Report: Child Protection Investigators Called to Tiger Woods' Home

The Florida Department of Children and Families has reportedly paid a visit to the Windemere, Fla., home golfer Tiger Woods shares with his wife, Elin Nordegren and their two young children.

When reached by Us magazine for comment, Capt. Angelo Nieves of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said his office was in contact with DCF, but would not confirm nor deny they visited Tiger Woods’ home.

“We met with Department of Family and Child Services on Friday afternoon,” Capt. Nieves told Us magazine. “I can tell you that it is a common occurrence when they need assistance. We have no information regarding their investigation or who may be involved.” reported that both a marked deputy’s car and an unmarked vehicle from the Florida Department of Children and Families were parked outside Tiger Woods’ home for roughly an hour around midday on Saturday.

There is no word as to if Tiger Woods, 33, dad to daughter Sam, 2, and son, Charlie, 10 months, was at the home at the time of the visit.




  1. Mia says

    How is she going to clean him out? She hasn’t been married to him for that long and the only monetary obligation that he will have once and if they get a divorce will be to his children. Elin doesn’t have any money and no job. She will go back to Sweden where hither she came from and Tiger will continue to play golf whether you like him or not.

  2. Analise says

    OMG who cares???? Oh right. The media and busybodies. Is he YOUR husband? Do you know how many celebs, make AND female cheat? How do you know YOUR man doesn’t cheat? Oh right. Your man would NEVER do that. And of course the June Cleaver’s on this board crucifying Tiger would/have never done it married or single. How about your neighbors? Your brother? Your sister? Your MOM?

    I don’t defend what he did, but he’s a fall guy. Read events leading up to this. Read who he rebuked. 99% of the time when a celeb scandal happens it’s all about selling and not race. But, in this case, if you think race isn’t a factor or politics guess again.

    And those of you wanting him to be ruined and his wife to have everything are typical sheep. Sure she should get something for the kids, but not his fortune. The last I checked she didn’t earn the money. You wouldn’t be screaming for the poor husband of a s lut celeb wife to get her assets. You’d be demanding she be vindicated. And finally, since all you, I or anyone looking in know is what the bimbos and the media tells us. And they would never do anything for money or ratings. Tiger clearly isn’t innocent, but there are far, FAR worse people in the world.

  3. carol says

    Elin has made a public statement being out and around town without her wedding ring. She made sure it was noticed. One affair would not have been something she couldn’t get over but 6 or how ever many there have been would be extemely difficutl. Tiger has a hugh problem, he seemed to have gotten attached to all these women, if u believe what they say. And since they are all saying the same thing, and I have noticed they are all they same type I tend to believe them. I think Tiger is better off being single. It appears the married life is not for him.

  4. ali says

    Neither Tiger or Elin have made any sort of public statement about these rumors, why should we believe these women? A waitress, a porn star, any chance we could be looking for a paycheck ladies? I, for one, still think he’s the greatest thing to ever hit a golf course. The PGA should be mourning him until his return.

  5. Love AZ says

    The guy is scum and I hope he really takes a major fall for all of this.

    Risking your wife’s life and kids’ lifves with STD’s is unforgiveable!!!! Jesus I hope she gets every dime coming to her and then some.

    Just waiting for the other shoe to drop – which slut will claim that she is pregnant or had his child. This guy is a disgrace and a fraud.

  6. yousu says

    Some men/women cheat, some don’t. It’s not a “man” thing. I do feel bad for the wife (or any spouse that’s been cheated on). Think about all of the STDs he’s exposed her to – it’s sickening! Forget whether he gets one or not, it was his choice, but it was most certainly not his wife’s choice to be exposed!

    The dude’s either a sex addict, or someone with a real fear of commitment (yes he married, but perhaps for show). I feel bad for the wife and the children. Tiger had ever right not to get married, or not to stay married if he didn’t want to.

  7. Annie says

    Shot down by the white media? Did someone force him to do these things? Have i missed something?
    Why is it so hard to be an honest person? I don’t get it!

    How can you feel good about yourself and not rot inside if you are lying and cheating constantly? And how can you think, no one is ever going to find it out? They really must think of themselves as half-gods.

    I feel sorry for his beautiful wife and these adorable children. It must be so hard to find out that your husband is living a lie.

  8. cArLeIgH says

    Ferne, why try to minimize what Tiger did to his wife and family by bringing race into it?? This man would still be a scumbag regardless of what color he might be. Once a dog, always a dog. I hope his beautiful wife gets every single dime he has and runs away from him and raises those children far away from the American spotlight, only then will they likely get some type of peace.

  9. adysmom says

    i agree .i could care less bout tiger woods. and its all nancy grace talks about. last week she made 45 minutes on what a tabloid said on him and turned it into a show. and only talked 5 minutes on a missing child. you would think trying to bring home a missing child would be more important

  10. myrna says

    don’t feel sorry for him!! she is going to clean him out!! lol!!! his reputation is tarnished!!! what a dog!!! not even his millions are going to save him!! lmaol!!!!

  11. cg says

    2 questions:how could he cheated on such a beautifull wife?How did he find time to do things like that?a wife,2 young kids,a career,and more going on?they say a picture worth a thousand words,looking at that would think so.However,it ‘s not always so,i guess.they look such a happy family.

  12. ali says

    Thank you Dori! I feel so bad for them! The only thing to come from either of the Woods’ directly is Tiger’s blanket apology, which was really released too early. Name a couple that hasn’t had trouble, any one. The only difference is these two have to deal with fame. Such garbage we allow ourselves to get sucked into, give them peace!

  13. dori says

    oh g-d enough already. No one knows the whole truth This is a lot of speculation… why is this tabloid crap all over the news anyway?

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