Nicole Richie Shares Impromptu Family Photo Shoot

Nicole Richie, 28, posted four fun pics on her official website of herself, boyfriend Joel Madden, daughter Harlow, 22 months, and son Sparrow, 3 months, on Nicole and Joel’s bed.

Nicole wrote, “Happy Wednesday!”



  1. says

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  4. oriana says

    The baby is very cute and I don’t know of any baby that smiles all the time, of course I meant Joel!

  5. adysmom says

    i love love love nicole richie. a few years back i wouldnt of said the same thing but she is one helluva a mommy and she is a great and beautiful human being. i love how she turned her life around and made something of her self. she is an awesome person. and her kids are adorable

  6. Mommy 2 a mixed boy n girl says

    my comment is awaiting moderation cuz of what?? i stated the kids are beyond adorable. and i am beyond annoyed when ppl bring out the whole WHEN ARE THEY GONNA GET MARRIED ALREADY. mind ur own business! i am not married either and my bf and i have 2 kids.

    as far as the no smiling on the baby, my kids dont smile for camera either. son going on 4 and daughter 17 months. does that mean something is wrong with them? ppl stop being so critical!

  7. Mommy 2 a mixed boy n girl says

    ughhhh when am i gonna ever see comments with no hating jealousy comments in them! i think this is such a beautiful family! the kids are beyond adorable! they look so normal!!! n so what shes wearing sunglasses! i doubt shes trying to look “chic”! probably just her way of being funny in what is obviously funny pix.

    and my kids rarely smile in pix! its like i whip out the camera and their faces drop the smiles and just stare! i have to literally make them laugh just to snap a shot of them smiling. n they are perfectly normal, very bright children! my son is going on 4 and my daughter is 17 months.

    AND my boyfriend and i are not married either! oooooh should i be in jail now or what??!! what is it with the need for marriage when u have kids. let ppl marry on their own terms and time. we live together and act just like a married family. only difference is there is no rings on fingers or paper stating legal marriage. give it a rest already! and mind ur own business!!! jeeeeeez it just annoys the heck outta me!

  8. What the.... says

    Joel looks stoned. Nicole probably gave me some of her coke and he snorted it……And she’s an idiot with her sunglasses on. When are they 2 getting married? Geez. Sickening.

  9. lolla says

    It doesn’t look as if daddy is with the family at all if u know what i cute kids though

  10. dori says

    everyone has a right to state their opinions for one blogger to pick on another because of what she says is junior high school nonsense. Knock it off it doesn’t belong in here.

  11. dori says

    whats so lovely they are sitting at home goofing around Nicole didn’t even bother to remove her sunglasses I’m not impressed at all.

  12. Annalise says

    Really? I must be blind because to me it looks like Joel is smiling. The only one who doesn’t look like he is smiling is the baby…to me, that is.

  13. R & E's Mom says

    I take it that Oriana is talking about Joel, not the baby! She is right, he isn’t smiling in the pictures.

  14. Lauren says

    Such a beautiful family!! Harlow is soo cute & lively. She definately has Nicole’s personality! Sparrow looks just like his dad. Too cute!!

  15. guest says

    although the pics are very cute, did anyone else notice that Joel looks identical in every single picture?? hmmm….

  16. Katie says

    Omg, Harlow is just too cute in these pictures! She’s having so much fun! Great pics, and nice looking family 🙂

  17. AuntieAnn says

    Funny, I thought Oriana was talking about Joel – not Sparrow. Joel looks exaclty the same in all the photos, like a cardboad figure. Hilarious! They seems like a such a fun family!

  18. Annalise says

    And oriana…of course there is nothing wrong with him He’s only three months old, some babies that age aren’t so easy to smile. Not my son though, you’d look at him sideways and he’d be smiling…but they aren’t all like that. What I would like to know is what’s wrong with you that you could not have found a bit of a nicer way to say what you thought?

  19. Melissa says

    I think Joel is cheating on Nicole. Don’t be surprised when it all comes out in the weeklys just like Tiger Woods.

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