Great Links!

Nicole Kidman and Sunday Rose in Australia.

Reese Witherspoon with Ava and Deacon in Beverly Hills.

Video of Brad and Angelina taking the kids to see Mary Poppins.


  1. Kylie says

    Ok, Sunday Rose is an absolute doll, and it’s nice to see pics of her, for me anyways, it’s been a while…I don’t catch many of her.

    And OMG….Ava is like a little carbon copy of her mother….We know what she’ll look like when she gets older, I guess!!!

  2. Annalise says

    Oh and Sunday Rose is adorable…she has the exact same hair colour as her mommy. So cute.

  3. Annalise says

    omg, the video of poor Brad and Angelina trying to take their kids to the movies makes me sick. I felt guilty watching it…even celebrities deserve some privacy. Shouldn’t have to deal with that just because you choose to be in the entertainment business. Sickening.

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