Sarah Jessica Parker On The Challenges Of Balancing Her Career & Motherhood

Sarah Jessica Parker welcomed twins Marion and Tabitha via a surrogate in June, and she opened up in the January issue of Glamour magazine about feeling both blessed and regretful as she tries to juggle her career with raising three kids.

On her expanding family:

“Nothing can really describe what it’s like to have two new little girls. It’s been very different than when James arrived, since our family expanded in an untraditional way. We didn’t plan on having two, but were doubly blessed, and it’s been just wonderful. [Tabitha and Marion] just turned four months old today! One would prefer to be held 24 hours a day, and the other is already suffering from type A issues. It’s been amazing but complicated because of my current work schedule, which I have enormous regrets about.”

On being a working woman with a nanny:

“It is the eternal conflict of every working woman, and I am not complaining, because I’ve done this to myself. And I have a wonderful, wonderful nanny who allows me to be a working person. The great challenge for me is to be all things to all people; I want to be a great mother, and I want to feel good when I’m at work. But it is hard.”

 On how she dresses in the morning:

“Whatever’s practical for being a mother. I walk my son to school, and I don’t want to embarrass him.”



  1. Anne says

    What they say and what really happens are two different things. They always make out that everything appears so simple, yeah right!

  2. kate says

    What does she say “we weren’t planning on two?” She used 2 donated eggs and had the surrogate carry them. This was planned.

    I can’t wait to SATC 2

  3. BELLA says

    i would be skipping around too if i had the kind of help she has….and no stretch marks…. WHO CARES!!

  4. Zinnia says

    On how she dresses in the morning:
    “Whatever’s practical for being a mother. I walk my son to school, and I don’t want to embarrass him.”

    Oh really? If you don’t want him to be embarassed why don’t you put some effort into how HE is dressed. That poor kid always looks homeless and in need of a comb. His clothes always look a size too small. I hope she dresses the girls better than that.

  5. jime says

    i really don’t like this woman, her babies grew in the womb of another woman and do not think it was necessary, she lost the connection with them, but she will not stop being a woman or mother if she leaves her career for a while….I think she is very selfish, children are brought to love them, cherish them and raise them, if not, why she did not adopt one then?, there are so many children worldwide who would be raised by at least by a babysitter because they don know who are their parents and anything that poverty and loneliness means a lot to them but mostly feel loved and someone cares about them .. I really don’t like this woman, she doesn’t show maternal instinct.

  6. morvicaud says

    Come on Sara, Julia Roberts did it, Gwyneth Paltrow did it and I don’t see them being forgotten! If you’re big, the business will come back to you! SJP is big isn’t she? No excuse! And that is two babies we are talking about! No no no, I don’t like this …

  7. Sara says

    According to SJP has 5 movies in the works. Three in various stages of production and two projects she has not officially been declared attached to. I’m sure SJP meant that she regrets over committing herself. Most women are bad about over-committing to things that they think they have time for and can juggle. Also acting is not like the every moms job. If she stays out of the public eye too long there may not be any jobs for her wen she gets back. It’s not like maternity leave from an accounting firm. Granted nanny’s are a stretch, but at least the babies aren’t being neglected.

  8. Niloofar says

    Agreed…My mom always worked when I was a little kid she didn’t accept to take off work, I had a nanny who was very good though, but I always missed my mom that was too bad!

  9. myrna says

    ha ha ha!! balancing her career? nannies are the ones taking care of all of these celebrities babys. koodos for the nannies!!

  10. constance says

    I have to agree with you. Some people aren’t blessed enough to take off work, but she got it. Take off work, your missing the best part of your childs life.

  11. morvicaud says

    Sorry but I don’t get this! I know I’m blessed for having been able to stay home with my two first babies until they were 14 and 15 months and I intend to do the same for my third due in february … but this all thing with celebrity mums who cannot put their carrier on hold for the sake of their babies, I find that inapropriate! They can’t complain after that to be called bad mums!!! What is 1 year, really???

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