Duggar Baby Born Prematurely Due To Preclampsia

Michelle Duggar’s 19th baby was born prematurely at 1 lb., 6 oz., because Michelle suffered a rare condition during pregnancy that causes high blood pressure, her doctor said.

The condition, preeclampsia, which affects 5 to 8 percent of pregnancies, was discovered when Michelle was admitted to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to evaluate pain related to a gall bladder problem, said Dr. Paul Wendel, director of the hospital’s Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

“The obstetrical and neonatal teams reached the collaborative decision [Thursday] that Mrs. Duggar needed an emergency C-section to ensure the blood pressure problem would not be detrimental to her or the baby,” said Dr. Paul Wendel.

Daughter Josie Brooklyn was born at 6:27 p.m. Thursday and is in stable condition in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

“Michelle is recovering well from surgery,” Dr. Paul Wendel said.



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  5. Jacks says

    Ok first off: I truly and sincerely hope that the mom and baby get better. There’s nothing worse than losing an innocent child.

    However, I don’t think she should get pregnant again. 19 kids is way too many. Plus it seems impossible to raise that many kids without having SOME major problems. Like resentment from the other kids, financial problems, and major stress for both parents. Also the fact the baby is in danger shows that her body probably can’t handle another baby.

    Also I think it’s unfair that the Octomom got slammed and everything for having her kids and yet this family has 19! Octomom has what? 14 kids? Let’s face it, the only reason why people hate her is because she’s unwed and isn’t white. Hate to bring out the race card but it’s true.

    Anyways I hope Michelle gets better and hopefully this is a wake-up call.

  6. valentine says

    Those of you who say that Michelle Duggar doesn’t raise her children have never been exposed to how a large and healthy family works. She doesn’t “pass her kids off to her other children,” she is raising her family with a feeling of closeness and responsibility. Those children will want to, and know how to, take care of each other long after their parents are gone. Also, I have seen mothers that get exasperated (as I do) with their one child and fly off the handle. It is amazing to me how she is able to treat her enormous family with love and patience all of the time.

    Also, I am disgusted by those of you who say that one pregnancy with complications is a “sign” not to have any more children. After I had an ugly miscarriage in my first pregnancy, if someone had told me that it was a sign that I shouldn’t try for another child I would have been blown away by their insensitivity and IGNORANCE. Complications happen. It is staggering how often. And the fact that she has had 18 totally successful pregnancies tells me that this is something that this woman was BORN to do.

    Everyone should mind their own business. They are self-sufficent and good parents.

  7. JEN says

    I watch the show a lot and i always see the parents involved but i can’t say they are the same way when the cameras are off people act very different when they are in the public eye. I am a mother of 2 and i have a hard time spending time with my kids so i don’t know how they split their time between 19. I feel bad for The Duggars that they have a child in the hospital. My daughter was in the NICU when she was born and that by itself is a full time job. I hope that little Josie does well and is a happy and healthy baby. I think Michelle should look at this as a wake up call and appreciate the kids that she has because there are people out there who can’t have kids at all. She should stop having kids for her health and for her kids health. God forbid something happens to her she will leave behind 19 kids that need her. Love and kisses to the family. May God Bless them

  8. Tam says

    She doesn’t even raise her kids.. she puts that duty to the oldest children…… forcing parenthood on them before they choose to have their own children..

    shes needs to get a hysterectomy.

  9. adysmom says

    #36 yes her risk of down syndrome is higher becuz of her age but that doesnt mean she will have a child with it. im only 26 and my lil ady has mosaic down syndrome. she is almost two.

    now a days the odds of having down’s babies are more for my age group and its more becuz we are having more babies. i know the duggars love having children and love their children. i still think its her choice.

    they are the ones who should be sterile. not a loving caring mother

  10. ali says

    #39 Octo mom should be attacked, rather her doctors should. She had no business having more children.

    As far as the Duggars go, at least they are providing for the care of their children, not looking for handouts. It is entirely up to them how many children they wish to have, if anyone’s actually watched their show you’d see how well behaved, curtious and caring their children are. More power to them. Best wishes to baby Josie and her parents, nobody should have to go through the fear and trauma of problems with their newborn.

  11. Amber says

    There is a very good reason for her to not have any more children…..This child was born very premature with a very low birth weight. She is at great risk for long term developmental disabilities and serious medical issues due to her prematurity. The more pregnancies to the more risk of premature birth due to the weakened cervix and uterus. In addition, she is not getting any younger, her risk for having a child with a developmental disability such as Down Syndrome raises considerably with each year. Why risk it? And this child will need considerably more care and supervision and will require an extended stay in the hospital ($$$$) There are other children suffer because of this. A special needs child can also be a big financial burden on the family as well as emotionally, not to say that they are not loved, but imagine adding a special needs child to a family of 18….

  12. Mommy to a mixed boy n girl says

    #33 i do not know if Mrs Duggar has gotten medical advice to stop having children. But its good u took your own doctors advice to stop. I never said to go against professional medical advice about conceiving. I personally could give a rats *** what the next person tells me about my wanting to have a large family or not. BUT if a DR gave me advice based on my health n my children, i would of course follow that advice.

    #37 I never attacked octo-mom either. But i understand where u are coming from.

    Anywho…i am done and over this topic. I still wish the Duggar family the best with all children being healthy as well as the parents.

  13. Lisa says

    I find it so interesting that people attack “octo mom” for having her large bunch of kids, but then can defend this woman with so many kids. I do not agree that the family is able to support them… they only support them because of their tv show!! I think it is actually child abuse to feature your family’s day to day life in a “reality” show. I actually think it is abusive to have so many children in one family. There is no way the parents can actually look after them all, so the older ones are forced to raise the siblings.

  14. Tia :) says

    Im sorry, i wish this family nothing but happiness and health..I pray for their little one, but im going to agree with #34. I think her body needs a break. Her children need a mom more then she needs to conceive another child.

  15. sueellen says

    I agree that she is NOT raising her kids. The older ones raise the younger ones. They have very little education other than violin lessons. They seem like a nice family (unlike greedy Kate Gosselin). She is risking her health and her baby’s health now. 1.5 pounds is ridiculous and very sad. The baby will be a miracle if it pulls through and with no medical problems (cerebral palsy, blindness, heart defects).

  16. kate says

    #26: Please do NOT write a novel.

    Pre-eclampsia is NOT rare as the paragraph claims. I know other women who got it and Trista Sutter from the Bachelorette also had it with her first baby (and she’s skinny and healthy).

    Duggars need to stop. She’s getting too old and has had too many C-sections. I am afraid she’s going to start having Down Syndrome babies and serious medical problems being pregnant EVERY year.

  17. Mary says

    Can’t people just leave it at “I hope the baby gets better and grows to be as healthy as possible. Hopefully, the mother recovers nicely, and and well wishes to the rest of their family also. This must be a very scary time for them all.”

  18. Olivia's Mommy says

    I wish her and the baby both a speedy recovery, but I really do feel that this is her body’s way of saying “This is enough..”. Her seeming desire to constantly stay pregnant is alarming, and I agree with the above comments that she seems to enjoy her children more when they are babies and need her on a bigger level- when they are older they get set up with an older sibling and the process starts all over again.

    She is incredibly lucky that neither she nor her babies have had any real health issues up until this point, but that doesn’t mean that it will ALWAYS be that way.

    I think that she should enjoy the (many) children that she has, and give her body a much needed break.

  19. nosoupforyou says

    This woman does not take care of her children. They are assigned to an older sibling.

    Yes, this is also about over population and stressing the earths resources. There are 19 children and it looks like the children will follow their parent’s route. Why do you think there is a one child rule in China?

    There is no one here that said they do not wish the child to be healthy.

    ..”physically and mentally challenged children usually tend to be from inheritance. ” I work in a very large agency that serves disabled children. This statement is FALSE.

    I had severe pre-eclampsia with my youngest son. I was transported by trauma helicopter to UCSF Med CTR where he was born at 29-30 weeks. I was warned to STOP having children. I have two sons. I stopped.

    Anon, if you do not wish to discuss the issue at hand, you do not need to do so. There is an off button.

  20. Love AZ says

    Exactly #31.

    Nature is saying STOP!!!!! She needs to get a clue.

    Her older children should not be surrogate parents to the younger ones. I thinks she’s enjoying the notariety of having 19 kids. It’s twisted and sad.

  21. yousu says

    You women are freakshows!

    This is an obvious sign that the woman should stop having children. If this premature infant has health problems, will stop and take care of this baby or have one of the eldest take care of her?

    A parent is one who takes care of their children. This woman is not a parent because her children are taking care of her younger children. Her children are the parents. This woman is an attention…! I think she likes the attention of being pregnant, but she does not like the responsibility of taking care of them once they are out. I wonder who takes care of the children when they are sick?

  22. anonymous says

    Never said you were a bad parent. You just seem to get so overly excited that it sounded to me like you needed a break. Just reading your posts gets me lauging. You are too invested in this argument and it’s ridiculous.

    I was not being rude. I haven’t called anyone on this site ignorant or anything else for that matter.

    This discussion is over…. you are clearly overstressed or something.

  23. Mommy to a mixed boy n girl says

    and funny how everything in a negative persons mouth always has to end with the other person being a bad parent! nice try!

  24. Mommy to a mixed boy n girl says

    EXCUSE ME anonymous but i havent visited this site in months!!! And exactly for that same reason. I thought i would swing by the other day again and there are still the same negativities all over. And its everywhere and its annoying. I can say when something is annoying or not and I can visit whatever site i feel like! U are NOT one to tell me what i should or shouldnt do! If u feel like being rude and childish then maybe u should be back in high school! UGH!!!!!!

  25. anonymous says


    If you are “tired of going to every column” and seeing negative comments, then stop going to every column.

    Maybe you should fill your day with other things like your kids perhaps…..

  26. Mommy to a mixed boy n girl says

    ANONYMOUS i started off my comment regarding your post. But the rest of my post was aimed towards everyone else who has nothing better to say than to say she should stop having kids. I never said u said that. I only said your comment was ignorant because physically and mentally challenged children usually tend to be from inheritance. And yes she has been at higher risk pregnancies since she reached 35 but that doesnt mean the children she had before that age were prone to disabilities just because she has had many of them. Each pregnancy is different for everyone! And PEOPLE u cant just say that preeclamsia or gestational diabetes or any other pregnancy related problem will happen to HER just cuz she had chosen to have many children. It can happen to anyone!!!!

    And #18 WOW i didnt know that the Duggars kids were overpopulating the earth! LMAO to that one cuz its hilarious!! I forget what the name is of that movie with Clive Owen where the world is falling apart because no one can have babies anymore. And the immensely small percent that can are a miracle. Perhaps u would prefer a world like that? Majority of people in this world are not having 20 kids each. But i think its a miracle to the ones that can and will do it regardless of what other people say or think!

    #24 it is not my business to criticize how many kids other people have, especially if they are supporting themselves! U say she should stop cuz its not fair to herself, well no one is holding a gun to her head forcing her to have baby after baby. She is doing because thats what she wants to do! Thats what i dont get! Y does everyone else care to criticize about that! She is happy having that many kids. She doesnt wanna live the lifestyle that society says is right. THIS lifestyle is right to her! So let her be happy! Who is anyone to say what will make her happy but herself! Can u people understand me on this one?

    And yes everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m just so sick and tired of going to every column and alwayssss seeing negative comments and there is always saying something bad about someone! Just let people be! I just dont get it!!!

  27. anonymous says


    Why is a comment about her being so lucky so far (with no kids having any kind of disabilities, etc.) being ignorant??

    I never understand people like you who have to criticize others who have an opinion on these blogs. Just by the amount of kids she has had ups her odds of POTENTIALLY having a child with a problem. My point was, she’s north of 40 and has had 19 kids. MAYBE her body is telling her something. I never said she didn’t have the right to have as many kids as she wants.

    Your “2 cents” as you put it was the exact same thing I said in my first statement – we hope the baby and her will be just fine. Don’t put words in people’s mouth. Just understand that others do have different points of view on a subject. It doesn’t make them ignorant.

  28. Christina says

    # 15 do u think it is rational to have as many as 19 kids?
    Do u think her body can handle this?
    What about the time she should spend for herself as a human being?
    She has been breeding all her life….it is not fair…not for her nor for over-populating the world…JMO

  29. Christina says

    She should stop this ,see now even God is telling her to stop or I’ll give you the Preeclampsia….

  30. Lauren says

    I hope Michelle and the baby recover quickly. That’s always a horrible thing to have happen. I hate to say it, but she needs to give it a rest. All these pregnancies are bound to take their toll. Hopefully, she’ll enjoy her new baby and her children and just be happy with what they were blessed enough to have.

  31. Mommy 2 a mixed boy n girl says

    #4 why would any of her kids have physical or mental disabilities?? I didnt know having alot of kids made u more succeptible to having mentally or physically challenged children. I believe ur comment was very ignorant!!! My 2 cents in this post is that i hope the baby turns our perfectly healthy and survives! And secondly, i believe everyone is allowed as many children as they wish. I dont think anyone should dictate how many kids one should have. Especially when they are supporting themselves. Society claims 2 kids is the perfect norm. Well human nature has no limits n being fruitful is what keeps people on this earth. I’m so annoyed by people trying to dictate how many kids someone should have. Get over it!

  32. adysmom says

    i know what you mean. i have one and another on the way and sometimes i feel like im way over my heard. i cant imagine all their kids…i think she should stop having kids but on the same note im not one to tell someone else what to do.. …as long as they are happy and its what they want who am i to judge…at least the duggars havent gone all hollywood like john and kate did….thats when it hurts the kids

  33. shar says

    I really hope and pray everything is ok with poor little Josie. 🙁 I remember on a show they said they conceived on fathers day so that would be about 26 weeks along? very scary for them all.

  34. NS Girl says

    How far along was she? That’s an extremely low birth weigh…was she even 25 weeks? I hope the baby survives…but she definitely needs to have her tubes tied or something! She has been very lucky so far with her other births but enough is enough. I don’t quite get it.

  35. Michaela says

    Morvicart, that’s probably because you’re the one actually RAISING your kids. Not sure I’d call what Mrs. Duggar does parenting. As far as I can tell, Michelle gives birth, nurses them for six months and then hands them off to one of her older children as a “buddy” and starts counting down to the next one.

  36. morvicart says

    I don’t know how she does it … I find myself having a hard time sometimes with the two I have … wondering who’s wrong here …

  37. Melissa R. says

    I agree with all of you. At least they aren’t on any programs and they do seem to take good care of the children they have. It is my opinion that she should stop having kids, I’m not sure if she is trying to set a record or what. In the tv interview they had a few months ago, she said they have a “buddy” system where an older child is matched up with a younger child and the older one is responsible for the younger one. My great-grandparents had 24 kids, 21 survived to adulthood. They lived in North Dakota on a farm, so all kids helped out.

  38. anonymous says

    Of course we hope the baby and Michelle will be just fine. However, this should be a wake up call to her that her baby making days should be over.

    She has been incredibly lucky that will all the kids she has had, there has been no mental or physical disabilities, etc. This might be her body’s way of saying “enough”.

  39. takentothegrave says

    Why not take a break & enjoy some time with your husband & your – no doubt soon to be grandchildren.

  40. Kristal says

    there are so many people who are so critical of the duggar family. I am disgusted at the negative comments. How could anyone say something so negative at a time in which their CHILD, regardless of how many they have, is at such a critical stage in her so far short life. at least they take care of their family and dont depend on the programs that so many other people seem to think they deserve. its one thing to have a lot of children and be able to take care of them with your own money, its another to have children so you can get on programs. I wish you well Duggar family.

  41. jo says

    Ahmen to that RubyJackson. This lady needs to look after herself so she can take good care of her kids. Hope the baby is ok.

  42. RubyJackson says

    Too bad they didn’t perform a hysterectomy on her at the same time. This woman needs to give it a rest.

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