Gisele Bundchen Welcomed Her Son In A Bathtub In Her Home

In an interview with a popular Brazilian TV show, Gisele Bundchen revealed that the couple’s baby boy, Benjamin, was born (on December 8th) in a bathtub at their Beacon Street townhouse. Gisele, 29, talked to a correspondent from the show “Fantastico” during a fashion shoot this week in Boston. (She did a spot for Colcci’s new campaign.) “Gisele gives off simplicity, spirituality, shows that she has concern with living well, being happy and, now, with being an excellent mom,” the reporter said in a preview of the interview, which airs this weekend. “From what I saw in the interview, I’d say she’s right on track.”

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  1. N says

    Shes not laughing to the bank cause shes not reading this blog. We can talk about whatever we like thats why its called a blog.

  2. myrna says

    horse face, pug face or looks?? do you all fools think she cares? please ladies, ladies, grow up!!! she is laughing all the way to the bank!!! lol!!! best wishes to both of them and blessings for their little bundle of joy!!!

  3. cool says

    Wow, that is pretty hardcore to have a home birth! I just had a baby 5 months ago and couldn’t imagine braving through it at home! Props to her on that alone!

  4. Niloo(far) says

    Annalise, I just disagree with you because you label people “rude” easily, even when you don’t know them…
    but I’m sorry for calling ya a 10 yr old, I take that back! 🙂

    I totally agree with Kristen, I myself don’t find Giselle attractive and I just say that, simple as!

  5. Kristen says

    Annalise, I didn’t even read your posts lol..but if it were the same as mine, then i guess i would have to agree

  6. Annalise says

    ….but i can tell you agree with me Kristen since you used my words and ideas as your own…

  7. Kristen says

    and please do not flatter yourself gloworm…you are not so utterly important to me that your opinions would ever send me crying into a corner. Believe it or not, you are not that fascinating and you certainly do not have that kind of power over me.

  8. Kristen says

    Gloworm…you are the one who seems incapable of grasping simple concepts. For example, you think my main issue with you is that you don’t find Gisele attractive. Not so. I could care less whether or not you find her attractive. Yet, you are very nasty and unlady like about it, wildly throwing insults around as if you could care less about how you come across. It is one thing to say “I don’t think she’s very pretty” which you could have said, and it is another thing entirely to be horribly rude in stating the same opinion by for example comparing her to a dog. Name calling and the aggressive nature of each of your posts paints you out to be a very hostile, uncaring person. Your attitude is actually much less attractive than you seem to find Gisele to be. Now, please, stop trying to act as if you have a clue. I am actually embarassed FOR you at this point.

  9. Niloo says

    Yep! Annalise, I’ve got it before too, in your idea, people who state that someone is not attractive must have been so rude and mean-spirited…How old are you? 10?
    I believe that Giselle’s got a great body but I also think that her face is very average, not attractive at all! HOWEVER, It doesn’t make me to call her “pug”, Gloworm had no right to say that, I certainly disagree with it! IMO

  10. wtf heather says

    Heather, you have some serious issues. Only dirty, poor people have home births.

    Now wipe your kids’ faces off and send the to school!

  11. heather says

    i expected to see “mud-slinging” on this post, but i figured that it would be between the camps of pro-medicalized/hospital births vs. pro-homebirths. not a back-and-forth about the rating of the gisele’s attractiveness. this was amusing, as nearly always, thanks!
    p.s. for the record, i am very pro home birth – i had 2 children at home, with a midwife as planned. YAY for home births!

  12. Jesus H Christ says

    if people think she’s not super model material, why do you think she gets paid so well?

    Perhaps she gives good head.

  13. N says

    People are going to comment if your rude or not…… SO who cares what they say …. Say what you feel and keep it moving. No one cares about the rude/sensitivity police…. Speak your mind….

  14. Petula says

    If everyone in this world was attracted to the same “type” this would be a very boring planet.
    Not everyone is going to like Giselle’s looks, so get over it already!
    And to Kristen and Jime, you are the pots calling the kettle black. You seem to think it perfectly fine to call people crazy, or rats. That isn’t much different from saying someone looks like a pug. Hypocrites.

  15. Annalise says

    Gloworm – it’s all in the presentation. It’s up to you if you want to portray yourself as rude, but you must realize it’s going to cause other people to comment on it….so if you don’t like that, don’t be so rude.

  16. gloworm says

    And it is hard to imagine how the people who cannot understand how not every single person on the planet thinks that Giselle is pretty can manage in their every day lives. It is called an opinion. Some may think that she is stunning, others like myself think that she looks like a horses butt *oh, how cruel was I!*

  17. gloworm says

    Yes, Kristen and your posts are so “rational”. Yes, dear keep believing, go on 🙂 Just because you do not understand sarcasm and cannot graps simple concepts….but this will be my last reply. Go and cry in the corner because I was so “mean” to pug-face Giselle. I am sure that she cares a lot.

  18. Annalise says

    hmmmm some people have a lot of time of their hands….like I must for reading all those posts. lol Since I did waste my time to reading I will also waste my time and state my opinion. I am with Kristen, gloworm is unnecessarily mean. Also, I cannot believe people don’t think she is pretty. Talk about high standards! Wow

  19. N says

    I think she has a nice “BODY”. She is average…. She actually looks like a man sometimes. Her face is very hard looking.

  20. Kristen says

    LOL…no gloworm…you are crazy because you respond irrationally each time…need an example? see your last post. Later 🙂

  21. gloworm says

    Yers, Kristen. You are so right. I will go to a doctor in the morning for my mental disease. Doctor “So why are you here miss?” Me “Because I think a particular model looks uglier than a pug, is unattractive and her face scares me.” Doctor “Call the psyche ward immediately!! We need to medicate you at once!!” Yes, you are right Kristen, my comments do make me look like a crazy person; any doctor would agree. I guess I should have said, “Uglier than a Chinese Crested.” That would make me less crazy I am aassuming.

  22. Kristen says

    i’m bitter and anti social because I think that there is no reason to be mean about someone based on their physical appearance? that doesnt make any sense.

  23. jime says

    and where are the other members of the bitter anti-social club???? petula? kristen??? hidden like rats as they are!! heheh

  24. jime says

    Gloworm I think is a loser! maybe she wanted to be a model and now he can only be aspiring to be the image of a telephone card hahahahahala horrible! people who have hatred envy and resentment in their blood are horrible as Gloworm, why you have to be so jealous of Giselle? because she is a monument of a woman? and despite everything is humble with her feet so down to earth, you would like to be half what is she.

  25. Kristen says

    LOL, oh puh-leeze!…. gloworm…you have writtten FAAAR more on the topic than i have, so good try, but i don’t think so!

    and um….it didnt take me “time to think about it so much.” it was actually more like common sense…i didnt have to give it any thought.

    but yes…do go take a rest and have your head examined. whether related to THIS topic or not, you are clearly a bit of a crazy person.

  26. gloworm says

    And Britney is paid well and she cannot sing. Emeril cannot really cook, yet he is paid for his cooking. Will Ferrell cannot act, yet he is paid for his acting. Just because someone is paid to do something does not make them qualified to do something sadly. There is much more that goes into who makes it than pure talent. Saying Giselle “must be pretty” because she is a model is follish thinking. Giselle has an awesome body and she can model well. But her face is scary looking.

  27. being says

    Gisele is beautiful. The proof is in her earnings as a model. She is paid very well because of how she looks. Period.

  28. gloworm says

    Wow. Interesting. It sounds like you are the one who is emotionally invested in this subject for you to take the time to think about it so much. And yes, it did take years and years to write to words “unattractive” “pug” and “horse face” in a sentence. You are correct; I am SO extremely emotionally attached to this thread. I will go seek therapy immediately. By the way, she still has a “horse face” a “pg face” and is “very unattractive”. I must go lie down now because the toll of this post is way to much on me emotionally.

  29. Kristen says

    @gloworm – not because you dont find her attractive do you sound jealous…but because you go so out of your way to offend her in such an extreme manner calling her “horse face” a “pug” and implying she “aint attractive”

    if you were just stating an opinion without being emotionally caught up in it, you would say “i personally do not find her attractive” and move on. instead you put alot of effort in conveying your opinions on the matter in which you are trying to pretend now is not that big of a deal to you.

    if you didn’t really care all that genuinely, you’d have left a very matter of fact statement on your thoughts and then move on.

  30. Jesus H Christi says

    She’s alright. i’d say she’s very inconsitent with her photos. Sometimes she looks amazing, other times, not so.

    I would say that there are “super models” that far exceed her in looks, however, I would place her looks at above average.

    As far as being a mom, just because she looks like a “foot” or a “pug” to some, doesn’t mean she’s not a great mom. After all, she’s appeared to take on an active role with her husband’s baby’s mama’s kid. I’m sure a lot of gals that post on here look like feet and pugs but are still good moms. So, chill the fuznit out!

  31. gloworm says

    Yes, the old, “You must be jealous because you don’t think that so and so is attractive” mindset. It does show just how intelligent you are.

  32. jime says

    well, she is the best model in the world………..and you have pugs hahahahahaha , i bet all of you are just a bunch of dwarfs and spinsters jealous and envious, surely all of you are proud of yours pugs because they must be identical to you…. have a life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Petula says

    Oh Gloworm, Pugs ARE pretty!
    And I agree with you, yet somehow she manages to look like a horse AND a foot.

  34. gloworm says

    As in “that” you mean a horse face that somehow made it as a model? Then, yes that is amazing. My pug is prettier than her; and puggs ain’t pretty.

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