Nicole Kidman On Her Breast Blessings


In the new issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, Nicole Kidman talks about how her breasts got bigger after giving birth to daughter, Sunday Rose.

“They’re not very big, my boobs, so they just became normal size. I loved it! I felt very Woman. When you’ve had a slightly androgynous body your whole life, having breasts is a nice feeling.”

Nicole also opened up about her life, having more kids, and how she put her career behind husband Keith Urban’s.

Her life: “I was running from my life, in a way. My imaginary life was better than my flesh-and-blood life. That’s a sad thing to say, but it was. Now I love my real life so much it requires an enormous belief in a film to want to take it on.”

Her career: “There are certain limitations to my career because I’m based here [in Nashville.] And that’s cool. Keith has enormous ambitions, which I support. His tours and albums are much bigger than what I’m doing right now.”

Hosting a baby group: “This is my way of having 10 kids.”

No memoirs for her: “I would never write a memoir. There are things that happen behind closed doors, and that’s where they belong. I’m not secretive. I’m protective.”

She won’t sing in front of Keith: “I hum a little. When your husband’s a huge singer, the last thing you do is sing with him.”

The future: “Sunday’s third word was ‘wow,’ and I say that word a lot. I hope when I’m 80 I’ll still be saying it. I’ve been given extraordinary opportunities, with huge dreams fulfilled. I’m 42 and my eyes are still wide open.”

Being in love: “I love being in love. I believe in the power of love, the way it can heal. The more you keep choosing it-because there are times when you can choose to be angry at the person or to love him-the more it nourishes a family.”

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  1. kate says

    Nicole has had tons of botox in her forehead and a lip implant like Meg Ryan. You can see the lip ridge. Her boobs are tiny and are just pushed up.

    I used to admire Nicole because after her divorce she kept quiet and composed. Last 2-3 years she just babbles about her sex life with ex-fiancee Lenny Kravitz and her kinky stuff with Keith.

  2. eyesofpearls says

    Oh dear, what a liar! Look at her face, it’s screaming face-lift and collagen lips! Is she making an alibi for her boob job!? I had two kids and my boobs just got suggy.

  3. moo says

    I miss Nicole’s natural red hair. Way too much botox and lip injections. TMI lately with her discussing her sex life with Keith.
    Her boobs don’t look “normal” to me. They are still tiny. That’s OK- better small ones that huge, fake ones.

  4. oriana says

    I think she is beautiful and has always been very elegant looking. She has come across as cold and haughty to me but she does seem much warmer now and quite happy. I am glad for her and wish her continued success and good luck. As for boobs, maybe she had a good push up bra on.

  5. marti says

    Personally, I think she’s finally looking good. Warmer makeup & hair, so she isn’t looking so washed out anymore. She’s lovely.

  6. Katie says

    Did you see her at the CMAs? No way those boobs are real. Nothing on her face is real either. I wish she’d just admit it. She’s starting to look scary.

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