Rebecca Romijn & Her Twin Daughters Star In New Got Milk Ad


Rebecca Romijn, 37, and her 1-year-old twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie (with husband Jerry O’Connell) are featured in the new Got Milk ad. Adorable!


  1. listen_up says

    hello to all of you idiot posters who think they are identical. they obviously look different because they are FRATERNAL TWINS. that being said, they certainly are two gorgeous little girls.

  2. Michelle says

    The babies are ADOARBLE. I saw the video footage of the making of this commercial on ET and they were so cute and sooooo happy. Jerry was there behind the camera making them smile and laugh.

  3. Annalise says

    I can’t believe #22’s comment is still here!!! Yet, sometimes my comments get “moderated” and deleted and I would NEVER say anything like that! Webmaster, do your job! And #22, you are a pig.

  4. Just Me says

    Well, #20..all it takes is one person (#22, here) to take a nice post and give it a turn for the nasty. Sad.

    But the girls are really cute!!

  5. Jesus H Christ says

    Very cute girls, however, I don’t like that Rebecca looks like she took a cumshot to the face. Perhaps that’s why Jerry was there?

  6. Ronnie says

    Wow! Two of the most adorable babies i’ve ever seen, especially the one on the left [sorry i don’t know which one is which :)] I always love chubby little babies, and her curls are to die for!!!

    [also nice to see a babyrazzi post without any negative comments for once!]

  7. Tanya says

    The babies are so adorable I just want to pick them up and hug them! Especially the one with the curly hair wakes up my maternal feelings!

  8. june says

    The twins are adorable, but Rebecca’s hair looks gray and old ladylike, which is strange…she usually looks lovely

  9. Annalise says

    Actually yes, now that I look closer they do look a lot alike. It’s funny how much hair can make a difference. The dark haired cutie looks a little bigger too but that might be how she is balanced on her mother’s lap. They are both the sweetest things…

  10. ali says

    I agree Nicole, their faces are identical. KayG, I read on people that Jerry was there, behind the camera man making the girls laugh.

  11. Barb says

    that’s so cool, the curly brunette looks like her dad, and the blonde looks just like rebecca. and both gorgeous kids!

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