weighed in at 7 lbs., 11 oz. and is 20 inches long, the rep added.

“Something beautiful is right around the corner! ;^)” Jim, 47, posted on Twitter on Tuesday. Friday morning, he added, “right around the corner! ;^)”

Jane (Jim’s daughter with ex wife Melissa Womer) wed the baby’s father, Alex Santana, who is in the band “Blood Money” and goes by the stage name “Nitro,” in November. She fronts her own alternative rock band, The Jane Carrey Band.

After announcing her pregnancy last July, Jim told Us magazine, “I’m very excited. Jane is going to be a great mom.”

Jenny McCarthy, Jim’s girlfriend of five years, told Us magazine earlier this month that she would make an “awesome grandma.”

“The world’s best, is what I say,” Jenny, 37, joked to Us magazine.

She said Jane has been calling her for advice.

“We have an awesome relationship. I consider her my daughter,” Jenny said.



An Expectant Bethenny Frankel: Giving Up Alcohol Was An "Achievement"


Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel shared that her pregnancy has not been “too hard,” except for one thing…

“Shooting this season without alcohol was a real achievement. It was like being in the desert without water,” Bethenny, 39, joked to Us magazine at a screening party for their Bravo show (premieres March 4th) at Tenjune in New York City Wednesday night.

The reality star — who is about 6-and-a-half-months along — said she really missed her signature “Skinny Girl” martinis.

“But now I have all these delusions that I will continue my sobriety forever,” she quipped.

Bethenny, who is engaged to businessman Jason Hoppy, told Us magazine that she “loves being pregnant.”

Her stay-fit plan includes “doing yoga 2 to 3 times per week for about an hour each time.”

“”I’m really eating what I want. Like my book says, your diet’s a bank account, but it’s just a bigger bank account now,” she continued. “And most people either go off the rails and gain 85 pounds, or they’re terrified of gaining weight and they get psycho. You’ve got to be right down the middle. So now I’m writing a book about naturally fit pregnancy. ”

She’s also “rushed” planning her wedding to Hoppy, which she said will happen “very, very soon.”

Hoppy “hasn’t really had a say” about the event, which Bethenny describes as “not huge crazy, but not teeny tiny. It’ll fit my personality to a tee.”


Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi Welcomes A Daughter

Padma Lakshmi has welcomed a daughter, her rep has shared.

The little girl was born late Saturday in New York City, the rep added.

A source told Us magazine that the girl’s name is Krishna.

Padma, 39, has not revealed the baby’s father.

Padma’s pregnancy was considered “a medical miracle,” because Padma has struggled with endometriosis, a painful uterine condition that can lead to infertility. 

“I actually can’t button my jeans anymore,” Padma joked to Us magazine last fall when asked how her pregnancy was going. “Up until about a week ago, I could. There’s just too much pressure, so I’ve had to put them away for now.”

During her pregnancy, Padma said she hadn’t “really had any cravings. There was about a week-and-a- half when I was really craving a cinnamon donut. Then I had the cinnamon donut, and it was like, ‘Eh.’ I mean, it was OK, but that was it. And then it was over.”