Christina Aguilera & Son Are Yo Gabba Gabba Fans!

Christina Aguilera, 28, and son Max, 1, were snapped with orange-suited DJ Lance Rock at the first ever Yo Gabba Gabba!: “There’s A Party In My City” live performance at The Shrine Auditorium on November 14th in LA.

Christina recently talked about life as a mother. “When the sun goes down my whole body starts to come alive, although I am a little different now because I do have a child and my hours have been turned upside down for him,” Christina said. “But I’m still naturally a night owl. If it were up to me my favorite time to work would be between three to four a.m., which is what it used to be before my baby was born.”



  1. lisag says

    uuum yea i agree with niloofar..her son is not very cute sorry, and thats just our opinion..dont like it oh well f* off!!

  2. Niloofar says

    Wow so defensive! – I only “asked” a question just out of curiousity because I’ve read this in several places but nothing official! I don’t mean it negatively…Of course I do think that Max isn’t cute, that’s my idea and certainly I’m not the only one who think like this!
    And sidjazz , I don’t have any child if you really wanna know!

  3. Tia :) says

    Niloofar..that’s extremely rude. Bite your tounge!

    I think Max is starting to look A LOT like Christina. I think he’s a cutie!

  4. sidjazz says

    Be careful Niloofar, what goes around comes around, words are very powerful. I certainly hope that you have had all your children already.

  5. adysmom says

    i absolutely love christina aguilera. i have ever since i was 15 years old. she is my fave. and i know she is the most awesomest mother..though im not a fan of yo gabba gabba..thankfully my daughter loves dora…but still christina is so awesome

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