Seal & Heidi Klum Always Make Sure That Their Family Enjoys A White Christmas

Seal and Heidi always make sure that their children enjoy a white Christmas by booking into a snowy resort every year.

The couple, parents to four children, always make a reservation in a snowy hideaway over the festive season – and Seal doesn’t care where they go, as long as there’s snow.

Seal told Britain’s Closer magazine, “We always try to have a white Christmas each year, so we’re going to go to the snow. We’ll rent a house in whatever resort we go to, and it’s guaranteed to be very noisy. Heidi dresses everyone up on Christmas Eve and they open their presents, it’s great fun.”

And Seal admitted that both he and Heidi have turned down work over the holiday season so they can spend time with their kids, including baby Lou, who was born on October 9th.

He added, “Heidi’s done a couple of things since Lou was born, but she’s not working until January 1oth. You have to put your foot down come Christmas time – there are so many jobs that both of us have turned down.”


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