Katie Holmes Gushes About Her Magical Daughter

Katie Holmes couldn’t stop gushing about her 3-year-old daughter while enjoying a night out with husband, Tom.

“She’s doing really well,” Katie told People magazine at The NY Times Style Magazine’s Golden Globes cocktail party Friday night at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. “She’s growing up really, really fast.”

Katie said her high-heel-wearing little girl talks a blue streak and is “spectacular.”

“She is magical,” Katie said.

Katie said that she and Tom have been traveling a lot lately, so it was “great to be out.”

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  1. Dawn says

    They talk about Suri like shes a teenager! As a Mom myself, I say don’t rush the precious young years. Soon she will be grown and then you’ll want your baby back. Magical…amazing…all kids are gifts…money does not make your child any better.

  2. amy says



    @ Gilson Jibau….

    that post above of yours is HILARIOUS – you are so funny!!!

    “Scientlogy kids are on average better adjusted, healthier and grow up to be more successful as adults than Scientology deprived children” –


  3. Gilson Jibau says

    Scientlogy kids are on average better adjusted, healthier and grow up to be more successful as adults than Scientology deprived children. Off course, this causes bitterness jealousy and mental stress as evident here.

  4. cherisse says

    First of all you people need to get a life. It is sad that a bunch of strangers mind you are bashing a 3 YEAR OLD. She is three for God sakes. What are you people thinking. And as for Katie i still trying to figure out why again stranger bashing her too. Do any of you people know her? Have you met her before? What you go over to her house and eat dinner or go out to lunch or somehting? HELL don’t any of you people know her so why are you talking about someone you don”t know. This is a prime example of people like you who read too much garage and believe it. No one knows what goes one in their life BUT THEM!
    By the way i see plenty of kids like her that seem like their clothes are too big but they’re not but they are not celebs. are they? But if a celeb is in the news everybody want to slam them and the same people who slam them are the people who do the same thing. You should not judge someone by their book cover especially if you don’t even know these people only by magazine articles.

  5. bambamswife7 says

    How is it that you people know so much about people you don’t even know? I don’t think any child, pretty, ugly, or whatever should be put down.

  6. Amanda says

    I’m so sick of people always making nusty comments about poor Katie. If Suri put on a short dress, these same people would be saying “the dress is too short for a 3-year-old girl” Now back off ladies amd gentleman coz the beautifull Suri you wish was yours is NOT YOURS so let the beautifull Katie raise her child the way she wants!

  7. scarlet says

    Everyone is right with the magical crap..Who uses that word when talking about there child? My baby is so magical she flies and has a spirt like no other child…Oh please…She is nothing but a puppet for that freak Tom Cruise..

  8. Amerie says

    I cant wait for Suri to become an adult so she can write her tell all book..I see her following the path of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.This child is going to grow up and be a spoiled brat.

  9. Annie says

    I agree with No1. Her clothes always look to big on her. This skirt has an awkward length for a 3 year old. Looks like it belongs to an 8 year old girl.

    And besides there are a lot of lovely dresses for girls, were a child looks like a child, not a grown up.

  10. Michelle says

    “Suri is magical
    Tom is wonderful
    Life is great…..
    I am amazing”

    All signs of the brainwashing by Scientology. Seriously. Using words like “magical” are part of their taught vocabulary. Katie pretty much signed her ability to have an independant thought away, along with her life, when she signed her Scientolgy agreement prior to marrying Tom. If she didn’t sign it, Tom wouldn’t have married her. Scientology is the only “religion” that makes their members sign a contract and it was the first time she signed something without having her lawyer father look it over.

  11. Renee says

    Suri is cute and her parents seem to love her. To me that is the most important thing. Not clothes or money. And #3 said don’t comment if you don’t like Suri. How about don’t comment on Shiloh if you don’t like her. And besides, I don’t even see Shiloh in this picture, why bring her up in this post.

  12. el says

    #3 you are right. I love it when kids get creative with their
    clothing. Obviously you shouldn’t wear a pair of shorts
    on your head and a shirt on your bottom, but she has
    clothes on and she is clean. Sometimes thinking outside
    of the box is a good thing. Just look at Betsey Johnson.
    Now what a successful designer she turned out to be 🙂

    Just a thought…

  13. lolla says

    Katie is just something else, anyway Suri is a beautiful little girl and so is Shiloh regardless of what they wear.

  14. says

    Scarlet:i see nothing wrong with suris outfit she looks fine at least she has clothes to put on her back

    rubyjackson:dont comment on the cruises pictures if you dont like them

    anyways suri is so beautiful i love when little girls are dressed in dresses and girly clothes unlike shiloh

  15. Blair says

    Why does she always describe her child as magical? It sounds so stupid and weird. She is not magical. Does she do magic or something???

  16. RubyJackson says


    This woman is shallower than an empty swimming pool and completely out of touch with reality.

  17. Scarlet says

    I am sorry but what is wrong with Katie…She has no taste in dressing her child. This child always looks like her clothes are to big and never match. You would think with all the money they have they could dress this child so much better.


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