Pete Wentz Impressed With His Parenting Skills

Pete Wentz has been a solo parent as of late because wife Ashlee, 25, has been busy preparing for her Broadway debut as Chicago’s Roxie Hart on November 30th.

“I just spent the last weekend – Mom was rehearsing for Chicago – being Dad without a nanny, without Mom, and didn’t burn the house down,” Pete, 30, told People magazine on Tuesday at the American Eagle Outfitters Times Square store opening. “So I’m pretty excited about that.”

The couple’s son, Bronx Mowgli, celebrates his first birthday on Friday, and his parents are throwing him a SpongeBob SquarePants-themed birthday party in Los Angeles.

“He likes Bob and he likes guitar – which he calls ‘itar,’ so we’re going to have a Spongebob party for him,” Pete said.

On the guest list? “A bunch of friends,” he said. “Like all the guys in Blink [182] and a couple friends that have kids [are coming over].”

Mr. Mom did admit that Bronx may need a babysitter on the night of Ashlee’s Broadway debut. Asked if he will be attending his wife’s debut, Pete said, “I think I will be.”

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  1. Tam says

    OMG… i have parented my 3 year old ALONE for the duration of her life, WITHOUT HELP EVER, NOT ONE NIGHT AWAY NOTHING.. and he is congratulating himself for 2 days with no nanny ? lol

  2. sharrie says

    This is an odd pair of ‘wanna be something/anything’ s. I disagree with ya’ll…I think Bronx ( what a dumb ass name) looks like his mother.

  3. frd says

    agree with ‘guest’. Wow what an achievement Man looks after his own child for two whole days. He must be some kind of super hero….all hail the guy married to that girl with a famous sister.

  4. Ronda says

    It seems as if Pete and Ashlee are very good parents. They always spend time together and look like they’re having fun. I like them a lot cute family.

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