Anna Kournikova's Mother Arrested For Leaving 5-Year-Old Son Alone At Home While She Ran Errands

(In the above pic Anna and Alla were photographed together)

Alla Kournikova, mother of tennis star Anna Kournikova, was arrested and put in jail Tuesday on charges of child neglect after leaving her 5-year-old son, Allen, home alone in her $2 million Palm Beach home for more than 50 minutes while she went to the bank and post office.

A neighbor called authorities to report that a little boy named Allen, a half-brother of Anna, was “soaking wet and walking in front of his house, acting very upset.” The caller told police that the child said he “had jumped out of a window.”

When police officers arrived at the Kournikova home, Allen told them that after he “jumped out of the second story window” he entered the family swimming pool because his “feet hurt.”

Police did a study of the home, located in the center of Palm Beach, and learned that the second-story roof was about 15 feet high. Allen landed in a white stone side yard, police said, between a pair of air conditioning units.

“I hung by my hands before letting go,” Allen told the police. He then walked through a black fence and entered the pool. His feet hurt because he was barefoot when falling onto the stones.

Palm Beach Fire Rescue came and examined Allen, who had bruising on his feet and lower back. He was admitted to a local hospital while police attempted to reach Alla Kournikova, 46, through a cell-phone number obtained in a search.

When Alla Kournikova returned to her house she was asked to go to the police station where she told the officers that her son was “awake and sitting on the couch watching television at the time she left her home.”

Alla, who is raising the boy alone, said she dead-bolted the house and gave Allen a cell phone to use while she was gone. He didn’t accompany her on her errands because he said he “did not want to go.”

Alla, an aspiring Palm Beach socialite, was eventually released from jail on $3,000 bond for the third-degree felony.

My God…that is awful!



  1. lisa lewis says

    lord lord bless that chid because something is wrong there you should never do something as stupid as that she is crazy

  2. sarah says

    How stupid can someone be, reminds me of mccanns, who were doctors!!! and left their babies alone.
    Here in the UK we do not leave of babies alone. Too righyt she should be taken by the police.Charges should be brought!

  3. Love AZ says

    I don’t care where someone is from. I can’t speak for how it is in other countries, but here in the US anyone leaving their kids alone and unattended are complete IDIOTS.

    There are kids getting snatched left and right these days and these nuts are everywhere! It’s incredibly scary and I NEVER take my eyes off my children (ages 5 and 3) when we are out at a store, mall, etc. They are right there next to us. And I have never once entertained the idea of leaving them home for even one minute alone. ANYTHING can happen and it only takes a second.

  4. myrna says

    russian, east, west, nort, south europe, country , continent, my a**…..child should never be left alone….and then one wonders about the way they turn out to be when they reach Adolescence….

  5. Mari says

    Unbelievable… she is lucky he did not kill himself or get seriously hurt. I am not saying you can never leave a 5 year old unattended, but I would never leave the house to run errands!
    @ar – there was a time when children would run errands for their parents and that may still be true in the more rural areas. I am Greek and in my parents’ village, children (maybe 7 yrs and up) would go to the store or bakery alone, but here in N.America – no way.
    The family next to me is Eastern European and their children were born there. I can immediately tell the difference as the children (7 & 8) play outside, unattended with mom checking from the window, everyday for an hour or so and they are wonderful, smart, well-behaved and don’t need their parents to entertain them every minute of the day. It’s refreshing and my 3 year old plays with them, too, most days. We live in a suburb of a big city.

  6. ar says

    I think it is because she’s russian. I was brought up in east europe & so was my husband. It was a completely normal thing to leave children unattended at home while the parents went out for a couple hours. I would also go run errands for my parents (buying milk or bread, take mail to the post office or whatever) when I was 6 years old, on my own. I don’t know if this is still the norm in east europe, but I imagine so. Still, she should know the laws of the land she lives in.

  7. chloes says

    She should have known that her kid was not well behaved before she left him. I mean, sure she should not have left him, but what kind of a kid (and not a super young one at that) jumps from a second floor window??? Many, many, many kids (most I assume) would not even dream about jumping out a second floor window. Kid is a loose cannon!

  8. Lauren says

    How horrible! That little boy is extremely lucky he wasn’t injured severely. There are a lot of many tragic things that could’ve happened! They need to press charges or take the child away. Obviously, she’s not well enough to be a mother!!

  9. says

    grandmother mother what ever she is she should know better the kid is 5 years old anything could have happend he could have jumped and died kiddnapped murdered killed by a vehicle.i just cant beleive what i read she expects a 5 year old boy to call her when he needed something if i had kids and they didnt want to go somewhere i would just pick them up and put them in the car i hope that she gets her son grandson whatever taken away…

  10. Denise-Switzerland says

    wow, what a disturbing story. glad the little boy is ok though.
    hope they´ll keep a very close look on that mother.

  11. sarah says

    i think it’s supposed to be Mother of the Year. She’s Allen’s MOTHER not gramma. anyhoo, she sounds like a whack job…

  12. Samantha says

    This woman has a 2 million dollar house, and didn’t think to pay someone to come and watch her kid??? She is very lucky something worse didn’t happen to him, what an idiot!!!

  13. tight2def says

    Not to laugh at the fact that she left him alone, but lmao@ the fact she told him to call her. She’s a nutcase. Clearly, Allen runs his household.

  14. Love AZ says

    I love it.. I left him alone because “he didn’t want to go.” Ummm, so??!! He’s five years old. You are the parent for god’s sakes, take control!!

    Jesus, she’s lucky the boy didn’t kill himself jumping from the window. I can’t believe she gave him a cell phone and said “call me”.


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