Brad & Angelina Take Maddox To Movie Premiere

Brad and Angelina were snapped with son Maddox, 8, at Thursday night’s premiere of Invictus in Beverly Hills.



  1. Anne says

    Both of them have too much on their plate and need to take time off and just be parents. Brad looks terrible and needs a shave and AJ needs to fatten up. Stop trying to save the world AJ and disappear for a year and enjoy your children and each other.

  2. Anne says

    Why the ugly beard Brad? He looks like an old man and right now I doubt if Jennifer Anniston would be interested in him.

  3. Kati says

    dori – maybe that beard is for the role in his next movie Lost City of Z. I´m not sure but that is my guess. I don´t like that horrible beard at all but I guess after the movie is made – whenever that is – he´ll shave it off. Otherwise he looks sexy as always.

  4. dori says

    honestly my honest feeling is that Brad and Angie are big drinkers. Even on Halloween they were walking around with the kids with cocktails in their hands …. Pregnant? I don’t think so…..
    Brad has been seen lately drinking a lot thats why he looks old.

  5. dori says

    angie looks like death warmed over and brad couldn’t have put on a more fake smile… this marriage is on the rocks and it’s becomming obvious.. even with their mediocre acting skills they can’t hide it anymore. They are downright awkward together.. why bother with the happy family act anyway… more BS from the Brangeklina bunch
    DFon’t you love the way theres always a camera crew with Angie when she goes on these “goodwill” outings of hers. Now who brings a camera crew? Only one who WANTS the publis to believe she is a good person You don’t do things for recognition but from your heart otherwise don’t bother it’s just more BS

  6. Kati says

    Lisa – I absolutely agree with you. As beautiful as Suri is she could stop dressing up for a while and wear more practical clothes. I love the Jolie-Pitt kids because they wear whatever they want. If that means that at the moment Shiloh wants to dress like a boy and be a tomboy so what? She knows full well that she´s a little girl but wants to dress like a boy. That is just a phase in her development and will go away in time. When she was younger she wore these beautiful dresses and I´m sure that she still does. But when she goes out with mum or dad she wants to act like a tomboy. Wonder if Vivienne will be more of a girly girl or a tomboy when she grows up. LOL.

  7. Lisa says

    I think they look great…and as a mom/step-mom to 7 kids, I can relate to being tired, and aging. They look natural and happy, and that is what matters. I can’t stand the way some celeb kids are dressed up (aka Suri). Brad and Angie’s kids look like “real” kids, wearing what they want to wear. I don’t like Brad’s beard either, but, either he likes it, or it’s for a part. Whatever, it’s his face!

  8. Baby #7 on the way... says

    This is how Angelina looked when she was pregnant early on with Shiloh and the twins. She looks beautiful but a bit queasy. All the other pictures I’ve seen of this event about half she has that queasy look. That loose shawl cover thing is a dead giveaway. Plus Maddox is covering her growing belly in every shot. Awwww, wonderful news.

  9. Mirella says

    What a terrible picture!!!! This is the worst Angelina has ever looked. and Brad you must do something about the beard…it’s making you age faster!

  10. Anonymous says

    OMG! Maddox looks just adorable in this picture. And I don´t see anything wrong with Brad and Angie. They both seem really happy to be out with their eldest son attending a premiere of their good friend Clint Eastwood´s new movie. The more one looks at Angie the more one see how much she is starting to remind her late mother the older she gets. I don´t like Brad´s beard so much but otherwise he looks sexy as always. In my opinion he has aged gracefully. Any man with six kids would look tired from time to time but I don´t think he looks tired in these pics. He looks proud to be out with his partner and their eldest. He waited to have a family for so long that he is now enjoying his life as a family man and certainly wouldn´t change that into anything in the whole world no matter what the rags say!

  11. Helen says

    Bad Picture, body language expert calling. He looks like he does not even like his hands to tough her where their hands meet on Mad’s shoulders. Her hand is around him, both his hands are on Maddox.

  12. sarai says

    good for brad for not being afraid to show his age and staying away from surgery and botox like so many of his peers. it’s nice to see someone in hollywood not feeling the need to conform to silly standards of beauty. i applaud him. this is what a man, close to 50 who has six kids looks like. aged and normal.
    maddox is adorable. this family has such cute kids. every single one of them and always so well behaved too.
    unfortunately angie is dressed like a grandma and looks thin but she still has a gorgeous face.

  13. Kathy says

    I thought the same about “Family Adams”, anyway they are real characters and i love Brad style. he looks natural!!!

  14. oriana says

    Brad has really aged and it is showing and has been for a long time. He looks happy enough to me. I think Maddox is very cute and is dressed cute also. Angie, I think she has lost weight but she still has a gorgeous face.

  15. Zinnia says

    Angelina’s eyes look freakishly huge.
    Brad looks like a member of ZZ-top.
    And poor little Mad is dressed like a pimp as Myrna stated.
    Not lookin’ good Brangelina.

  16. myrna says

    gross!! she looks mental!! brad looks ridiculous!!! mmmm maddox looks like a miniature pim!! lol!!

  17. jade says

    come on y’all-people get old. Brad is mid 40’s he’s not going to look young forever-NO ONE DOES!!
    And I think what a testament to his accepting who he is-a father first and a man who’s job is acting.
    He looks fine.

  18. Amanda says

    Wow Brad and Angie look horrible! Angie’s hand looks like it belongs to a grandmother. Is she having health problems?
    Brad does look really old and totally needs to do something with that beard.

    Maddox looks very good and happy!

  19. Gbaby says

    wow brad pitt is aging super fast, and the beard just adds on to the aging despite all his deep wrinkles, i think ever since he’s been with angelina hes been looking older and older and older

  20. Nicole says

    I don’t care what anyone says- Angelina is ugly. She is built like an old lady. Having big lips doesn’t automatically make you pretty.

  21. Just Me says

    With so many little kids, it’s nice they spend one on one time with the older ones, although I don’t know if I would have picked this movie!
    Angelina and Maddox look great, not liking Brad’s beard and grunge look, though.

  22. Niloofar says

    Oh my…Maddox is a big boy now, he’s cute but AJ and Brad are not in their best looks! nice pic though…keep ’em coming webmistress!

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