Heidi Klum & Seal Introduce Daughter Lou!

Nearly a month and a half after her October 9th birth date Heidi, 36, and Seal, 46, have introduced their baby daughter, Lou, to the world on Seal’s website.

Lou joins big brothers Henry, 4, and Johan, 2, and big sister Leni, 5.

Lou is the third child for Heidi and Seal. Leni’s father is Heidi’s ex-boyfriend Flavio Briatore. (Heidi recently took “Samuel” as her new legal surname; no word yet if she’ll change her professional surname as well.)

Heidi showed off her amazing post-baby body at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on November 19th.

At the show, Heidi shared that Lou was doing “great…I pre-pumped a lot of milk, left it in the freezer.”

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  1. Gilson Jibau says

    That baby is so cute, she is beautiful like her mother and exotic like her dad. She will be the one to cary on in her mothers footsteps!

  2. jennifer says

    Cute baby but doesnt look like Heidi at all, she takes after Seal’s side of the family almost 100%.

  3. concerned human says

    #47 says “she looks just like her mother”
    are you kidding?

    I wonder how a mother feels after giving birth to a baby that bears absolutely no resemblence to herself??? i can imagine it would freak most women out!!! (cue twilight zone theme)

  4. Cheyenne says

    Lou is so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she looks like her mother totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bye

  5. dori says

    As far as Niloofars comments…. just keep in mind she’s a teenager not an adult with children correct?
    This is a blog to speak about the celebs NOT to criticize other bloggers GROW UP

  6. Pink Lady says

    Ifyou ask me none of her kids are cute.People automacally think just because your are light skinned or mixed race that they are cute.

  7. oriana says

    And I also think that Niloofar has the right to voice her opinion and say what she thinks. She is not a negative person, she has the Right to speak out just like we do, or rather like we are supposed to do!

  8. oriana says

    I don’t know why my comment wasn’t allowed. I said the baby is beautiful and looks like Johan and was very happy for this family. What was wrong with that? I don’t care for the name Lou but what is so horrible about that? This is why I am not on here that much any more!

  9. oriana says

    I think this baby is beautiful. She looks just like Johan. I am very happy for this family.

    Niloofar has the right to voice her opinion. Not all babies are cute, sorry, but true. They may all be sweet but I have seen some babies that were not pretty one bit. Don’t pick on Niloofar because she voices what she thinks, we have the right to do so.

    I don’t really like the name Lou but at least is isn’t something out in outer space!

  10. Dnice says

    I haven’t blogged on this site in almost a month due to it’s lack of content and overall general redundancy. However I feel compelled to defend Niloofar. She has always been kinda the peacemaker of this blog so it’s wierd to me to see people attacking her and calling her negative. Sometimes I think some of the posters are stuck in some kind of unrealistic “Pleasantville” type of existence. All babies are not cute. Just like all adults aren’t attractive. I never understood why people get so bent out of shape when someone voices their opinion about a less than fortunate looking kid. It’s a public blog site and Nilo can say what she want in whatever fashion she wants to. What? Are babies going to start spontaneously combusting all over the world because one person called one baby ugly? Hardly. So give Niloo a break. If you are looking for something that’s goody goody all the time, I suggest you join a religious blog.

  11. Tempany says

    I am soooo bored with Niloofar. She writes horrible things and then tries to defend them with the ‘everyone has the right to express their opinion’ comeback. For two years…………….BORING BORING.

  12. Mami says

    niloofar i remember when you first started commenting here, you were very nice and sweet, you told us you were a 15 year old girl, and that your English wasn’t very good. Now you are totally diffrent, your English is very americanized, and you are always sarcastic. Hmmmmmm………
    oh well, whatever
    Lou is soooo cute!!!!

  13. Niloofar says

    “maybe if ALL your comments weren’t negative people would leave you alone. You never have anything nice to say… you are a not a nice person” LOL
    Most of you guys are new members but I’ve been coming here for the past 2 years so please don’t pretend like you know me!

    I just told my OWN IDEA , I don’t impose it and I didn’t say that I’m right or you are wrong…Not everyone shares the same opinion.

  14. Annalise says

    Niloofar, maybe if ALL your comments weren’t negative people would leave you alone. You never have anything nice to say….oh, and do you think you could be a little more original and not steal other people’s words. “Sunshine and butterflies” is a saying someone else uses, can’t remember who though. Anyway I totally agree with Ruby Jackson, having the right doesn’t make it right. Niloofar, you are a not a nice person.

  15. METOO says

    While I think that the baby is somewhat cute – it is FREE SPEECH to say what you think – you go girl Niloofar! Don’t let anyone bully you!

  16. Zinnia says

    The baby is super cute. That’s waht I think.

    But there are some babies on this site that are not cute and there is nothing wrong with saying your opinion of it.

  17. Randi says

    If Niloofar doesn’t think the baby is cute, so what?

    There are some celeb babies that really are just not that cute. Not everyone will agree on what beauty is.

    I happen to think that Lou is gorgeous though, what a little stunner!

  18. mary9 says

    It is NOT mean spirited to think that a baby is not cute! What planet do these people live on that think that all babies and all brides are cute?! Some babies are not cute and saying that does not make you the most evil person to walk the planet! It is called an opinion! Niloofar was polite! She and myself do not have to think the baby is cute! If you do not agree; then ignore our opinion!

  19. RubyJackson says

    Niloofar, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

    It’s not nice to be mean-spirited.

  20. Niloofar says

    I feel sorry for you because you’re not ok with other people’s opinions at all, Lou is the subject here for us to say what we think about…and it’s not all going to be sunshine and butterflies!

  21. Tia :) says

    and exactly what would we be saying Angela?? enlighten me please!
    I am so sick and tired of people like you. My sister’s husband is black..and let me tell you, their children are the MOST BEAUTIFUL little girls i have ever seen!

  22. sidjazz says

    No Niloofar, your rude comments, just to get an arguement going shouldn’t be allowed on here. Good for you webmistress!

  23. Helen says

    She is so so so cute. I was waiting for her pics. I can’t wait to see more of her. She looks like Johan. My oh my she is gorgoeus.

  24. SbK says

    so, angela, what exactly is wrong with a ‘white woman married to a black man’? I really don’t understand why people have this thing against people with different coloured skin marrying eachother, if they love eachother and make eachother happy then who are you to judge?

  25. angela says

    yeah if she was just ordinary white woman married to a black man you would be saying other things people believe me….

  26. Niloofar says

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? I just said she isn’t cute at all…So you can’t say that a baby isn’t cute here? Wow…

  27. mary9 says

    So-so looking. Maybe she will get cuter when she is older. She does not have the tiny, perfect features of Heidi. Her features are big.

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