Kendra Wilkinson Tweets About Sex & Birth Control

New mom Kendra Wilkinson is looking forward to sex – with birth control.

Kendra and husband, NFL player Hank Basket, welcomed son Hank Jr on December 11th. He weighed  9 lb 5 oz.

On Monday Kendra shared on Twitter:

2 more wks til i get to hit it hard at the gym..and sex of course(IUD) ;D lol. yayy.

Kendra previously talked about her weight loss plans and how she was initially bummed to have a C-section (she never progressed after an induced labor) as she loves her 6-pack abs and feared she wouldn’t get them back.

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  1. Dnice says

    How contradictory for people to be asking for Kendra to be private on a blog site. You come on this site to be all in their business and see their babies and husbands and have the nerve to even comment. Get off the high horses. You have to take the good with the bad. I’m just glad to see that she is still desiring her man after just giving birth.

  2. says

    Her baby is gorgeous but I agree with El – describing the wonderful side of pregnancy is great but the graphics behind how we got there is better left in the privacy of the bedroom. I think these celebs may do it for shock and ratings value though – seems to work!

  3. Kylie says

    el, i completely agree. i tried the twitter thing and was cancelling my account two days later. It’s pretty silly and self involved.

  4. el says

    Kylie you are right. Unfortunately, emotions presented
    through the printed word do not come off as clearly if spoken.
    I actually couldn’t care less. LOL. I just wanted to make
    a point about how silly all this information tweeting has become.

  5. Kylie says

    I’m not trying to argue, and I don’t think that she should twitter about her sex life. I do believe that private matters should be kept private. That being said however, I do not find her comment so offensive that I am about to get worked up over it. Sometimes I find it is easier to just let something like this blow over, without making it a bigger issue than it needs to be. The more you allow yourself to be offended or put off by it, the more it is going to annoy you. It’s kind of like that saying “choose your battles”…or another one that says “why make a mountain out of a molehill” or something to that effect

  6. Sara says

    I agree with el .. she may not have tweeted about positions this time, but she has before.
    I think Twitter accounts are dumb. Most of it is useless junk, like what you ate for dinner or what music you’re listening to.

  7. el says

    We all like sex. All we are saying is keep things to yourself.
    What’s so wrong with just saying Hank and I are so happy that we want to spend a little more time together. Do we really need to know what kind of birth control she uses.
    This isn’t an issue to argue over. It’s just that today
    personal decorum has gone out the window.

  8. kate says

    Why would any woman love this person? I don’t admire women who slept with Hugh Hefner and posed naked with HUGE implants. This couple makes me want to barf!

  9. Kylie says

    Oh come on…big whoop…she likes sex…who doesn’t? It’s not like she went into detail about positions and favorite techniques. Did we really need to know about it, no, but I mean…come on people…get over it, it’s really not that big of a deal.

  10. jayne says

    We love you, Kendra BUT isn’t anything private anymore? Like the kids say, that is TMI ( too much information )!!

  11. el says

    I hope that gotta lover her!!! is sarcasm. It’s time for
    people to keep their private lives private.

  12. Annalise says

    I love Kendra and her son has got to be one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!

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