Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen Welcome A Son!


Tom announced the birth at a press conference Wednesday, calling it “a wonderful experience in my life.”

He said the baby and mom are in good health. He added that they have not picked out a name yet.

He also said the baby’s birth will not affect his availability for Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers.

After being asked a lot of questions about the birth, Tom told reporters, “Let’s talk football.”

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, 32, and his super model wife Gisele Bundchen, 29, have welcomed a son!

People magazine had no details on the birth or the name of the baby, citing anonymous sources. It was unclear whether Gisele had the baby in Boston or elsewhere.

Tom was scheduled to have a news conference at Gillette stadium late Wednesday morning.

Gisele was spotted in Boston’s Chestnut Hill neighborhood over the weekend shopping for baby clothes, the Boston Herald said. She reportedly told a clerk she wasn’t due for another two weeks.

The new addition joins big brother Jack, 2. (Tom’s son with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan)


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  1. h8mostofyou says

    sometimes people pick out names ahead of time, but then the baby is born and it doesn’t seem like those names fit.


  2. anonymous says

    Exactly Dori.

    The guy sounds like a jerk to me. He leaves the first gal while she’s pregnant and hooks up with Gisele (I never got why she is such a big deal anyway – big nose, annoying accent, too skinny, etc.)

    Now he has a baby with Gisele. Wow, he can get women pregnant.. what a hero. Wonder how long that relationship will last.

  3. Romeo Blue says

    I agree with Sues, Mia, dori, – they are both classless idiots. I don’t understand what the big deal is with this couple. She is not attractive at all and sounds pretty dumb and we all know he’s a moron and now after 9 months don’t have a name picked out. They both need to take their heads out of their A****.

  4. dori says

    whats the big deal .. he had a baby with another woman about a year ago didn’t he? He deserves a kick in the ass not credit..

  5. Mia-me-ofcourse says

    Kid must be awfully dumb,…because, its obvious giselle is wearing the pants in this relationship and since she is a dumb as a rock I can only imagine that guys IQ!!

  6. joyang says

    the chils birth woudnt affect tom’s availability,instead it will give him inspiration,for his next game,hurrah for u tom and gissele.god bless the baby.

  7. Wow can we read??? says

    #4- He said “it was a wonderful experience in my life.” No where does he say the greatest thing.
    And what happened with Jacks mom was she didn’t allow him to be present for the actual birth, so he missed that with Jack. They were broken up before she even knew she was pregnant, so I can see why she might not want him in the delivery room. He was at the hospital, but did not witness the birth of his first son, so I’m sure it was a wonderful experience for him to witness the birth of his second child. I am curious to hear what they named him.

  8. melissa says

    i just think it is strange that he thinks this birth is the greatest thing. makes me curious about what happened between him and bridget. just strange

  9. Niloofar says

    Good looking couple, their son will be quite a pretty baby…
    I don’t like Tom Brady though, he sounds like a jerk…Bridget is better off , I think she’s more beautiful that Gisele, she may have a great body but Bridget is way more beautiful!!

  10. Melly says

    Well if these children look anything like their parents, they will be blessed with great looks, that’s for sure.

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