Nicole Richie Setting Up Surprises For Harlow's Second Birthday

Today is Harlow Winter Kate Madden’s second birthday!

Nicole Richie, 28,  Tweeted before 6 a.m. this morning: “Up super early sneaking around the house in the dark setting up surprises for when my birthday girl wakes up!”

Harlow’s daddy Joel Madden, 30, was up even earlier (or perhaps had simply stayed awake) to Tweet an affectionate greeting: “Happy Birthday to the most beautiful little girl in the world. Harlow makes me proud every. single. Day. i’m blessed.”

Khloe Kardashian also had birthday wishes for Harlow. “Happy Birthday Harlow!!!” Khloe, 25, Tweeted Monday morning.

Shortly after Nicole and Joel welcomed their son, Sparrow, on September 9th grandfather Lionel Richie told Larry King that his daughter was “the happiest person I have met in my life…Right now, she’s just in total control. I’m the one that’s nervous. I’m Grandpa.”

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  1. Rachel says

    Nicole Ritchie is a mixture of African-American, Hispanic and Creole. Her biological father is Peter Michael Escovedo. Who cares if she got a nose-job. She’s beautiful however she chooses to be.

  2. oriana says

    HI Tia, Happy New Year my dear! Harlow has always been my favorite, she is just adorable and Oh So Cute! Love her!

  3. Hmmm says

    This kid is not cute at all. I agree that she has a wide nose but also in other pictures she has big lumps or bags under her eyes. What is so cute about that? Nicole is average looking, Joel is maybe average looking and they made an average looking kid, if that. I think she’s part black and part mexican. If you take this kids hair out of her barrettes, she has very kinky hair too. Again, nothing is cute about this kid at all.

  4. Annalise says

    No, but you were the one who said you don’t care what I think, which you clearly do. And thanks, I do like having the last word.

  5. Nicole says

    Yes…but I’m not the one that said “I could care less what you do,” you were. Anywho, it was fun while it lasted and of course you’ll have to get the last word in so I’ll give you the honor. Jab away!!

  6. Annalise says

    Right back at ya as you seem to be answering everyone one of mine. I find it amusing, shoot me….geez.

  7. Nicole says

    Obviously you DO care what I do, otherwise you wouldn’t be answering my every comment. Nice try though. =)

  8. Annalise says

    Don’t flatter yourself…..I could care less what you do. I am here just commenting like everyone else….just with a little more class than some.

  9. Nicole says

    Well, it’s a good thing that I really don’t care what you think of my comment, but if it makes you feel good to get that off of your chest then I’ll be sure to walk on eggshells next time….NOT!

  10. Hannah says

    BLssd-I actually do know that she is bi-racial. I think many bi-racial and african american people to be GORGEOUS. I personally just think that Harlow’s nose looks to big for her particular face. As she grows, maybe that will change. However, I find the daughters of Kimora Lee Simmons, Tiger Woods, and Halle Berry to be STUNNINGLY attractive however. I don’t however love harlow’s nose. On her face, it doesn’t look proportionate TO ME. others may disagree, its not really so important to me whether or not everyone shares my opinion.

  11. Annalise says

    Nicole, some opinions are too nasty to share. Making personal comments about something that cannot be changed is mean, but you are too nasty to realize that. Blssd was just clarifying something for someone and her comment did not offend me like yours did….

  12. Nicole says

    Annalise- opinions are to be verbalized on this website ad if you’re going to nit pick, why don’t you nit pick at Blssd who said, “She had plastic surgery to look more “white.” What the heck does that mean? Saying that I’m not attracted to black people is not being nasty. Are you attracted to every single race out there?

  13. Annalise says

    You are right Nicole, you are entitled to that opinion….but what kind of person verbalizes it? A nasty one, I say.

  14. Nicole says

    BLssd- I don’t find her cute either. I don;t find natural African-American features pretty though and I’m entitled to that opinion.

  15. BLssd says

    @Hannah, Harlow’s nose is just like Nicole’s. She had plastic surgery to look more “white.” People forget she’s biracial; she naturally has beautiful African-American features. Hopefully Harlow will embrace her heritage and keep her natural-born looks.

  16. sharrie says

    I think Harlow is precious and Nicole always has her hair done so cute. I cannot believe she is 2 already!

  17. Hannah says

    I personally do not find Harlow to be cute, but she’s always well dressed and seems really happy and full of personality. (well in other pictures, you see more personality than this one)…i think her nose is kind of wide and flat, but she’ll probably grow into it nicely.

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