Trista & Ryan Sutter With Their Daughter

Trista and Ryan Sutter were snapped with their adorable daughter Blakesley Grace, 9-months-old, at the JCPenney “Joy of Giving” event in Hollywood Tuesday night to support Friends of Faro, helping the Tijuana Casa Hogar Sion orphanage.
Trista and Ryan also have a son, Max, 2
At the event, Trista revealed some of their family’s holiday traditions. “For the holidays we have a cookie decorating competition every year among our family,” she said. “We also always go snowshoeing and decorate a big tree outside.”


  1. aha says

    Of course they’e still together….as long as they can milk together!
    Ryan is gorgeous, truthfully, he’s way out of Trista’s league. I never found Trista hot.
    I mean she’s cute, and could look very pretty with the right make up & hair and all,
    but all and all, she’s a cute girl next door, nothing more.
    But she seems very aggressive and goes for what she wants.

  2. Hope says

    I love this couple. They are so real and happy with eachother, yet they also let you know they are not perfect. I find them refreshing.

  3. Not says

    Don’t like that name.
    I liked when Trista had the blonde hair on the Bachelorette. The dark hair doesn’t look good at all.
    They seem like a cute couple (I watched the original years ago).

  4. Sharrie says

    blech…who cares….why is she still in the news…her 15 seconds should have been up a long time ago…she made enough money. And I agree, Blakesly is a DA name….Fade out Trista…just go away, finally.

  5. METOO says

    #10 – What is wrong with you? You have NO respect! To throw around the name you are using like it is nothing really offends me.

  6. JesusHChrist says

    This chick needs to go lighter on her hair color…it looks horrible. Don’t they have a second kid? Where the heck is “it”?

  7. anti says

    I can’t stand this woman (fame whore) so I clicked on the comments and am glad that I’m not the only one who agrees that she’s annoying.

  8. Dnice says

    #4. Part of the reason I think they made it through is because they had actually started dating before the show.

  9. Patti says

    I think they are a great couple there the only couple that made it threw it all on tv and with out the tv just them and they both look very happy, Can’t say that for the other bachelor or bachlorette.
    So keep up the good work guys

  10. Love AZ says

    I’m amazed that these two still make the papers. I have never been a fan of hers. She always seemed so fake – ever since she was on the first Bachelor show.


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