Helio Castroneves & Girlfriend Welcome A Daughter

Indy car driver and former Dancing with the Stars champ Helio Castroneves and girlfriend Adriana Henao welcomed a daughter Mikaella at 4:15 p.m. Monday in Atlanta, Entertainment Tonight confirmed.

The baby girl – who weighed in at 7 lbs., 3 oz. and measured 19 inches in length – arrived slightly ahead of schedule, more than one week before her January 6th due date.

Helio, 34, Tweeted the happy news, even sharing a picture of his new family of three.



Kourtney Kardashian Introduces Baby Mason Dash

Just two weeks after his birth, Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Mason Dash Disick, is making his debut on the cover of Life & Style!

The full Life & Style interview, excerpted below, and photo shoot can be found in the issue on newsstands now.

L&S: Congrats! How does it feel to be parents?

Kourtney: It feels amazing. It’s just so indescribable. You don’t get how good being a parent feels until it happens to you. Scott: My first time holding him was definitely special. But holding him the second time was even more special, and the third time was even more special than that. I fall so much more in love with this kid every day. I can’t imagine how much more in love with him I’m going to be by the time he’s 5 or 10 or 20!

L&S: How was the labor itself?

Kourtney: It was surprisingly easy and just an incredible experience. I always thought your first is supposed to be really hard, but it was easy. I have an amazing doctor. He actually delivered me! The room environment was just so relaxing, and everyone I wanted to be there was there–Scott, my mom, Kim and Khloe. No one under 18 is allowed in, so my little sisters Kendall and Kylie couldn’t come in. Actually, you’re only allowed to have two people in the room because of the swine flu — so we snuck Kim and Khloe in!

L&S: What is your daily routine like now?

Kourtney: We’re on Mason’s schedule, waking up every couple of hours to breast-feed. But it’s fun to get up and see him. I miss him by the time I see him again.

L&S: Can you see having another baby in the future?

Kourtney: Right now I’m obsessed with Mason and want to give him all my time. But being with him has definitely made me think about having another one! Kim and I are 18 months apart. Growing up, we did everything together. It would be nice for Mason to have a little brother or sister that many months apart too.

Credit: Life & Style magazine

Seal & Heidi Klum Always Make Sure That Their Family Enjoys A White Christmas

Seal and Heidi always make sure that their children enjoy a white Christmas by booking into a snowy resort every year.

The couple, parents to four children, always make a reservation in a snowy hideaway over the festive season – and Seal doesn’t care where they go, as long as there’s snow.

Seal told Britain’s Closer magazine, “We always try to have a white Christmas each year, so we’re going to go to the snow. We’ll rent a house in whatever resort we go to, and it’s guaranteed to be very noisy. Heidi dresses everyone up on Christmas Eve and they open their presents, it’s great fun.”

And Seal admitted that both he and Heidi have turned down work over the holiday season so they can spend time with their kids, including baby Lou, who was born on October 9th.

He added, “Heidi’s done a couple of things since Lou was born, but she’s not working until January 1oth. You have to put your foot down come Christmas time – there are so many jobs that both of us have turned down.”

Duggar Baby "Doing As Well As Can Be Expected"

Michelle Duggar told People magazine that she is cherishing every moment with her premature 19th child, Josie Brooklyn, who remains hospitalized at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock.
“Josie is doing as well as can be expected for a baby at her age. We are taking each hour as it comes,” said Michelle, who has been released from the hospital. “We feel so blessed that God has given us to her and are cherishing every moment with her.”
Josie was born on December 10th weighing 1 lb., 6 oz. Michelle, who had been in the hospital recovering from a gallstone, was taken to the OR for an emergency C-section. Her husband Jim Bob Duggar remained by her side.
Michelle’s doctors said the baby was born prematurely because Michelle suffered from preeclampsia, a rare condition during pregnancy that causes high blood pressure.
Jim Bob says the family is “very grateful” for the support, love and prayers they have received from around the country.
“God’s will is what we would choose if we knew all the facts. Our children’s spiritual maturity is going to deepen so much through this, in a way that couldn’t happen any other way,” he said. He added, “This is so difficult, but I know that we are leaving this in God’s hands.”
Best wishes to the Duggar family during this difficult time.